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Chat log from W1 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, W1 of 2016

frenzy: no more sleeps, thank flower
nicw98: whats mb?
happylab: dunno
m0nty: Moneyball
Grazz: Hello all
PureSwag: What’s Moneyball
luked98: A new year boys
frenzy: Lol delayed on radio
nicw98: lid luked98
nicw98: maybe you can make finals this year? luked98
luked98: How do you think essendon will go this year nicw98?
nicw98: yeah look ill be disappointed if we dont make finals, but i reckon the boys can do it
frenzy: people gunna be a rash on Dan Howe
luked98: Dan Howe, Ex Xav, certain gun
PureSwag: Whats Moneyball?
circle52: Moneyball is another fantasy competition. Entirely different to others though
Jackwatt$: What an upset? OMG..Did anyone tip this?
luked98: woah its jack watts
m0nty: there goes the fourpeat
frenzy: bust out the penguins m0nt
PureSwag: How did Grant Birchall go from 15 to 0
circle52: Surely you are not giving up on the first NAB game m0nty
m0nty: there appears to be some errors with the stats, undeserved donuts
circle52: reckon so M0nty after the last commentary with Birchall still on 0 stats.
circle52: Sowing 0 on AF site as well
AngryRyno: Daisy just got a whopping -29
Jackwatt$: The 2 seagulls just lost points Daisy and Birchall. Do you get minus this year for uncontested possessions?
m0nty: looks like the stats guys forgot to flip the switch for teams of 26 instead of 22
dwoodf: Yea looks like it’s screwed up everywhere
dwoodf: I was wondering why Wright was on 0
circle52: Kerridge virtually locking himslegf in as one of the mid or forward rookies.
dwoodf: Had Howe tonight, 1.7% owned & 90pts
dwoodf: But just missed the right combos

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