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Chat log from PF of 2015: West Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs North Melbourne, PF of 2015

meka100: Rosa and Thomas subs
frenzy: Lift Goldy lift
frenzy: Thomas and Rosa the subs
J.Worrall: Bloody Rosa, bugger
Beast_Mode: west coast by 80.
monkebuket: west coast by 08
J.Worrall: Gogo Godly!
Jair: Hello WC! the games started
3rdstriker: great goal eagles
J.Worrall: Give Waite an Oscar for that one
3rdstriker: make it a razzie
J.Worrall: Carn Iggles
J.Worrall: Joel Goels
J.Worrall: crikey, what a wrangle
Jair: So many smegy free kicks to WC
rooboypete: At least three shockingly soft frees to WC
Jair: There’s something horribly uninspiring about footy this year
3rdstriker: great mark kennedy
Beast_Mode: flood gates about to bust open!
mace485: kennedy should have gone for a scissor kick there
mace485: when did footy become so soft?
rooboypete: Bloody umpires being influenced by the crowd
rooboypete: Soft soft soft
Beast_Mode: great decision umps, keep it going
meka100: Noft being bent over and fucked by the umps
rooboypete: Too true meka
3rdstriker: that makes up for the kennedy being slung in the square no free kick
mace485: BT is such a flog
3rdstriker: kicking for goal has been shocking from both teams
3rdstriker: dal santo in trouble
Beast_Mode: game over muppets
meka100: Waite couldn’t catch a cold at the north pole with his pants around his ankles
Beast_Mode: tarrant is having a mare
3rdstriker: Where’s rooboystu’s fat lady?
Beast_Mode: he’s gone to get the kleenex.
rooboypete: Umpires have cost North at three crucial moments
Beast_Mode: lol, north vanished after quarter time. That’s what cost them.
feralmong: Some shit decisions roo. But Roos clangers 52 to 32 last I checked. There’s your lost game.
DMS774: Tiger fans are soooo happy tonight! 😉
rooboypete: True that WC were overall deserving winners but umpires
Beast_Mode: does anyone give WCE a chance next week at all?
rooboypete: Umpires shouldn’t influence the game
feralmong: No beast sadly a three peat
3rdstriker: you mean, does anyone give the team that beat the hawks by 5 goals two weeks ago a chance next week?
happylab: hawthorn will line up as favourites, especially it being at the G
feralmong: In the end the finals are a best team on the day thing
feralmong: I just want richo to stop hoarding cash and get some good players in.
feralmong: We can afford danger and treloar. Not that they’d come .
Beast_Mode: bennell
rooboypete: The Weagles won’t win next week if they kick this badly for goal
3rdstriker: rooboystu last week:
3rdstriker: “mark my words i’m going next week, a mate lives in WA, we North will win, otherwise i wont comment for a year”
Grazz: Congrats Eagles
feralmong: Bennell so good, but also so bad.
Beast_Mode: no more roo boy muppet for 12 months! life is good
J.Worrall: Life is good indeed, Beasty Boi!

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