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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R1 of 2016

J.Worrall: Carna Bloods!
Sloaneyyyy: Cloke to kick 1.8 and Buddy to kick 8.1
Lionheart: Hoping for a monster game from Titch here….and I’m calling 142 from him as my skipper.
feralmong: quiet or broken?
J.Worrall: The Budster is away!
J.Worrall: The Clokester is a jokester!
J.Worrall: Take a piece of Mr Parker’s band!
feralmong: Papsmear gets a touch..
feralmong: now need Lleyton to get in on it.
J.Worrall: Sworn gorn
Ben_Gogos: Not looking good for Swan
meka100: Swan put a folk in it, he’s done
feralmong: 1 down 10 to go.
J.Worrall: Gogo Buddy!
J.Worrall: Shoulder for the Budster
Ben_Gogos: Buddy off with that shoulder atm
Raspel31: Well, the Gablett and Buddy gamble paying off so far
Raspel31: I typed that at the wrong time-bum.
Heizenberg: Fan footy injured now haha
Heizenberg: Oh it’s back
Ben_Gogos: Franklin back, Swan still in the rooms.
MIJG: Dont get papley they said!!
grossn: Pies gonna be down to 2 rotations
Daroose: My man Callum Sinclair. Next big fantasy ruckman
J.Worrall: Swan to the butchery …
Ben_Gogos: Swan been sent to hospital via SEN report
feralmong: Damn I have papsmear on the bench no E.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
nbartos: how good are these young guns?
J.Worrall: Pies have no answers
TeamJab: Dan, when ya ready mate.
Raspel31: Evening Dirty.
cusch1: Collingwood on the rise and Sydney on the fall was the early tip was it not?
Coutzy: Weitering, Kennedy, Pap Smear & Hewett all on the bench for me.
Coutzy: Can’t be too upset with Menadue, Kerridge and Oliver though, I suppose
J.Worrall: Buddy hurts
DirtyDawn: Crently looking like a pe-season masterstroke “upgrading” Parker to Hanners….
Jair: I can’t imagine a worse start to the season so far
DirtyDawn: *currently
J.Worrall: Jair, I’m not shedding a single tear …
Raspel31: First year no pies players-maybe a good thing.
casey22: DD, back for another year!
CamT: McGlynn & McVeigh will be taking who’s spots when they come back ?
DirtyDawn: sucker for punishment casey
Sloaneyyyy: I did the same thing DirtyDawn
J.Worrall: Buddy Boy!
casey22: Life’s good, Dawn’s back so all I need is my m0nty coins!
heppelitis: pies worse than bombers?
DirtyDawn: haha yeah, I reckon I got about 8 million of those things still to spend….
J.Worrall: Buddy Baby!
Sloaneyyyy: C’mon Hannebery… making me feel so stupid for picking you
Raspel31: Cloke-?-not that I have him but ?
LuvIt74: Parker is having a field day, I selected Ollie Wines over parker last minute damn it.
casey22: Buddy’s back would be an understatement
Raspel31: Buddy Boy !
nbartos: how is hewitt and paps more SC than Budvar??
Sloaneyyyy: lol Cloke…
LuvIt74: Did anyone select Paply i was concerned about his job security but he is doing very well
Jukes82: that muppet treloar must love playing for the pies!
Sloaneyyyy: Hannebery better be firing himself up for beast mode in 2nd half
willywalks: not only do i have paps, but also fielded him, pity i captained pendles
CamT: Iput Papley on the bench but had him out altogether a couple of minutes before the lockout.
CamT: I thought Papley would be the first to lose his spot when McVeigh & McGlynn came back.
heppelitis: Pies dont deserve ANZAC day
st_steve: Why did I go Pendles over Gaz?!
snake_p: and Essendon do Hepp??
st_steve: What’s going on with Pendles?
heppelitis: lol…just teasing
snake_p: haha Hepp, I thought you were fishing for a bite at half time
heppelitis: spot on
frenzy: Georgey boy!!!
desmondo: Geez so glad I picked Josh Kennedy in my match day team LOL Mr useless
Jair: And Bombers do deserve ANZAC day? Don’t make me laugh.
desmondo: Tossed up between Parker and Kennedy 🙁
J.Worrall: Sheeds created ANZAC day – what did Bucks do?
