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Chat log from R1 of 2016: West Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for West Coast vs Brisbane, R1 of 2016

SaintsMan: who’s the late change
claysymo9: Beams in for Merrett v
Sloan4Pres: go captain Rocky
Ash777: priddis for captain here
colmullet: 30SC for NicNat in 6mins…..mmmmmmmm
circle52: Missing the experience of big Rog but not a bad effort so far.
SaintsMan: hes on 22 mate
MIJG: Whys yeo on 0 sc
colmullet: scaling mate, was 30
spiggs: Goldy and Nic nat, still the perfect ruck combo
Yelse: Omg rich where are u. Lift plzzzzz
circle52: Christos specialty again
yuhalo101: hi
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Allen Christensen to draw a free on Nelson for a goal from 15m.
wadaramus: Go Priddis.
3rdstriker: Hate seeing those high tackle frees but if the AFL refuse to fix it then I’ll tkae it
circle52: have not god a big body to play on Kennedy will reallky cost
Jackwatt$: The crowds going berserk! Only West Coast players can do that on this ground!
Daroose: Why would you pick Rich? Proven over the years to not be a fantasy player.
Yelse: Where is rich playing?
wadaramus: Go Stef you beast
colin wood: DW Yelse I have him too mate. He’s playing in the guys not the worst pick for a DEF now beams is out
colin wood: Guts’
shavedape: Yeah, Rich in the guts he just isn’t touching it
Yelse: Its been a distaster week hanneberry fyfe pendles shaw houli dusty and now rich. Wat a premium disaster
3rdstriker: thats one of the easiest goals you’ll ever see
sssboi: is there a way to set the scores for delayed telecast?
Daroose: Rich isn’t a premium.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Hanley burns the ball horribly straight to Hurn at CHB, he has Kennedy over the back to mark and goal.
circle52: wtf Hanley kick it long
m0nty: that was an easier one
mark621: need gaff to switch it on big time….. now
shavedape: Digg Dugg wakes up.
awesomeguy: Priddis is too good! Give him the brownlow now
Yelse: @daroose thats my premiums in my team all shockers. Rich was a hopeful premium. Lack of defenders
Daroose: Lucky you didn’t have Swanny.
Fletch91: Priddis doing well for me as C, hope Robinson gets a move on
Sloan4Pres: that’s it paparone, you’re gone
magic007: zzz rockliff off hurt
wadaramus: Don’t have the C on Priddis, but hope he goes ballistic!
magic007: forearm
circle52: Longest not 15 I have seen
3rdstriker: rockys back on but cant get near it
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Allen Christensen for his second goal, this time on Mackenzie.
specky2000: LOL Christensen
circle52: That previous pass was shorter than that one and not called
magic007: rocky hasnt touched it this quarter, even before he got hurt
bartsy: Where is yeo playing?
Globes: Rocky is doing alright, he is still getting it a bit
bartsy: Priddisgibson is on track for some sort of record touches
wadaramus: 28 touches in a half, gee whiz Priddis you gun!
desmondo: I can remember when 28 touches would be considered a reasonable game 😉
HawkTalker: Come on, Rockliff. Gotta get at least a few more points or I’ll lose my Rd 1 draft league
wadaramus: Exactly desmondo, this game of AFL is now pushing the limits!
desmondo: LOL just amended to 29…added a handball
wadaramus: Ahh, 28…29 either way I wish I had the C on him!
nikos: Paparone as skipper.. ah flamin’
nikos: loving the live SC scores. You’re a star m0nty burns
Kenny27: Nic Nat looks very impresive
Raspel31: Obviously dumpinf Fyfe not on the table but some great midfield performers-hmm ?
Jukes82: if you have fyfe you’re a muppet if you trade him after one game
The39Steps: Any value-for-money backs impressed this weekend? I will need a few soon.
Torz: Needed that captain Rocky!
jalapenoh: Is rocky playing forward?
heppelitis: @39steps…Rich is going ok after the fanfooty rocket he got
Torz: No, he just drifted down.
