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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R1 of 2016

CamT: Any predictions for Oliver’s SC score ?
luked98: looking forward to this game, looking for Toby Greene to go big
Costanza: should be a good game
zadolinnyj: gents
luked98: what an intense start
simando: no large layout?
nicw98: luked98 Greene is soo overated
nicw98: Max Gawn is the best ruckman in the comp atm
Number 8: Yikes, Scully 29 after 3 and half minutes
luked98: Was my first pick in supercoach nicw98
Costanza: Mummy will wrap him up
valkorum: put the superman on scully now – far out
snake_p: fast game, great to have the footy back
NewFreoFan: Took a punt on Smith, looking good so far
zadolinnyj: gws fast in transition
Wends: Good pick up NFF. Hello all, just picked up J Kelly in RDT in a last minute maneuver for BCrouch.
joshua98: supercoach column been put in but completely wrong?
ReaperRage: whats with the sc scores?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Bernie Vince to win a free on Whitfield and goal from the hotspot.
OZDocker: weak free, no where near high tackle
Torz: Great start by Maximus.
ReaperRage: fucking hell shaw, 1/3 targets hit? really?
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Sloan4Pres: go Scully! looking like a good unique so far
Wends: SC scores maybe like last year – no scores til final siren. Helloo heiz.
Pokerface: we have live sc scores back??
OZDocker: jeez, watts is looking good at the moment
luked98: wow kennedy
Heizenberg: Hi wends
ReaperRage: Ken Bennedy a freak
Heizenberg: Happy Easter all
Heizenberg: The sc scores obviously not accurate
NewFreoFan: Ken oath!
Heizenberg: Vince 1
Kenny27: another shank from Shaw ffs
deanie: Cmon Shaw
Yelse: why heath shaw cmonn lift and hit targets and intercept marks
NewFreoFan: Bennedy and Oliver certainly look like good cash cows
NewFreoFan: this protected area nonsense is annoying
JRedden: gone for a POD in kelly
AngryRyno: me thinks the SC scores are being manually entered, and those that aren’t updated are on 1
Wends: Ward being tagged?
OZDocker: punishment for keeping the ball in
Sloaneyyyy: there should be an icon for players who are awesome at NAB cup and terrible in real season
Sloaneyyyy: I’m looking at you Jack Watts
Yelse: ben kennedy was always good for pies in VFL averaged 30 possies. never really got a chance
Costanza: not many good JW’s anywhere – apart fro Jobe
heppelitis: Jonny Walker ok
Kenny27: problem with Bkennedy was his disposal when at pies
NewFreoFan: Had Shiel for a lot of the preseason lol, typical
deanie: Shiel looking good
NewFreoFan: m0nty are these SC scores to be trusted?
Costanza: cheers to that @Hepp
Magicsmell: someone kick the ball to greene
heppelitis: gws sc scores close to being correct…Melb incorrect
grossn: @newfreofan Yeah all those 1’s on the dees SC scores definitely trusted
feralmong: not dissappointed in spending the ruck $$ on gawn
Sloaneyyyy: could have had Smith, but I went for Greene… 🙁
PureSwag: Are the SC scores for GWS correct yet?
NewFreoFan: grossn obviously the 1s aren’t right, the others look correct though
feralmong: shaw on the other hand pls take off the kermit outfit
jalapenoh: what the hell is happening with mummy??? Noooooo
PureSwag: Feralmong Shaw is on 13, my dad has SC Live scores and he is on 13
nicw98: Gawn > Mumford
Torz: I keep thinking Oliver is Jordie McKenzie. Much better player though!
NewFreoFan: This Lobb bloke though
feralmong: thx pureswag. it was more his clangers vs his price. lol
Chucky2010: Tyballs tells the wife he is off quoting.. instead comes to my house to watch the footy. #bogannose
Sloaneyyyy: K.Jack has himelf as captain…
luked98: stevie j you suck
feralmong: lol sc resets to 1’s
ballbag: @chucky 9 hrs of quoting?? nice
grossn: @Sloaneyyyy extra incentive to play better 😉
feralmong: can see a few might upgrade to viney. beast.
