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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R23 of 2015

iZander: is oscar mcdonald playing in the forward line?
Grazz: All thats missing is Ronald McDonald
Bazza2014: Viney and Tmac, to put the icing on my Grandfinal win
heppelitis: toby greene putting the icing on my grand final loss…well done bazza
Bazza2014: thnks. might have been closer is he had munday and goldy and swan covered, but its 1932 – 1252 at the moment
Beast_Mode: congrats muppet, no one cares.
Bazza2014: he has toby greene & rocky 149 to add but i have viney and Tmac, so in the bag. i should score 2050 min
Bazza2014: More shit from the beast mode, winners are grinners nufty, and the ca$h is mine
Bazza2014: most negative bunch of c@ck munchers i have ever had the displeasure of being amongst. #hatershate
JRedden: never again shaw
Dangermaus: this whole round is pointless, they should have just called it off, give everyone a week off and be done with it
devize: not completely pointless, brisbane gave up their #1 pick
m0nty: yes but the top two picks were already decided
devize: well carlton may get picks 1 and 2 if a club offers kreuzer enough
frenzy: Lol @ Jredden, waited all season for this game from him
m0nty: a lot of talk from Blue fans saying they will get 1 and 2… I can’t see it myself
Dangermaus: Hogan and Stringer are walk-ins to my fwd line next year
frenzy: blues must be bad to finish lower than brissy
Ben_Gogos: The AFL have been known to give advantages from time to time though. I suspect 2 is on the cards.
Elephant: I picked up Shaw for Hodge and now Shaw decides to have two rubbish games.
iZander: I did the same thing @ elephant
frenzy: Kruzer end of first round comp pick, at best
wadaramus: Shaw has had a great year, a bit tough on the never again call.
snake_p: agree wada. He was already on my never again list after the Didak car accident
kangawalla: I’m at Etihad enjoying a low standard but competitive Dee’s performance!
Raspel31: Wow, Shaw indeed low. Just on. If Pendles goes 130 plus I can still win-pleez.
Hadouken: come on GWS, costing me my multi
Dangermaus: ward hasn’t tonned up since Rd 16… maybe today’s the day
kangawalla: Muppet McCarthy!
Raspel31: Apart from 2 early games, McCarthy a waste of oxygen
m0nty: 35 goals for the year, decent effort from 2nd/3rd forward
OnTheRocks: where was this last week TMac?!
PieBoy: onya jonesy

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