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Chat log from SF of 2015: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, SF of 2015

Beast_Mode: where’s buddy?
m0nty: putting his feet up
FlagDog: Rehab…
FlagDog: JPK has some issues…
Beast_Mode: JPK knee issue, bandaid
Dangermaus: can anyone kick straight in this game ???
3rdstriker: Boom Boom can
Dangermaus: Sydney are struggling with their depleted midfield…
ballbag: gees, more changes than the Aust govt in the last 5 yrs
RooBoyStu: Where are the North haters and Richmond muppets? Go Roos!
m0nty: geez Stu, late entry! Weren’t all that confident?
3rdstriker: thinking the same thing monty
Beast_Mode: congrats on beating half a sydney team
RooBoyStu: moving house m0nty, bit hard being on road for first 3 qtrs
RooBoyStu: settlement sept 22nd tues
feralmong: 5-8 just make up the numbers in finals. Unfortunately.
LuvIt74: The Roo’s play WCE in Melbourne or Perth?
RooBoyStu: would be there if not moving ffs
LuvIt74: they play in perth right?
feralmong: Perth
RooBoyStu: @feralmong only Richmond
3rdstriker: 4-8 feralmong I think
feralmong: No 5-8 look at the stats roo muppet
RooBoyStu: mark my words i’m going next week, a mate lives in WA, we North will win, otherwise i wont comment for a year
feralmong: Ouch petrie
feralmong: Rohan and Petrie courage
3rdstriker: rohan tombstone
RooBoyStu: stats are to be broken, unless you are Richmond
ballbag: @rooboy wont comment for a year??? what are ya gonna call yourself? RooBoyPete? LOL
RooBoyStu: RooBoyPete no relation
feralmong: Roos are irrelevant in the afl.
ballbag: Norf are crap- no imports like NDS, Waite, Higgins- no quality. the club is crap to be honest
RooBoyStu: so are tgers
RooBoyStu: where are richmond? drinking beers
feralmong: Roo the parrot
RooBoyStu: North won 2 flags since 1981 and tigers 0
feralmong: Tigs not good enough yet. But I can admit it. Ur too stupid.
RooBoyStu: North 1 win away from a GF where are Carl & Rich?
3rdstriker: straight sets swans
spudaroos: lmao, Richmond and Blues fan bagging out North? Their team atleast has some ticker.
feralmong: their ticker is going to need a transplant next week
Jackwatt$: 2 years in a row the Roos have sent a top4 team out in straight!
RooBoyStu: had $50 on Roos at $41 for flag prior to Richmond game
ballbag: hehehe norf beating WCE? hehehe
ballbag: how is zeibell magnet with 7th most possies?
monkebuket: higgins and waite are winning
the worm: hope the roos win one more flag before they fold or merge, itd be nice for them
scaryness: How did Goldstein get the star?
gers: wce by 70+
LuvIt74: @Roo its a good bet @ those odds although cannot see u getting close to the Eagles, but hope im wrong
feralmong: Nah afl will cash em up worm.
RooBoyStu: we will smash WC
Dangermaus: good call on Jacobs, m0nty
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t say WCE 70+ but 40+ for sure.
LuvIt74: @Roo If i knew u mate i would have a bet with u
feralmong: Roos about best they can do with this list.
3rdstriker: could almost give lindsay thomas an x factor too
feralmong: Wce, freo and hawks are daylight ahead of them.
RooBoyStu: Roo bloody beauty, see you next week luvit74
poolboybob: Roos are the only team the Eagles haven’t beaten this season. That will change next weekend.
frenzy: Hearts2hearts
frenzy: Look out wet toast coming to get ya Lol
feralmong: I like trash talking rooboy. He is so gullible. Lol.

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