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Chat log from PF of 2015: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, PF of 2015

frenzy: lift hodge ya muppet,Lol
3rdstriker: great goal dockers, coast to coast
Heizenberg: Well when freo attack……
Sloaneyyyy: the dockers will need be up by 5 goals or more at 3/4 time to guarantee a win
Heizenberg: Hi al
Heizenberg: All*
wadaramus: Howdy.
Heizenberg: Hi wada
wadaramus: Carn Freo.
Heizenberg: Man this is good to watch
wadaramus: Fyfey got the LOCK!
Sloaneyyyy: shocker from Mayne
3rdstriker: that’s the very definition of a choke
3rdstriker: that might be the worst decision of all time
Heizenberg: Oh ffs u are kidding me upms
Sloaneyyyy: yeah that was a joke, umps
Sloaneyyyy: Fyfe benched… ankle problem apparently
iZander: think its a calf @ sloany
iZander: Hawks being gifted goals haha
Sloaneyyyy: Dawson with big numbers as usual
J_Pinkman: nice to see the umps playing well, having a huge influence
meka100: Is Barlow having a picnic? Get a fucken touch
Heizenberg: Ikr
J_Pinkman: calling it, hawks another granny
iZander: wow, your the first person I’ve seen calling that….
daverudder: Umps broke Freo’s heart early…Freo will now capitulate…Hawks by PLENTY!!!
wadaramus: Come on Freo, get tough this is your home deck FFS!
3rdstriker: Fyfe looks fucked
J_Pinkman: i’m here to amaze I know
Jair: Freo looks about as likely as Fyfe
J.Worrall: First Hawks game this season was the first time I saw it called …
meka100: Fyfe looks like Freo, fucked
daverudder: Schoenmakers X factor
3rdstriker: this one’s done, Freo probably can’t kick another 4 goals let alone stop the Hawks scoring
wadaramus: Fyfe is lame, this is getting very lose to the fat lady already.
Sloaneyyyy: don’t know what’s wrong with Barlow this year… he’s been woeful all season
iZander: i don’t support either team but hawks are getting some massive help by the umps!
wadaramus: Freo not getting much home town bias.
J.Worrall: Neale has taken Barlow’s place …
daverudder: For all the hype about Ross Lyon he just can’t go that extra step. Always is and always will be a bridesmaid at best.
Sloaneyyyy: maybe so, but you’d think with Fyfe doing nothing, they would throw Barlow into the guts
3rdstriker: hard to believe these umpires are amongst the best 6 thousand in the country let alone the best 6
tabs: freo not liking the Vic umps the AFL brought over
wadaramus: The umps are doing a sterling job to make sure there’s a VIC representation next week.
J.Worrall: in the back 4 sure
3rdstriker: this is like a local game where one team provides some of their players to umpire
3rdstriker: of course freo looks completely overwhelmed, would be in trouble no matter who was umpiring
J.Worrall: is Mitchell related to Goodes?
J.Worrall: Pav held a mark!!!
iZander: Apparently mitchell ran into fyfe or someshit last time they played @ worrall
J_Pinkman: yeah true but umpires can go piss off, stop being wanks
monkebuket: barlow just hustling, he’ll step up soon
J.Worrall: Why is Roughy’s head so smooth?
wadaramus: Rough by name, smooth by nature.
meka100: Fyfe is fucked, they have to sub him
J.Worrall: Pavarotti!
wadaramus: Come on Freo, get on the grind.
ballbag: LOL pav does a Cher and turns back time
meka100: Barlow’s still hustling and doing fuck all
J.Worrall: Smoothhead!
DirtyDawn: Evening all
ballbag: @daverudder yeh but ross lyon is young and prob got another 10-20 yrs coaching left in him
J.Worrall: Hey Dawn
wadaramus: Evenin’
daverudder: @ballbag…yeah maybe right.
ballbag: but def his game plan is shit. it works over a season but not in 1 game against the best teams.
monkebuket: pausing for dramatic effect meka?
ballbag: flame or magnet icon for dawson
J.Worrall: hiatus dramatique
tabs: Dawson is a magnet but doesnt know what to do ith it
ballbag: ok freo- 60 mins left in the season
tabs: how good are the hands of Walters and Hill?
Sloaneyyyy: Fyfe playing on one leg, and still has the most CP’s… deserves the Brownlow for sure
Heizenberg: Wonder if this could get ugly now….
daverudder: seems like a good idea to just let Mitchell run free!!! What are they doing?
J.Worrall: its an arm wrestle
J.Worrall: How the hell did BigMac get over Sandi just then?
J.Worrall: Sandi’s going for the Smoothhead look now
J.Worrall: kickin’ in danger
Heizenberg: Lol smoothhead
3rdstriker: unleash the griffen
J.Worrall: Doctors making a game of it late in the third!
3rdstriker: as if that umpire hadnt done enough for hawthorn already he “accidentally” trips sandilands
meka100: Suckling best kick in the AFL
Heizenberg: Lol doctors
3rdstriker: hodge ko
Heizenberg: Game on again
J.Worrall: hodgekiss in koosbane
Heizenberg: That was 15 imo
meka100: Hodge is fine, just a bit stiff
J.Worrall: the hustler missed
3rdstriker: hodge about to come back on
J.Worrall: umps still ornery
3rdstriker: hawks getting a charmed run with the umpires is an understatement
J.Worrall: well that was deliberate
monkebuket: he sure did ruin the moment
Heizenberg: @3rd ikr
3rdstriker: you cannot give sheridan enough muppets for that
J.Worrall: Sizzler!
meka100: Sheridan muppet
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Sheridan drops cold a kick across halfback to CHB, Rioli is there to mop up and goal! Oh dear!
J.Worrall: Nice pass to Hodgey there
J.Worrall: easily 15 then, too!
J.Worrall: Sizzler again, game over
meka100: Rioli star
AngryRyno: why kick it there ffs
ballbag: so….ahhh….hows that gameplan going ross?
J.Worrall: Ross’s game plan only works if they kick at least 13 goals …
AngryRyno: rioli what a seagull, done nothing all game
J.Worrall: That’s not that often …
J.Worrall: freo get the ol’ heave ho!
H A MM E R: Freo have lost the ‘old heave how’
J.Worrall: old heave who?
Dangeroo: 3 votes to Mitchell, 2 Umps, 1 Hodge
3rdstriker: Mitchell hasnt had an opponent, much less a tag
J.Worrall: Sad about the Grumpires – they need to play Magoos for a few weeks to get some form back …
H A MM E R: @warrall…damn auto correct and I’m pissed! Plus I always thought they were talking about the ‘old hoe’ ;P
H A MM E R: Damn my words keep changing lol
J.Worrall: hahaha h a mm e r!
3rdstriker: breust pumpkin?

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