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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R23 of 2015

Raspel31: Hallo ?
Elephant: Raspel is thinking: Is there anybody out there?
Raspel31: It crossed my mind Heffalump.
Tony9668: Mckernan been good last few games, just not a No 1 ruck
DTmuppet: marsh + 117 vs zaha and godd, who wins?
tamoz: Come on Zaha really need you to dominate
OnTheRocks: i think Pendles is spent from last week’s effort
23rookie23: anyone got Pendles SC???
dipper33: Pendels 26
23rookie23: cheers buddy
tamoz: Please sub Grundy!
ballbag: scott pendlebury holding a pie made of plum, put in his finger and pulled out a ton
23rookie23: Pendles and Hepp SC please?
thommoae: I think ballbag is more spent than Pendles.
tamoz: Zaha please get involved
snake_p: you got your wish tamoz
wadaramus: Dependlebury a lowly 51sc.
wadaramus: Heppell leading the way on 90sc.
23rookie23: awesome Wad as I have Hepp v Pendles and a 4 point lead for $1K overall rank for the year with a mate!
wadaramus: Looks like you’re in the money man!
tamoz: Yes grundy, 24 more from Zaha and I win the gf. Go Zaha!
Heizenberg: Hi all
Heizenberg: Could be a close game right till the end
wadaramus: Evening Heizen, slow going on FF today!
Heizenberg: Hi wad and ahh okay
Heizenberg: Father’s Day, I guess, I been with family most of the day, we had a BBQ
Heizenberg: You be looking forward to brows in finals hey???
Heizenberg: Crows*
eski_liddr: lost interest with essendon mid year but its nice to see a close game to close out the year
Heizenberg: Yeah Eski
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
wadaramus: Yep, hopefully we don’t get flogged like earlier in the year!
Heizenberg: Gonna watch I’ll be on and off
Heizenberg: Hi dd and yeh wad
Rockafella: Hey Dawn
eski_liddr: its funny, if essendon win id be happy but if essendon loose pies will drop a place in the draft
DirtyDawn: Howdy Rocka. Congrats on your two GF wins mate.
devize: doesn’t matter, gws will end up with the same 2 picks when pies get treloar
wadaramus: The gap s closing rookie23.
eski_liddr: that irish lad n hooker in the forward line would be the only positives for the dons..oh n maybe hurley
Rockafella: yeah cheers. got some big scores off players they didnt have this weekend so it helped
Heizenberg: Gonna be a great tRade period boys
eski_liddr: there will be alota senior players walking out the door at essendon and carlton
Heizenberg: Hope my club is active in it
23rookie23: For the LOVE OF GOD please touch the ball heppel!!!!
DirtyDawn: Im thinking Redden for us will be a good thing if it happens.
tamoz: Please Zaharakis my season depends on you!
eski_liddr: hep is under lock and key
wadaramus: Heppell+2!
eski_liddr: my god the fans that sit front row for the pies are feral. Do they know their behavior is caught on TV
torres: daniher is easily the worst big forward in the comp
Heizenberg: I get funny feeling will be a draw
eski_liddr: @torres – big call would say his one of the worst
happytimes: It’s been a hard round to watch. All the games have been pointless
Rockafella: Yeah I reckon Redden would be great if scoooter goes, they might have to give up someone though
eski_liddr: would be soul crushing for essendon to loose but it looks likely pies will win
ballbag: hahaha buckley subbing out his ruckmen. genius!
happytimes: I blame North melbourne
eski_liddr: i blame tony abbott

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