Jackwatt$: Is Viney rally on 1SC or is m0nty trolling? Also, Go Deeeeeesssssss!!!
feralmong: As soon as gws kick straight they’ll own this game.
m0nty: should be right now
Chucky2010: pretty much ballbag lol
Paul105: Is there a butcher symbol for steve j shots?
AngryRyno: are you doing these manually m0nty?
feralmong: well done getting live sc back here. was the missing link.
Chucky2010: hey monty.. is the SC scores a permanent thing this year?
m0nty: we’ll see
Wends: Davis for Uluru symbol if he keeps this up.
Chucky2010: i hope so monty.. saves me having to sign up to heraldsun again.. they overcharged me $120 last year lol
Jackwatt$: Don’t know why people picked Greene. Will be dropped b4 seasons over
carlton_99: I still dont know how Hogan beat Cripps for Rising Star
OZDocker: Viney might be playing a ripper, but he’ll get whiplash if he keeps throwing his head back like that
MIJG: How did oliver go from 20 to 58 sc?
spiggs: seen enough of greene. fork in him
feralmong: send greene to the tigers. can’
Terlob: Too much mid price madness this year – people got burned last year now doing the exact same thing
Sloaneyyyy: greene to B.Kennedy, makes a lot of cash to use elsewhere
feralmong: yeah terlob did that too much last year. GandR this year.
NewFreoFan: Viney off his head, reckon he can keep this up all season?
Jackwatt$: Yes feralmong, I can see him being traded to a vic team next year
Wends: Holy crap. Shaw’s shank redemption.
NewFreoFan: How did you not have Bennedy Sloaneyyyy?
feralmong: jackwatt$ if miles and townsend are a benchmark. can be done.
feralmong: nice one wends
Kenny27: that’s better Heater!!
Sloaneyyyy: it was a choice between Wells and Kennedy,
Yelse: shaw good come back.
grossn: @Sloaneyyyy porque no los dos?
Yelse: why did i start mills over oliver. 🙁
spiggs: po ce na la stos sloaney?
feralmong: oliver obviously worth his premium
elitegod22: Need steele to lift
snake_p: derm with the donald trump haircut
spiggs: f you grossn
carlton_99: I still dont know how Hogan beat Cripps for Rising Star!
Roflcake: gg Greene gg mate
NewFreoFan: wouldn’t mind a bit more out of Smith
frenzy: mummy cooked already
feralmong: yeah did greene sign with Silvani already. just lowerin the price.
grossn: You ok there spiggs?
feralmong: pop mummy in a car to bunnings. 10 snags and get him back.
feralmong: i tried these gws clowns last year. thought its time. its still not.
Wends: Loving the SC scores – thx Monty.
Harmes37: hogan can have the RS. Cripps will beat him to a Brownlow 🙂
Yelse: would you captain gold or ablett?
Wends: NFF – I had Smith in SC all 2015 – an exercise in frustration.
OZDocker: watching Derwayne russell interview Crowels, amazing how nice and joking they are now with his tagging. G/luck to him
desmondo: Mumford = Useless 🙁
OZDocker: Mummy will have to get in line feral, Colon sylvia wont move outta the way
Wends: A few high scores in Demons’ DE column.
Sloaneyyyy: surely an icicle for Greene, monty ?
Yelse: so good sub rule is goneeee
heppelitis: Frost and Stewart may as well be subs
frenzy: wow KK out
jalapenoh: come on mummy atleast 50 please
Sloaneyyyy: had Tommy Mac in & out of side all NAB cup
rupink06: so lucky didnt get kk
jalapenoh: mummy to goldy or jacobs r2
MIJG: Bennedy got his 50 and gone home
jalapenoh: can demons win this one?
jalapenoh: why mummy giving away so many frees?
