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Chat log from R1 of 2016: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2016

NewFreoFan: Footy’s back boys!
colin wood: G Day all
Mudskip: Love it
pricey: Footy baby!!!
Jogr: hello
Jogr: who are people loopholes 🙂
frenzy: evening chaps
heppelitis: gotta love doing last minute changes to my team…hi all
Apachecats: a few C’wood players will be going cheap.
frenzy: who is tipping tigers?
spudaroos: Last minute change from Parker to Cripps. Hope it pays off.
Apachecats: Tigers by 27
J.Worrall: Shoot, what a drama the rookies are
willywalks: evening gents, anyone else loophole dusty?
monkebuket: hellooo monty! thanks for the site for another seasoin
bigpens: who are the subs?
monkebuket: houli hoop for me toinght
Apachecats: Nice not having to worry about subs this year.
luked98: Sub rule given the flick this year bigpens
NewFreoFan: Thought hard about Rance, hope I don’t regret not taking him in SC
Apachecats: Menadue goes on the watchlist
Bluey: score Mooooooorris score
NewFreoFan: So few rooks this year, hard to get excited by menadue and kerridge when everyone has them
Jogr: anyone know how the head 2 head on supercoach works?
frenzy: poor cotchin, ya gotta feel sorry
SaintsMan: what does MB mean anyone?
Jogr: Moneyball
ajconodie: Gee Gibbs is having his one good game for the year early.
Heizenberg: Hi all, yes go blues and waljer
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
Apachecats: Good thanks Hberg ,your Blues doing well here
NewFreoFan: Good Heiz, you? Good to have footy back
Sloaneyyyy: footy’s back… too bad the first game is a nothing game
Heizenberg: They play early under bolton
ajconodie: Are you watching it Sloaneyyyy?
Heizenberg: Yes it is freo fan haha
luked98: 200k for weitering, he better get a stat
3rdstriker: Surely Cotchin could not accept that Brownlow with a straight face
Heizenberg: I like how they play early under bolton*
Heizenberg: And im good hehe
NewFreoFan: Rofl what’s this about a bunch of pies players testing positive to illicit drugs?
heppelitis: loopholed Rance..keep going big boy
frenzy: Gibbs cape
DirtyDawn: Evening all. Loving the footy being back, that cricket stuff has got knobs on it….
Sloaneyyyy: the game is good to watch, but its between two nothing teams
jalapenoh: well i wish i [picked gibbs now, after taking him in and out and in and out
Apachecats: Hi Dirty D
heppelitis: winters hit melbourne early…cough….cotchin
ballbag: penguin
zadolinnyj: hello all for another year
Jogr: is ed curnow tagging?
Sloaneyyyy: rance with another 20 SC points there
Sloaneyyyy: I think Curnow is basically tagging Cotchin, keeping him away from the game
frenzy: reckon m0nty is running on auto pilot
Jogr: feel bad for the people that got branndon ellis
HappyDEZ: Havent see Kerridge yet 2nd qtr. Hope the leg is OK.
HappyDEZ: There he is. Phew.
NewFreoFan: Why would anyone have Ellis
Sloaneyyyy: J-Roo, bwahahaha, that was woeful
Dommy02: ellis half backline???
Jogr: for his elite running
valkorum: because we should have Corey Ellis
mark621: whats gibbs sc please?
NewFreoFan: Valk! Ready for another good year for the dockers 🙂
valkorum: absolutely
valkorum: the wife was trying to organise something during the freo game – WRONG
Kenny27: wow richmond look terrible
Heizenberg: Haha valk
valkorum: I tipped richmond by 43 – they need to get a move on
colin wood: If vickeey played on Simon white each week he’d be all australian
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Two mistakes in 15 seconds by White gifts Vickery a goal from the pocket.
NewFreoFan: Did anyone take the punt on Rioli? Not looking bad wondering if he can hold his spot
valkorum: not if he kicks like that colin wood
ballbag: @heiz blues kicking more points than goals like the last 10 years again
Tim Tam: finally townsend….
frenzy: people happy with their Houli choice
NewFreoFan: Not so far frenzy lol, long season he’ll come good
valkorum: if thats the standard for deliberate out of bounds – this is gonna be a long season
frenzy: yep his names not Cotchin
Sloaneyyyy: lol gibbs, 56 pts in first quarter, then 9 in the 2nd…
Apachecats: Weitering a fizzer?
