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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R1 of 2016

Sloaneyyyy: fire up GAJ
IHateChat: Give Ablett the star now.
ballbag: hasnt GAJ only played 2 games in the last 2 years?
Fury: Had to trade out KK at last minute…
Yelse: and he has done so well in those games lol
feralmong: vc flopped. So in GAJ i trust.
Yelse: same here @feralmong
Yelse: m brown or tipu? to start on field?
feralmong: both mature. 50/50.
desmondo: tipu…even if only for his tackling 😉
NewFreoFan: do i want parish?
feralmong: if u see tipu chowing down on relton roberts burgers at half time u know u chose wrong.
Gordo450: Who was your VC Mong?
feralmong: oliver did ok. trend perhaps?
feralmong: dusty gordo
heppelitis: haha feral
Wends: Howe emergency for anyone who had him.
Gordo450: Yup GAJ VC for me, plenty more guns still to play IF he doesnt fire
snake_p: crap. I tossed up between him and N Wilson and Wilson scored 88
desmondo: Caroline snake? LOL
snake_p: Couldn’t afford Caro Desmonde
Daroose: Let’s go Ablett
Wends: Crowley straight to Gaz?
NewFreoFan: lol I don’t know who anyone is watching this game. Need to learn the new numbers
MIJG: Just when gaj thought he’d seen the last of him lol
dkelly: Davis Goak
Daroose: Simpkin. One mans trash is another’s treasure
CamT: Who’s Ah Chee in for ?
Ben_Gogos: @CamT hover over the icons, he’s in for KK though
ausgooner: kolojazzknee
CamT: Thanks, Ben_Gogos
CamT: … and ausgooner
ryanbob: Didn’t Davis get that goal, not Martin?
TeamJab: Mitch u spud
dkelly: Crowley not a hard tag on Gaz
Ben_Gogos: @ryanbob no, Davis just laid the tackle
Wends: Brown more mashed potato than spud.
Kenny27: does it really matterwith brown most have him anyway
Magicsmell: Wasnt joyce meant to be playing?
dkelly: Gold Coast will win by 100
snake_p: do you think it will be that close dk?
feralmong: any fear gaj wasn’t ready is gone now.
Paul105: I think the crowley symbol can dissappear from gaz
NewFreoFan: i remember when bombers scored almost 100 against the suns in Q1, tables have turned 🙂
feralmong: just put atlas on zaka for the whole year.
dkelly: Snake, yeah ur right 125 point difference haha
feralmong: Tipu laid a tackle but only cos he thought the guy had his burger.
Sloaneyyyy: goddard looks disinterested
Ben_Gogos: GAJ returns!
qiu333: are these sc scores live/accurate?
nbartos: who would leave out Ablett – Jock LOL
dkelly: GAZ for brownlow?
ballbag: Hey bartos. how many games you think GAJ will last before he has to be traded out?
Hadouken: swapped brown for tippa last minute, 8 point turn around….winning !!!
NewFreoFan: Well Tipu and Brown have balanced their scores at 0 overall for my bench lol
Ben_Gogos: Poor Jock…
J.Worrall: He did have Tipu’s burger!
Coutzy: Gareth keeps this up and Darrean Wyatt is going to end up captain quite a few times this year
korza: Thank God
snake_p: cmon titbumwoody get a kick
nbartos: you never trade out Gaz ballbag
TeamJab: I got Tipu on the ground and mitch on the bench. I sense a weakness in my side.
Sloaneyyyy: ablett with a massive f.u to the haters! love it
ballbag: essendon found gwilty!
feralmong: Essendon: The best of the rest of what’s left.
Heizenberg: Sc can’t be accurate
Magicsmell: I could get 30 touches against the dons… see how Gaj goes against a real team
Heizenberg: They keep changing and haha yeah thanks I put had in
korza: Gwilt 20 s/c C/D get fair dinkum
Heizenberg: Gaj*
CamT: @teamJab … I’m in the same boat
Torz: It’s unfair how good GAJ is.
J.Worrall: aaaah, the little champion!
Kenny27: the King is back!
tiltraise: lol gaj
feralmong: sc jumps up here and there. so it will be come accurate at times.
Ben_Gogos: Gazza!
NewFreoFan: Goddard may as well have been standing still lol
Ben_Gogos: Probs gonna get the cape again
nbartos: Crowley cheap option
nbartos: Hall all Hype?
Ben_Gogos: Hall doing nicely!
Sloaneyyyy: How is Nicholls ahead of Currie for first ruck…?
feralmong: GAJ could ton up by half time
NewFreoFan: Gwilt is terrible
korza: Who has the big “C” om the little master
nbartos: thanks Ben you gave him a boooost!
grossn: I do Korza
Sloaneyyyy: @korza: not me, but it will be next week
feralmong: yeah have the big C on GaJ. But doesn’t everyone? vs essendon!
NewFreoFan: This game is a joke, just take the year off essendon
feralmong: if the bombers can reduce the defensive clangers it won’t go so bad for them.
breckler_8: rosa is a handy little pick
korza: *feral not many cheering for Gaz so i dont think so
feralmong: ahh well better for me and the $50k then.
