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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2016

frenzy: match of the round?
frenzy: MRP has lost the plot again
SaintsMan: C’mon Danger
Woodie: Why has MRP lost it?
mace485: danger finesse to selwood before.. absolute jerk
Woodie: Danger racking up the possies
luked98: How is zac smith on 3 supercoach
luked98: ahh thats more like it
NewFreoFan: Happy with Captain Danger so far
mace485: is selwood alive?
Woodie: Smith is a good ruck
Woodie: Just what geelong needed
gaudz1: Probably need to retire the Porplysia and Podsiadly icons lol
NewFreoFan: Smith is everywhere at the moment
rosty63: cats lookin alright
ballbag: @woodie so true. cats with a decent ruck means a lot more wins
luked98: Yes my boy smith
NewFreoFan: God I wish Blicavs was F/R instead of M/R. What use is an M/R lol
ballbag: @m0nty that grey bar is chewing through my data
mace485: hodge 10 SC? lol
rickyb80: anyone know why kade kolodjashnij didnt play?
Sloan4Pres: come captain Hodge, lift
NewFreoFan: So, Geelong v West Coast GF anyone?
Woodie: When was the last time the Hawks had 5 in a row kicked against them
Woodie: Make that 6, hawks look slow
AngryRyno: Sloan4Pres has converted to Cats? :O
casey22: How good is Danger? Sensational player
Stuart88: Good to see hendo showing so heart at his new club lol
Spiv: When did Danger move to the Cats?
Stuart88: Zac Smith looking like a good call in SC right now
J_Pinkman: how ridiculous is Zac Smith going. didn’t have the guts to go with him
NewFreoFan: Smith yet to string a full season together though
luked98: So happy i got in Zac Smith
Fletch91: I was stuck whether to go Hickey or Smith as second ruck. Went with Smith. Seems I couldve picked either lol
Ash777: he’s playing against 1 undersized ruck and 1 inexperienced ruck
casey22: Chelsea’s very busy today
vamos77: Hartung has a haircut from WWII. Fair fivehead the boy
vamos77: Anyone who has smith or hickey aint a serious supercoach. Goldstein & Nic Nat first picked set & forget
Fletch91: Lol @vamos77
Ash777: never take mid priced rucks
Fletch91: Happy to take one at the start of the season with the chance of making a bit of money, then upgrading between round 3-10
AngryRyno: why would you pick a ruck you might upgrade at week 3
bones351: Danger had a hit out to advantage there a moment ago. Hope CD saw that one!
NewFreoFan: Blicavs is off his head
oc16: hawks on world record pace for free kicks against
Stuart88: Took mid range rucks to cover mid load and forwards
kingcarey2: Langford on world record pace in SC
bones351: @oc16 free kick count is 12 to 13 Hawks way
oc16: lol Langford on 1 sc point
frenzy: hey m0nty, got a suggestion where you can stick ya grey box
kingcarey2: up the top?
kano22: Oc16 on world record pace for tears
NewFreoFan: what’s this grey box everyone is on about?
kingcarey2: to describe it, its this box, and its grey
AngryRyno: people complaining about a grey box probably have ad blocker on, turn it off and you can close the ads manually
casey22: m0nty very happy people notice the grey advertising box; pays the bills
casey22: In other words put up with ads, nothing for nothing
JIMMEH3: Match ups are all wrong. Gibson on Kersten, Taylor on resting ruck, Henderson on Shoey, Frawley Hawkins, Stratton ruck
kingcarey2: i have an adnormally high pain threshold, but a low tolerance level for grey boxes
wadaramus: How does Jimmy always manage a head knock in the most awkward way.
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
Dangermaus: I’d be very happy if Danger decided to get 125+ in SC
Dangermaus: When will Menegola be back? any cats fans?