NewFreoFan: Write ring was always my likely trade after round 2 but nfi who else to pick
valkorum: Weitering is a KPD, he was surely not a good option for fantasy
Kenny27: weit uses the ball well when he gets it, just needs richmond to bomb the ball more so he can peel off and take the mark
Jogr: weitering 18 at half time
DirtyDawn: Houli should come good second half if Richmond start to control the game. 84 is my PNG prediction
NewFreoFan: Say spy cam one more time channel 7.
NewFreoFan: Carey would have smashed some pingers in his day
korza: Took Cripps over Parker S/C. Happy at the moment
valkorum: watch your language please freofan
NewFreoFan: Language?
korza: Cripps !!!
Kenny27: that’s better Weits
valkorum: your last comment
NewFreoFan: Gathered that, just not sure what part was considered language
feralmong: Jack
valkorum: rhymes with ringer – its family friendly here
Sloaneyyyy: since when is Pinger bad language, lol
feralmong: Never heard of that word before valk
NewFreoFan: Seriously? I’m getting called out on that? Lol, righto…
Kenny27: pinger? oh boy wowee
ausgooner: political correctness gone mad i tell ya
Apachecats: get off his back Valkerie
Sloaneyyyy: come on Dusty, time to get moving…
westy501: do you know what a pinger is valkorum?
Raspel31: Evening all for another year-Kerridge and Menadue looking the money.
NewFreoFan: Let it go boys, Valk just looking out for the kids it’s fine
m0nty: back on the footy please
feralmong: Rioli fluffed it
LuvIt74: Weitering what a waist
Sloaneyyyy: wish the Tigers would stop stuffing around and put Carlton to bed early
LuvIt74: Glad I chose Rance as my D1 I went very weak in defence
Sloaneyyyy: Site has crapped itself…
J.Worrall: pie and chips, yum!
colin wood: Hold back on the weitering calls lol
LuvIt74: Martin on 49 SC what a spud
Raspel31: Don’t give up on Witerung yet Luvit-finding his feet with the big boys. I rate him.
Jogr: luvit i knew u would jinx it
IHateChat: Dance gone. Injured.
heppelitis: thx for jinxing him luvit!
theuncle: Weitz has had a much better qtr
IHateChat: Rance
NewFreoFan: You cursed him LuvIt74
elvundir: blues making some great plays
iZander: what a time to say that @luvit 😉
snake_p: I think you spoke too soon luvit
ajconodie: Tiggers looking shaky.
elvundir: blues not going to be that bad this year if they keep this up
NewFreoFan: Weitering scoring better than Houli lol
3rdstriker: I can almost smell the memberships in the microwave akready
Heizenberg: Go go go
IHateChat: Richmond very poor tonight.
frenzy: somebody poke dusty with a stick
snake_p: Lol striker
NewFreoFan: The annual punt road membership tear up
Sloaneyyyy: Blues are still woeful… Tigers are making them look good
Raspel31: Hallo Heizenberg.
Heizenberg: Were not woeful mate, what game u watching?
ajconodie: Weitering up to 43 SC.
Heizenberg: Hi raspel
Tim Tam: Menadue looks pretty good…. Why did I swap at the last minute….
NewFreoFan: good to see Matty Wright find a new home, like him as a player
Sloaneyyyy: Lambert played midfielder all game
Apachecats: Pinger to Weitering
Apachecats: Just thought it might get him going
feralmong: What’s wrong with Lennon?
Sloaneyyyy: I agree FreoFan, Wright was always a decent player, just not a good fit at the crows
westy501: i did aswell tim tam then 10 min before game brought him back in. 🙂
Raspel31: Well, I can live with Kerridge.