DirtyDawn: on the upside, at least I have picked up Georgie, Millsy, and the smear
desmondo: Maybe this ANZAC day BOTH teams should just play two-up 😉
st_steve: Sheeds created ANZAC Day?!
LuvIt74: Looks like the pies are already throwing the towel in after whats been going on, I just hope it doesn’t drag on for year
kano22: Lift pendles you flog
SydneyRox: Nice start from the boys to 2nf half!
heppelitis: mind back on the game pies…and off the white lines on their jumpers
CamT: The percentages of these two teams will have an Under 12’s look about them if this keeps up.
Jair: Buck probably did nothing, what’s your point?
Lodgy: Pendles no flog. drop him next week if ur not happy
SydneyRox: its not going to help the pies if they are 2 down
kano22: Thanks for the tip Lodgy
SydneyRox: LOL @ Lodgy exactly
LuvIt74: Sinse when are SC scores live on here? This is great.
J.Worrall: Bucks never done nuffink! That’s my point!
J.Worrall: Spiderman!
SydneyRox: All the hype on Mills. Hewett and Papley just look like they belong!
feralmong: Jpk owners must be spewing
vamos77: If Cloke doesnt get cut at years end, he’ll be a good pick up next year @150k
heppelitis: Get involved De Goey
3rdstriker: Collingwood must be feeling pretty good about locking up Bucks to that contract extension right now
SydneyRox: wouldnt worry about JPK he never goes big in a flogging
Sloaneyyyy: Hannebery must have listened to my pep talk at half-time
LuvIt74: M0nty will the live SC scores continue on here mate?
Ben_Gogos: Steele will get weeks for that I reckon
circle52: Sidebottom in trouble for a hit on Hannebery
feralmong: Sidey gone
Jair: J. Worrell I dub you; Cpt. Obvious
Ash777: pies need a hit of something :p
SydneyRox: Parker trying to take mark of the year in game 1!!
LuvIt74: hope the swans win by 100+
valkorum: lets keep the chat about footy please
desmondo: We all know why Essendon will will be beaten probably most weeks….what`s Collingwoods excuse?? LOL
roshanetw: has hanneberry come on after the concussion test?
kano22: Tombstone for Swan..whats the news ?
NewFreoFan: So I changed Adams to Sidey before the game…
valkorum: Kano – swan injured ankle and needs scans
NewFreoFan: And Parker to Hannebery mid week. Doing well.
kano22: Thanks valkorum
SydneyRox: @newfreo did you get on Fyfe??
Stuart88: Hannebery should have the groggy hasn’t been back on since
ballbag: @desmond collingwoods excuse is buckley. yhey should have got rid of that idiot years ago. has zero idea about coaching
Sloaneyyyy: hopefully Hannes comes back for the fourth
SydneyRox: hanners not coming back
Ben_Gogos: Hanners to sit out the final term
valkorum: channel 7 commentary saying Hannebery prob not coming back on
Stuart88: Games in the bag rest hanners up for us next week
NewFreoFan: SidneyRox yep have Fyfe
SydneyRox: thnks @newfreo, jumping off now…
CamT: No possessions for Mitchell this quarter.
Sloaneyyyy: great… first and last time I make Hanners captain
NewFreoFan: Run, run and don’t look back
SydneyRox: Swans settling back in now
The39Steps: Happy New Footy Year!
SydneyRox: 18 goals 25 is just insane!!
SydneyRox: that was the play of the day, great team defence!
LuvIt74: I am so upset tat I put Wines back in for Parker.
feralmong: Bruise free footy by the pies

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