DirtyDawn: Is Lincoln McCarthy still on the field?
frenzy: 5 mins into the 3rd for dangers SC ton clap clap
DirtyDawn: found him
FlowerTime: Afternoon DD
spudaroos: Is bartel dead?
m0nty: Selwood overdue for a head bandage
wadaramus: Jimmy back on.
feralmong: I’m struggling to get to 2000 sc . So many 80-100 scores
Dangermaus: Bartel’s fantasy career ended about 3 seasons ago
CamT: Every point from Jimmy is a bonus now.
Dangermaus: Hawks are gonna run away with this one
CamT: Zac Smith is the barometer for the Cats
SwaggyP: Jimmy avg 89 last season, fantasy career hardly over.
spudaroos: Take out Jimmys 5 when he got concussed last season and he had a 96 average.
Fletch91: Mitchell has almost reached 50SC points for the Qtr. Good for me!
NewFreoFan: Jimmy does get concussed a fair bit though, you have to tke that into account
ballbag: hawks were @ $6 HT
N.Fyfe: Who ever has Lewis at the stoppages needs to work harder to block the 3rd man up
N.Fyfe: Also how was that not deliberate?
kano22: Lol hawks fan booing
iZander: Danger best on regardless of result imo 😛
FlowerTime: Mitchell should get cape tbh. Even if he hasn’t scored 50 dt. Played a hell of a quarter
Fletch91: I dont think Zac Smith registered a point that Qtr…
grossn: pfh, Danger should have 50 possies by now, not worth it
feralmong: Danger 4 hb off the top 20 handballs. 14 disposals off the top 20.
feralmong: How are everyone’s sc teams tracking atm?
vamos77: Danger still hacks his disposals. Cats/Crows nothing has changed there
FlowerTime: Predicting a few spuds to be handed out this game. *cough* Schoenmakers *cough* Hendersen
Jair: Ton up Gibo and I’ll love you 4Eva
Dangermaus: Sc pushing for 2100
feralmong: Perfect tackle. Ump has his own cum in his eyes.
kano22: Disgraceful umpiring
feralmong: Bout 100 behind u dangermaus
bones351: That’s a couple times now the umps have guessed a call they couldn’t actually see. Just call what you see umps!
FlowerTime: Rubbish umpiring all game
iZander: umps giving hawks the game
feralmong: Danger just told him he had something sticky in his eye.
Stuart88: Guess the umps jumped on the Hawks at half time with these calls
ryanbob: Should break 2400 if danger gets 130. Also jeez these umpires have been pretty average
TeamJab: Blicavs has stopped.
frenzy: lift Jelly
feralmong: Geez ryan that will be a good score.
FlowerTime: 135 from Danger gets me to 2300, so far so good
feralmong: I’m guessing u guys don’t have pendles or fyfe.
feralmong: Danger speccy
FlowerTime: What a mark! Bloody legend
feralmong: And missed again
Fletch91: I should get 2300+
vamos77: Dangercloke
vamos77: Dangerbutcher
vamos77: Dangerthomas
colmullet: ffs Danger
ryanbob: No pendles or fyfe, priddis and parker instead
FlowerTime: Yeah feral, no fyfe or pendles
AngryRyno: Give that man the star
SaintsMan: He is actyually ridiculous
feralmong: I had priddis and changed to fyfe. Uggh.
frenzy: backmans kick coming up
Stuart88: That one was for mummy
Dangermaus: sweet 300 SC from Captain danger =)
BFAsh: Good to see Henderson so committed at the new club…..
J_Pinkman: 3000 sc points if danger had ave kicked all those goals
frenzy: c’mon danger
bjh002: what’s with all the pop up ads when I open FF on my phone?
AngryRyno: Caddy for the X Factor
Fletch91: Danger record disp 41. At that now!
Ash777: zac smith hasn’t done anthing for a qtr!
feralmong: Adios hawthorn
frenzy: Duncan will get chucked out
SwaggyP: love seeing the hawks lose, awful fairweather fans
FlowerTime: Great win from the Cats, Danger absolute star
iZander: why has no1 got the star? 😛 Obviosly danger
CamT: Zac Smith got 5 points that half.

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