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Chat log from SF of 2015: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, SF of 2015

Dangermaus: getting in early… go crows… stop Burgoyne and Smith and you stop the hawks
frenzy: lift hodge ya muppet,Lol
wadaramus: Whats the go m0nty?
circle52: BS Call of deliberate Although I want Crows to win
wadaramus: Well this sucks.
TasDevil: Let’s go Hawkers!
casey22: Game definately over
meziare: Who else playing match day?
circle52: Gee what is the difference with deliberate out of bounds tonight and rest of season umps.
carlton_99: im playin matchday
Dangermaus: finally CD sorts their $hit out
frenzy: hawks need a ruckman
frenzy: working splendedly tonite m0nty, not
Raspel31: Over this. Hate the Hawks. Rugby World Cup tomorrow morning. See you next year lads.
Raspel31: World Cup Rugby begins tomorrow-god bless and good night.
Raspel31: Obviously no rugby comments allowed-there is only one code. Pathetic.
Dangermaus: whats with the updates, for flaps sake
TasDevil: Wonder what the crows have planned for mad Monday
Raspel31: Apologies-all comments allowed. Sorry.orry.
LuvIt74: Glad to see the Hawks kick the Crows butts
LuvIt74: Clearly chat is up the creek without a paddle
ballbag: what? is the site workin like a busted arsehole?
ballbag: dream-stats for live scores atm
casey22: Way behind on the stats, Danger is on 95 ffs
3rdstriker: danger has checked out
cobrakai00: Breust got the ski’s on tonight
3rdstriker: not the cross country skis either, definitely the downhill ones
oc16: breust any chance of getting the target monty?
frenzy: we on auto pilot

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