LuvIt74: Tim Tam why the hell would u swap Menadue considering there isn’t many to chose from
Heizenberg: I have menadue
frenzy: rookie mistake, timtam lol
colin wood: Great quarter there from weitering
jalapenoh: I wish Houli would decide to try and get the ball a bit, that’d be great
ajconodie: Kerridge justifying his worth to 99.97% of teams.
jalapenoh: I also wouldn’t mind if Gibbs stopped now, kinda rubbing salt in my wounds haha
Tim Tam: I had extra cash so went to Menzel… going to be a nervous wait
LuvIt74: @ajconodie where do you get your SC scores from? I’m a digital Pass holder but it expires next week.
Raspel31: Great opportunity to pick up Carlton and Essendon rookies-and so far so good.
J.Worrall: How do I turn off m0nty’s grey space?tur
LuvIt74: Yeah Keidge was the only REAL gun rookie that I and most had this season, the rest are a lottery
NewFreoFan: Weitering up to 53sc. Doesn’t need to do much intercept marks are worth plenty
happytimes: go blues
123wce: houli, dusty and kerridge sc?
LuvIt74: Weitering 58sc
Heizenberg: Wel said happytimes hehe 🙂
grossn: It
NewFreoFan: just follow supercoach paige on the facebook, they do quarter updates
grossn: Why do the afl keep putting these two on first?
LuvIt74: @NewFreo where do u get your SC scores m8?
Raspel31: Damn Luvit-thought I was tho only one to pck Kettridge. Back to square one.
LuvIt74: Raspel31 I wish, what his % of ownership 90%? lol
NewFreoFan: k boys see ya later in the weekend, off to hit the pingers lol 😉
Sloaneyyyy: pure ruckman kick at goal right there
Sloaneyyyy: how was that deliberate, two goals herded him to the boundary
Sloaneyyyy: *guys, not goals
Yelse: @luvit74 go to fox sports match stats live SC
feralmong: Lloyd
ajconodie: Luvit, I have gold pass.
Luke71: Cracking game. Is Lambert the real DT deal?
frenzy: dusty disapear act
ajconodie: Lambert is the Kamdyn McIntosh of 2016.
feralmong: Lambert was good last year lol
grossn: Lambert was doing this every few games last year
Jogr: no he isnt ???
Sloaneyyyy: AFL wonders why their 10fps cameras can’t get any detail
ajconodie: I just meant that McIntosh scored massively in Rd 1 last year.
Heizenberg: Exactly sloaney
Yelse: that was so touched. was kind slow motion afl got. geez so blurry
Raspel31: Pooh-no vested interest butso want The BluesTO WIN.
Heizenberg: In 2016 we should get better than that shit quality
feralmong: I’m still shitting bricks heize
Heizenberg: Yeah not over
ballbag: afl still using vga security from richmond station for replays?
Heizenberg: Ikr ballba
OZDocker: my mpclassic has slomo better than the crap AFL use
feralmong: Lost it only by a few mistakes heize
Heizenberg: Way to break hearts yet again blues
Heizenberg: Ive hd ten years of this shit
Raspel31: Hmm-Kerridge gives the ball away and Richmond score. But still gets 6 points. Strange scoring system.
westy501: have done better then expected boys.
feralmong: How many u reckon I had since 1974
Yelse: if you a blues supporter i think you should be happy.
Bulky: Richmond can’t take any solace from this win. They are perpetually awful.
Heizenberg: I could imagine feral
Sloaneyyyy: the captain loophole was a bust, I doubt many would have chosen gibbs
OZDocker: i agree Yelse, I think Bolts is gonna be good for the Blues
Heizenberg: Thnx yelse i am but stilldissapointing
rickyb80: bad luck blues supporters. good try
Heizenberg: Maybe a chance still
frenzy: good game weits
rickyb80: hey heiz
OZDocker: two goals in a min…Camonnnn!!!
OZDocker: aahhhhhhhh,Bad luck. Showed heaps of promise tonight
Sloaneyyyy: Keep that up Cripps, and you’ll be in my team next year
Heizenberg: Hi ricky this sucks 🙁
Raspel31: Carlton somuchbetter than expected and Richmond as terrible as always
Heizenberg: Wasa good effort but yeah
ajconodie: Quality game.
rickyb80: lol im lovin it mate 😉
Jogr: weits 84 wow

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