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Chat log from R2 of 2016: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, R2 of 2016

frenzy: hope the rookies play well. need another game next week
J.Worrall: GoHanners
Heizenberg: Who’s out for blues plz?!
heppelitis: walker i think
Heizenberg: Who did Rowe replace? Can’t check on iPhone 🙁
Heizenberg: Shit looks like walker
J.Worrall: correct, hepp
Heizenberg: He’s in my
CamT: AAm I the only person with Sinclair in their team ?
Heizenberg: In my team
Kenny27: I’m with you Cam, was concerned with how much time tippett took off him in ruck though
rickyb80: replaced walker heiz
Raspel31: Might have to captain Kerridge after Fyfe and Danger
Heizenberg: Thnx Ricky
Heizenberg: Don’t think k set emergencies either 🙁
Heizenberg: So annoying man, haven’t been that on it this year
Chelskiman: Please lift, Hewitt.
CamT: Exactly Hewitt still thinks he’s on my bench !!
Heater: Come on, George.
Chelskiman: Choosing Oliver over Mills this week was a mistake. Hate seeing bench players rip it up.
Heizenberg: I feel u chelk
zadolinnyj: Good kreuzer. Have a big one
Gebs: i should probably have more swans in my team lol
CamT: Come on Sinclair don’t put the cue in the rack.
Heizenberg: Cmon lleyton lift your sc fuck it
heppelitis: there ya go Heiz!
ReaperRage: Barlow to Johannisen or Papley and keep cash?
Heater: De Goey to Papley next week me thinks…
carlton_99: is that about 6 goals from free kicks for sydney
LuvIt74: @Reaper how u gonna go Barlow to johannisen do u have FWD/BACK
carlton_99: every time a syd person gets a ball they drop the knees and duck their heads bloody rdiculous
Chelskiman: Guys, I think I’m cooked. 69 + Hewitt vs Buddy and Weitering.
J.Worrall: Go Daisy, go!
LuvIt74: WooHoo I hit 2000 which i thought would not happen after Dangerfield as Captain
ReaperRage: @luvit I have bother Adams and Mitch brown down back that I’ll move forward
LuvIt74: @Reaper I have Adams, AMT & Brown all in defence, I dont have any Defenders in my forward line unfortunately
ReaperRage: Got tippa in the forward line currently
GJayBee: Barlow to become unique after this weekend! hahaha Might hang on, but held a few duds last year
Paul105: Gotta pull 44 back on opponent with tmitch kjack and tippet
Chelskiman: Really need Buddy to stay quiet. He won’t, but I need him too.
LuvIt74: Papley is really looking the goods, I wanted to bring JJ & Hall in this week but might need to hold one to ring in pap s
J.Worrall: why did buddy leave the hawks?
korza: Tackles by Cripps keeping him in the ball game )
J.Worrall: “They’re a happy team at Hawthorn”!
GJayBee: Not $hore why Warrall. Who know’$
chrisps: $10M over 10 years…… not a bad reason
Chelskiman: Is Hewitt playing? I need him to step up.
Chelskiman: There he is, going backwards. ><
LuvIt74: Who would you guys get this week out of Johannisen, Hall & Papley?
Chelskiman: Is anyone else’s RDT messing up? My opponent is 20 points up which means Buddy and Weitering have outscored Hewitt by
chrisps: Papley first, Johannisen second
Chelskiman: 80 points this quarter alone.
BOMBRBLITZ: Well done Captain Parker
Chelskiman: Wait, I know what happened. His EMG kicked in. Well that’s me done, can’t come back from that now.
frenzy: not much between these P plates
J.Worrall: rubbish, frenzy.
dkelly: Two trades this week Rich->Hall and Rockliff->Parker
LuvIt74: @dkelly yeah I am going Rocky to Hall and not sure if I will get Johannisen or Papley.
LuvIt74: dkelly I would keep Rich the guy will do well.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Blaine Boekhorst to draw a free on Rampe for a goal.
frenzy: would you keep Barlow @ luvit74
Raspel31: Fyfe or Mitchell for Rocky next week?. Have spare cash.
SaintsMan: going for me frenzy
AngryRyno: 0 stat quarter thanks Graham :'(
MIJG: Whens Harley back.? Barlow may go back to mids?
GJayBee: MIJG, I am praying such nonsense will save Barlow’s year and me a trade.
AngryRyno: Quack go the SC scores
MIJG: Im keeping Barlow. He will come good enough for f6
MIJG: Papley ko?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
GJayBee: Think I’ll keep Barlow to. Hoping Ross doesn’t make an example of him!
Fatbar5tad: Kero raises the bat
meka100: Papley is fine, got finger in the eye and came back on
AngryRyno: Danger over T Mitch as cap. was a great idea
Fatbar5tad: Evening Dawnie

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