3rdstriker: he’s playing a bit forward but more midfield
DarkLegend: lots of value backs. Rosa, Johanisen,
Slashers: Is there a reason why CD has allowed SC scores here this year?
jalapenoh: Thanks guys, just unlike rocky to have 9 touches half way through the 3rd qt
frenzy: their stolen
DarkLegend: sheridan, Biggs,
The39Steps: Rich has bounced back well and has added benefit of DPP.
jalapenoh: Shh with the jj comments, he was my POD that I started with and now everyone gunna get him 🙁
stakerz: i think its awesome we get to see the sc scores
stakerz: priddis getting tagged now? hasnt touched the pill for a few minutes haha
DarkLegend: doubt jj is a pod
Snarfy: What a goal from the Richter!
3rdstriker: rocky is not looking match fit
Slashers: For SC scores there must have been an advertising deal done or something…?
circle52: Thinbk after HT robbo has been given an instruction to chase own ball rather than stop Priddis
circle52: Rocky has not had an NAB game
The39Steps: Or @slashers, a M and A.
DarkLegend: priddis not his usual tackling self
shavedape: SC have probably figured out to compete they have to share LIVE scores.
Snarfy: Priddis is being tagged ….a bit late you think?
DarkLegend: admitedly only 1 game but natanuis hands seem to have improved. actually taking some grabs
Jair: Live SC scores is a massive win; thanks Monty
The39Steps: Anyone remember Rich’s QT score?
jayrox: Looks like Rockliff carrying an arm
heppelitis: about 15
Snarfy: Single figures I think for Rich at QT
DarkLegend: good quarter points wise for rocky though jayrox
The39Steps: Tks.
storeymjs: Rich was on 9 at qt
Torz: Not the only thing Rockliff is carrying. Haha.
3rdstriker: rocky has lifted
Jair: Loving the Nat, bring it home for me son.
han solo: Yeo and Rocky with fire icon yet not a fire score
Torz: Fire score at 3QT is 75?
Raspel31: Good to seesome Essendon logos still flying llads.
frenzy: thats why the bombers got in so much trouble
shavedape: Come on Gaff FFS
jfitty: McStay needs a witches hat icon
shavedape: Kennedy Kennedy Swing Batter
Paul105: Gaff has pulled up the garbage truck and is ready to cape the last
wadaramus: JJK is unfuknblvbl.
Ash777: christensen the free thief
Fletch91: Robinson, Hello? Not sighted this Qtr!
3rdstriker: mitch has been on the bench getting his thigh worked on
Lodgy: robinson having trouble with calf or hammy
3rdstriker: probably wont be back on
wadaramus: Come on Rocky, Stef, get to 100sc!
Lodgy: you dont often score 94 and lose, let alone get flogged
DarkLegend: once u get 6 you get fed
shavedape: Kennedy has given Four Goals off to other players as well.
han solo: Yeo working over well. Rocky has disappeared
DarkLegend: true,
wadaramus: Kennedey just goes unchecked!
frenzy: dare ask for a wicthes hat
han solo: Are Weagles fans the biggest flogs ever? Constantly booing like world is against them
The39Steps: They’re balanced in the West – chips on both shoulders.
wadaramus: Flat track bullies in the west. Unfortunately, got to win in the east to be the champs!
Pokerface: m0nty: Bennell gives Darling a Joe the Goose. It’s a goose farm out there. wtf does that mean??
han solo: Booing again. Embarrassing. Rocky got dumped into ribs. Off ground. Unlikely to come back on
DarkLegend: christeson might be ultimate footy mvp. 7ff and 3 goals
willywalks: yes han, as someone who lives in perth i can vouch for that
DarkLegend: joe the goose is strolling into open goal. goose farm because its happening a lot
han solo: Oh no! Yeo with a fka in dying seconds
frenzy: m0nty, have you got a fix for this grey box that keeps appearing
Pokerface: sorry, i just googled it.
Pokerface: thanks darklegend.
han solo: Rocky seen with ice pack on wrist after game. Suspect precautionary. Didn’t seem too fussed about using it to shake hand
wadaramus: Good call frenzy, been bugging me all day!
heppelitis: true frenzy
wadaramus: Thanks for the explanation DarkLegend!

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