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Chat log from GF of 2015: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, GF of 2015

RooBoyStu: Norm Smith 5 bets Sam Mitchell odds $6 Luke Hodge $9 Matt Priddis $8 Liam Shiels $51 Dom Sheed $101. Hawks by 1-19.
ballbag: get ya hand off it m0nty. the game hasnt even started yet. goodluck. Go Eagles!!!
m0nty: nervous as shower
RooBoyStu: rumour this week was m0nty’s local chemist sold out of imodium
Xephyrise: just give cyril the norm already
Beast_Mode: WCE very nervous, need to get over it or this is over at half time
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady warming up, this looks like 2007 all over again when Geewlong thrashed Port. Will be a flogging.
RooBoyStu: *Geelong
Xephyrise: yeah could go that way, now itll be up to simmo to lift the veil from the eagles eyes
Drak: I called this a month ago… I don’t know why everyone was getting on a team that hasn’t played a lot of finals footy.
heppelitis: happy grand final day brothers
heppelitis: amazing hodge
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Xephyrise: yeah its all gone, gee the hawks know how to kill a contest quick
Beast_Mode: even the bombers would be more competitive
heppelitis: geez….eagles should have kicked a few more in that quarter
happytimes: Fuck work
LuvIt74: Who’s Norm Smith so far?
Xephyrise: Cyril, Hodgey and Isaac in the mix
happytimes: I’m hoping Cyril
Xephyrise: Majak looking supreme in the sprint, maybe a change of career for him?
RooBoyStu: what a great day for North, Petrie wins longest kick and Majak wins the sprint like Black Caviar
Beast_Mode: the only thing north will ever win
Xephyrise: Ike smith might just be in front of Cyril for Norm Smith
RooBoyStu: only thing? there’s more than one there isn’t there? lol
heppelitis: west coast web couldnt catch a blow fly today
RooBoyStu: WC pathetic, much easier to lose Prelims than GFs
Xephyrise: cmon rooboy, u r supposed to no-sell nonsense like that
Xephyrise: enjoy the celebrations, monty ^_^
RooBoyStu: North won more on GF Day than WC. Congrats m0nty, use the ff coins to bail yourself out if you get locked up.
kangawalla: Hello all. Just logged in & I’m reasonably well inebriated. Really enjoyed the chat over the season.
Beast_Mode: Lol muppet
heppelitis: cheers kanga
kangawalla: Really enjoyed the contributions from Rooboy Stu, Heppelitis, et al & the anti umpire comments from Carlton99.
RooBoyStu: Bring on 2016 The Year of the Roo!
heppelitis: haha…carlton_99…funny stuff
kangawalla: Best wishes to Monty & all.
Grazz: Congrats Hawthorn and their supporters. Have a great night m0nty.
RooBoyStu: where’s the FF Mad Monday at?
Beast_Mode: Lol kangawalla those 3 are complete flogs! Nice sarcasm
xjumpman23: mitchell chance for norm smith?
RooBoyStu: Hodge norm smith easy
Beast_Mode: Surely the hawks will drop off a little next season
heppelitis: 140 marks plus…what a joke giving them so much space
heppelitis: well done hawks..cheers all..thx m0nty
Beast_Mode: rooboy is a flog

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