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Chat log from W1 of 2016: Fremantle vs Richmond

Chat log for Fremantle vs Richmond, W1 of 2016

nbartos: whats wrong with Dusty and Lego Hair?
m0nty: nothing, teams all seem to rest stars for away games in NAB 1-2-3
nbartos: rest monty?? thats what the past 5 months were for LOL
m0nty: plenty of hard yakka in preseason
KrispyKrem: is lego hair Cotchin? hahaha
nbartos: yep KK
KrispyKrem: classic
nbartos: barlow could be good value for a FWD in SC if he plays more mid
jfitty: What’s MB mean m0nty?
happylab: Moneyball, a different fantasty game
jfitty: Ahh yep! Thanks
frenzy: been a long 5 months for the tigers
nbartos: any Fyfe or Mundy?
colin wood: G’Day guys, can’t believe footy is back already!
frenzy: wher’s Broad playing, please tell me in the forward line
m0nty: nup, just got monstered by Pav in defence
nbartos: 7 straight ??
snake_p: not any more neville
LaHug: decided against watching this game and boy am i happy after checking scores
nbartos: stiff wind and dockers been lucky La
frenzy: marcon needs elevating yeah?
nbartos: Kamdyn 6 Kermits in front of basically his home crowd LOL
willywalks: anyone considering any tigers players this year outside of dusty?
circle52: A few rookies of interest though Marcon, Manadue, Markov and Broad
Coutzy: @willywalks Bachar
colin wood: Broad and that’s it willy
willywalks: with some many good options under 250k in the mid, broad will have to get on r1, but this looks like a fair start
circle52: Broad is a defender which suits me as I am going cheap in defence
willywalks: if he is a defender, then thats another story all together, just assumed he was a mid
LuvIt74: evening all
LuvIt74: Can anyone get the SC scores?
LuvIt74: I have a subscription with SC HQ but cant seem to view the live SC scores
wadaramus: Barlow pushing his case for inclusion in starting teams.
circle52: Tucker also being added to my watch list
circle52: Do not think they do NAB Cup live – Final scores were up half an hour after the game last night
LuvIt74: Thanks circles52
colin wood: Fyfe a lazy 17 touches in not even a half lol
LuvIt74: @wadaramus didn’t you have barlow in your forward line yet?
wadaramus: Locked at F3 LuvIt, but positive NAB performances inflate popularity!

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