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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs St Kilda, R1 of 2016

luked98: this will be a great game
rickyb80: gresham off to a flyer
frenzy: the hoff, breakout contender
spiggs: Been absolutely smashed by rookies this week
stakerz: went with Lobbe as second ruck.. usually smashes it as #1 ruckmen
circle52: not alone there spiggs and I had Ben Kennedy on the bench as well
circle52: and Westhoff to Barlow will porobably haunt me as well
Fletch91: Sure hope Steven gets his accuracy back next art…
Fletch91: Qtr*
colin wood: would love a 70 from gresham in SC would give me 2150 for the first week with fyfe as capt…
deanie: hopefully wines can get into the game.
NewFreoFan: Gresham started well then vanished
circle52: Not wrong Newfreofan – Needed him to go big especially with Bennedy on bench
Yelse: why did sam gray stop. lift lift lift
TeamJab: Yelse, cause he’s in my team. I apologise.
frenzy: c’mon sainters
NewFreoFan: Damn it Gray, needed you to kick that
NewFreoFan: So I started watching this game at half time, still haven’t actually seen Gresham on the screen
Jair: Is it just me, or shouldn’t Port be better than this?
wadaramus: Gresham is just stuck in a forward pocket picking up scraps.
desmondo: What do you want from a kid playing his first game wadaramus?
Pokerface: so, Hickey eh. hmm
wadaramus: I wasn’t criticising Gresham.
NewFreoFan: Hickey only playing against Lobbe, not exactly top class
Pokerface: true freofan, but he’s doing what alot dont and thats get possies around the ground
MIJG: Roberton doing SFA
iZander: Pretty sure arms went off injured, why they not updating us? was ages ago
NewFreoFan: what kind of name is maverick? did his parents not like him very much?
wadaramus: Must have been Top Gun fans.
colmullet: killing me to MIJG, not a defenders game by the looks of the scores
Costanza: Justin, Jasper Jackson, Jay, Jared, Jake, Jarman, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Josh, Jimmy, Jarryn, Jade – just sayin
NewFreoFan: Savage is really bad
ajconodie: I’ve never understood why Riewoldt geta booed. Champion of the game.
NewFreoFan: Probably racism ajconodie
MIJG: Ròooo isn’t it
boges11: @ajconodie they are shouting “Roo” his nickname
Pokerface: he also stood up to racism and got booed for it?

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