Sloaneyyyy: looks like both my defender emergencies will get a run this week
jalapenoh: whos out @sloaneyyyy
Sloaneyyyy: I had KK, and still had Howe on the field without realising
feralmong: if gws kicked better they’d be 40pts up
J.Worrall: partial lockout in SC and RDT!
ScootD: Greene has had 5 clangers out of 6 possessions, but his disposal efficiency is 83%…. how does that work???
Special K: Kolodjashnij is out sick.
Paul105: Vince with the muppet symbol after that kick
OZDocker: callum ward =******
dkelly: How accurate is the SuperCoach stat?
J.Worrall: no post?
Yelse: would u captain ablett???
frenzy: gone into meltdown
Wends: Ward my VC this week… Will see how this pans out.
Sloaneyyyy: FFS Greene, wake up you dog
feralmong: heater could get into the top 20 for kicks in a game. 36 is 20th.
Gordo450: Put the VC on Ablett Yelse
Gordo450: Put t
Magicsmell: toby greene oding nothing
J.Worrall: GogoGordo!
jonnyhart: If Melbourne kicked better they’d be 4 points up.
3rdstriker: Fuel gauge on oliver
specky2000: Really pissed oof with greene and steele
NewFreoFan: were you really expecting big things from steele? bit of a risky pic
feralmong: here come the dees
specky2000: thought steele could avg. 80-85 this year.
NewFreoFan: here comes hogan
iZander: Why is Nat jones CP so low? new role or?
NewFreoFan: gee scully has some clangers
Kenny27: not as many as shaw
Gordo450: Should’ve stuck with Kennedy in the mid instead of Oliver
ballbag: stay away from greene spuds. theyre bad for your health.
Jackwatt$: Shaw shank! Dee’s back in front! Ring the bell!
damoc85: are these live SC scores?
Sloaneyyyy: Oliver 14 contested possessions, has been a gun all day.
OZDocker: Ol’ Stevie…woohooo champion
NewFreoFan: come on Smith kick the winner/sealer gimme them points
frenzy: c’mon heater, even mummy will catch you
Kenny27: poor heater cant hit the side of a baryard today
Costanza: Man o Steele wool
jonnyhart: That kick really Harmed Melbourne’s chances of victory.
NewFreoFan: geez this is a good game!
jalapenoh: can the dess win it??? PLease dees win and mummy score some more hahaha
dkelly: c’mon greene
Sloaneyyyy: go Giants
MIJG: Shaw sc just jumped.
feralmong: hogans sc is gonna scale up bigtime
NewFreoFan: hey boys, Parish or Hewett for my last mid spot? been putting off this call
Sloaneyyyy: talk about YinYang for Hogan, he was nowhere in the first half
grossn: Good game? Sure it’s close but the quality is trash.
MIJG: Winning goal for Bennedy would make a nice sc score
jonnyhart: By what measure grossn? Kicking efficicency has been up across the board except for a few that didn’t cope with tempo.
Jackwatt$: Incredible Hulk Hogan. He’s gone into best mode! Icon please m0nty?
Costanza: Deelightful
feralmong: greene off injury
J_Pinkman: first couple of games so far great footy
Wends: Just about to tap Grimley on the shoulder to run on for Jacobs. Taking Ward’s score.
NewFreoFan: shocking goal kicking gws
grossn: 9.18 not going to get near the top 8 with a performance like that against the dees
ballbag: @wends screw tapping. pull the big alps aside and do it.
frenzy: Lol, Wends
J_Pinkman: well that goal shut Huddo up
NewFreoFan: there you go greene owners, late consolation for you 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: Gawn a bit disappointing in the end
snake_p: takes wards 134 as VC or stick with Gaz?
Wends: Heh heh, he’s spat out his slurpy after I whacked him. Sprinting to his gear bag as we speak!
Heizenberg: Lol wends, tap is cute haha
NewFreoFan: definitely take ward
Heizenberg: Hahaha
snake_p: thanks NFF. Gaz could be capable of 150+ vs Bummers
Daroose: Nate Jones. Slow.
Daroose: Bugg disappointing

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