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Chat log from EF of 2015: West Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for West Coast vs Hawthorn, EF of 2015

419er: what happened to Matt Priddis
rickyb80: diagnosed with a severe case of flogitis
m0nty: Calf injury for Priddis
J.Worrall: Priddi Boi – dead already? Onose!
Beast_Mode: Saving Priddis for the prelim.
J.Worrall: Not a good sign for the Gleegles!
frenzy: lift hodge ya muppet
J.Worrall: Hodge to get 2 more weeks!
Beast_Mode: give hodge the beer icon
J.Worrall: He’s just got it in him!
419er: roughy great mark
jaxx: suckers muppet
J.Worrall: GoWiggles
frenzy: sucklings supposedly the best kick in the comp
3rdstriker: McGovern looks in trouble
J.Worrall: Yeo blow sit
3rdstriker: you can go ahead and give ellis the tv
Beast_Mode: nothing in it, looks worse live.
FlagDog: WCE fans being racist against Hodge…
FlagDog: or was it Mitchell?
419er: Hodge and Goods can’t handle their booze
frenzy: Lol
J.Worrall: WC fans are equal opportunity – racist to everyone!
Disco DB: Are WC fans full time mongo’s?
419er: no more than the pies supporters
Beast_Mode: every team has mongo fans, even the hawks
Disco DB: nah, they are proppa utter gargoyles.
scaryness: Mare for Roughead
H A MM E R: That was the first kicking in danger free that I’ve seen since the mid 90’s haha! They never call it anymore.
RooBoyStu: why can’t Ling tag his tongue like he tagged players whilst playing, absolute muppet
RooBoyStu: @H A MM E R they have called a few tonight
weca: they usually call it when it wet. so basically if your hands on it and you go along the ground bam
H A MM E R: @rooboy That’s what I mean, first time since the mid 90’s since I can recall
Beast_Mode: nah i’ve seen at least 5 in the last 3-4 years
H A MM E R: Hawks look like they can’t et off the ground…Eagles de-winging them
Raspel31: Don’t call us darling Monty. Interesting game.
Raspel31: Wow,wish Kennedy had played like this last week.
H A MM E R: Crawly sucks haha
H A MM E R: No one can kick tonight! Haha! Multiple boots straight into the air 😂
H A MM E R: If only the Coast could kick straight, you’d think the Hawks wld be down and almost out
FlagDog: Worst final Bourgoyne has ever played…
travo: Who does the loser play next week
419er: Thats the advantage of being in the top 4
RooBoyStu: winner of Dogs v Crows @travo
RooBoyStu: Hawks useless, need Hawks to win for a Melb Prelim should Roos get that far. Pathetic Hawks.
3rdstriker: shocking 50m penalty
Beast_Mode: Good win Coasters, but this game will be the only upset this week
McRooster: Lake in the fwd line line is like having Caitlyn Jenner in a male prison, so out of plac!
McRooster: *place
3rdstriker: Rioli muppet
3rdstriker: hale subbed
FlagDog: FFS had hale as my ruck in the SC finals comp. F$%K
wadaramus: Frenchy finally!
3rdstriker: Hill turns a muppet into a great assist
wadaramus: Go West Coast.
H A MM E R: Frawley Sucks
RooBoyStu: no negative icons for Hawks and they are down by 6 goals
RooBoyStu: Burgoyne done nothing, useless
Buzz67: Frawley awful. Suckling terrible. Hill lazy. Worst Hawks skills in 8 years
RooBoyStu: in Finals there should be no bias shower like all year to hawks
Beast_Mode: end of an era, the dynasty is over.
poolboybob: Burgoyne icicle
Dommy02: nic nat x factor
H A MM E R: Can’t see Hawks coming back in the 4th…the wind is really picking up and will be against them
3rdstriker: theres a few crabs, spuds, cacti and witches hats to be handed out here
H A MM E R: if it bleeds, we can kill it
RooBoyStu: Hawks soon like the Cats, will be rebuilding
sammyo7: M0nty to bias to put negative icons on hawks
McRooster: Give Hodgey a beer at 3/4 time and he might think he can drive it home for the Hawks
sammyo7: My bad
frenzy: hand out the star, cherries and magnet now like usual
419er: 50 what the
RooBoyStu: Black Caviar odds Hodge gets star
frenzy: haha my muppet they are!
monkebuket: has there ever been any talk of adding points for smothers?
Beast_Mode: lewis, hodge, lake the burger
oc16: agreed frenzy, there really should be at least 1 point for smothers
RooBoyStu: frenzy didn’t say that, hawks fans rattled
oc16: shower off RooBoyStu
RooBoyStu: Hawks will be out straight sets
monkebuket: cant kick straight, cant read straight
3rdstriker: No Priddis, no worries
oc16: and roos wont even get a chance to be out in straight sets
RooBoyStu: 3rdstriker so true
weca: scary thing is that west coast get better next year. emac will be back
RooBoyStu: @oc16 same like last year, but we still made Prelim
Beast_Mode: roos will get flogged by the tigers
oc16: not when u lose this week. lucky u have goldstein – otherwise u wouldnt have even made the finals
RooBoyStu: cry into your pillow hawks lol
LuvIt74: WCE will win the flag this year.

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