Daroose: Rischitelli and Rosa are the same person #twins
Sloaneyyyy: can’t really assess the scoring ability of this suns team, not until they’re up against real competition
snake_p: bombers are witches hats
heppelitis: Merret and Hall looking good in my fwd line
Sloaneyyyy: I reckon GAJ will take the whole last quarter off, hit the showers early
mark621: what happened to KK??
Hadouken: think at half time bombers need a pep talk
heppelitis: good straight kicking bombres….keep plugging away
Sloaneyyyy: @marko621: illness apparently
snake_p: in hospital with stomach pains mark
cusch1: Essendon aren’t even playing many young kids here…?
Hadouken: ones that got away so far, viney and gibbs 🙁
mark621: that bugger… i still have the muppet
cusch1: Langford Merrett bros, Gleeson and parish are it really
m0nty: Two frees to the Dons in a half, bloody robbed
heppelitis: haha m0nty
mace485: very happy with my decision to go with lonergan at D3
Heizenberg: Hi hepp
heppelitis: Howdy..hope you had a great summer…footy back…fun times for most
snake_p: no late changes for tonights games
snake_p: me too mac and hall. It’s only bombers though
Heizenberg: Haha cheers mate
Heizenberg: So glad to have it back, 2 great games so far exciting to watch
J.Worrall: Gazza got caught?
J.Worrall: Stoks you nitwite
NewFreoFan: Tipu a flop, doubt he’ll get a run next week
Sloaneyyyy: Need Dea to work a bit harder… he’s my bench cover for Kolo
NewFreoFan: Stokes you flog hahahaha
J.Worrall: CoonDog!
Costanza: bleeding heck – Go Zaka
Ben_Gogos: Stokes with the muppet for that shocking miss before!
J.Worrall: McK you dill
cusch1: Smack does 1 good thing for every 5 bad things…so he’ll do something good soon
feralmong: asking again. Atlas for Zaka.
Sloaneyyyy: wait till Swallow, Omeara and Kolo come back into this side
J.Worrall: Gazza tons up
korza: Gazza tons up c
korza: The great one tons up, hail the Lord
feralmong: ton up GAJ congratz.
J.Worrall: website crisps itself again
feralmong: hall mighta been better call than libba
Daroose: Simpkin #poorpoorpoor
JRedden: wtf is lonergan doing?
Kenny27: @Jred went off with blood rule hasnt returned
frenzy: lonergan off with head clash
Paul105: Prestia is playing the roll he was playing in the first half
JRedden: ahk yeah, makes sense, he was killing it first half
Kenny27: about to come on now @Jred
alekstah: Lonergan and McKenzie had a head clash. Lonergan back on with stitches I think
heppelitis: Parish a ripper
Sloaneyyyy: how did Cooney ever win a Brownlow
J.Worrall: Stoked!
Daroose: Zah to win B&F this year.
Pantsman: Has McKenzie come back on?
J.Worrall: Simpkin DT/SC looks OK, but
NewFreoFan: Yeah happy I went Parish last minute he’ll play all year
Kenny27: he just come back from changerooms at3qtr time @Pants
frenzy: DEF rooks looking like correction trades, but to who
ausgooner: cos he had two functioning knees back then
Pantsman: Thanks Kenny!
Sloaneyyyy: Being afraid of needles saved Zaka
iZander: you don’t really believe that do you?
heppelitis: Zach might Daroose
J.Worrall: site crippsed again?
JRedden: idk how hall is this good, its just crazy
J.Worrall: I lerv crazy!
MIJG: Gaj not done much since half time
J.Worrall: Hall makin GC injuries.g the most of
Sloaneyyyy: Gaz is in the showers already
J.Worrall: Hall making the most of GC injuries.
feralmong: dea may finish with a par score.
J.Worrall: Surely he pooped b4 the game?
NewFreoFan: Brian Lake quoted as saying joining Essendon would have been a “stain on career” lol
han solo: Brian Lake is a stain
J.Worrall: Brian knows all about stains
J.Worrall: #nappisan
NewFreoFan: Parish you legend, at least one of my essendon cows is fattening
han solo: Yeah kid has a lot of good second efforts. will win a lot of his own ball you’d feel. which u need for a don mid
feralmong: Callum wasn’t supposed to play. Coached sneezed so he ended up the replacement.
Torz: Good junk time Dea.
CamT: Brown, Tipu, Dea, any of them likely to get dropped for next week ?
feralmong: Dea will play all year i reckon.
cobrakai00: Great example how stupid DT scoring system is
han solo: Brown and Tippa are on our list proper so likely get played for development. Dea not sure. has played a lot of time toda
Costanza: not the first guy from a prarish to get so many touches
Kenny27: mckernan will go before all 3 of them
MIJG: 150 sc Gaj cmon
han solo: Saad might be injured. groin problem
NewFreoFan: Brown will play, tall which bombers are lacking completely. Tipu is in doubt I reckon
Coutzy: Dea hasn’t been too bad but I can see him & Tipu rotating with Hartley in & out of the squad
feralmong: Dea has several years conditioning. So should last the year.
Torz: Clay Cameron has been much better than I was expecting.
frenzy: welldone Jesse
m0nty: heart icon for Lonergan!
Costanza: nice scores Coasters
grossn: Love your work captain GAJ
AntoRyan14: Thoughts on zaharakis

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