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Chat log from EF of 2015: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, EF of 2015

boo!: boooooooo
boo!: boooooooo
wadaramus: Booooo
wadaramus: I’m booing you boo.
AngryRyno: hmmm, not the best time to crash
AngryRyno: nice work with the tweets m0nty
frenzy: Towers goes ok
SydneyRox: would be nice if we kicked straight
andyman26: Gorilla sign for Goodes. Bugg gets a bugg, Goodes deserves a cool symbol?
AngryRyno: heeney really struggling
Wends: Eagles fan. Who’d’ve thunk it. Stay classy.
Wends: JPK going off this qu.
SydneyRox: Hope these idiots are getting banned Monty?
spiggs: terrible call andyman.
shavedape: Not representative of the Eagles
shavedape: BTW I have used this handle for 25 years
Wends: Onya spiggs. I know shaved, just very over those mindless sheep comments.
Wends: Excellent win by your boys last nite BTW – awesome win.
shavedape: The Dockers are playing like they started the year
shavedape: To say the Swans needed that is an understatement
spiggs: for all the dominance, its 2 goals. and the swans have missed some sitters
Wends: Hope swannies can stay in touch. Anyone playing DT/SC finals?
shavedape: I think the Swans needed to get 4 in front at QTR time to get at dockers
NewFreoFan: Walters being massive this game
shavedape: Walters and Balla big INs
NewFreoFan: Nice dive by Jetta
Wends: Square up for Heeney earlier I think NFF 😉
shavedape: I hate the boooooing
circle52: Playing Finals Wends but DT stuffed already with Taberner a late out and Jones sub
AngryRyno: also doing SC and RDT finals
shavedape: Embarrassed as a West Aussie at the game
man0005: …so booing Hodge is alright, but booing Goodes is taboo
Wends: Ah no Circle… I had jones in SC but just managed to trade out when subs announced. Who’re yr C/VC?
shavedape: I was here last night as well, just isn’t a good look I prefer cheering
NewFreoFan: apparently man0005
circle52: Hanners C and Neale V in SC Hanners C and Sloane VC in DT
Torpedo10: Hodge consumed alcohol and drived, what did Goodes do?
circle52: DT no rolling lockout with no emergencies sucks
gdshifty: Goodes has been a sniping protected princess who demonised a 13yo girl
NewFreoFan: Goodes wanted a reaction, sooked when he got it, turned the game into a political nightmare. Don’t want politics in the
stew42: Oh, so he stood up against racism? How dare he stand up for himself? Better seen, not heard, eh?
spiggs: are there more oblivious comments than these two?
Wends: NFF, why don’t u have a yarn to Son Son, get his opinion & come back to us.
stew42: And Goodes hasn’t said anything lately. It’s the media and tosspots like you who drag this on. Anyway, lets chat footy
poolboybob: Stop turning this chat into a political nightmare
circle52: Wends Thought Towers had more chance of being sub than Jones how wrong, and Towers killing it as well
NewFreoFan: Here we go again. Keyboard warriors unite blah blah. Later all.
shavedape: And time to leave!
stew42: Two West Aussies too, I note 😛
m0nty: that topic has been done to death, there’s finals footy to be discussed
Wends: GD – revisionist view. Go back & check what happened – he didn’t know she was 13 til after. That’s why he was so upset
SydneyRox: not going to win anything licking 1.6 and 1.5 if we could convert would be in front
Wends: I got Towers circle – v happy early on!
SydneyRox: well said Monty
SydneyRox: towers playing the game of his life!
Wends: But also have B Jack 😐
SydneyRox: whats the icon on Mcveigh??
stew42: That’s brave Wendy! Would love to see Heeney/McGlynn/Cunningham pop up forward and have an impact
Jair: If people are still booing then it’s not over Monty, sorry the issue doesnt go away just because we don’t want to talk.
facebook23: hu
stew42: Quarterback I think SR
facebook23: agree jair.
circle52: To complete the SC lineup wends I have Rampe, Mitchell, Heeny and Cunningham
Wends: McGlynn v rusty. Hopefully we can hang in til end of Q3 atleast…
facebook23: ‘classic’ QB role. a role ‘invented’ in 2012 yeah ‘classic’
Wends: *@stew
circle52: Hope Swans do not rue that shoclking kicking.
stew42: Ony real change we need to make is kicking straighter. Pyke in the ruck and Tippo up fwd for the rest of the match too
desmondo: Thanks for your input Nick Suban…I think I`ve had more touches than you, you bloody spud
stew42: Have McGlynn, Rohan, Heeney, Jetta, Cunners, BJack rotating up fwd. Flood them with smalls.
SydneyRox: @circle they will be right now!! missed some easy shots
Wends: Fyfe 1/2 time Auskick ump?
SydneyRox: you are right stew, pyke holding his own as much as he can
stew42: If I’m not mistaken, Spurr is the closest thing they have to a small defender and hes 183, yeah?
Wends: Ah Desmondo – bringing back bad memories of Suban in rookie year – argh!
Wends: Changing to Titch from JPK as SC Capt not looking so good.
Wends: Cmon Joey!!
AngryRyno: cunningham has fired up
SydneyRox: Mcveigh with a BEauty!!
spiggs: free looking suss as hell, given them absolutely no price this season
Gigantor: Stop turning it over Mitch, you are killing me!
Wends: Can’t watch – think there’s some gardening that urgently needs attn outside…
poolboybob: Suban potato
SydneyRox: the way we are butchering the ball we are lucky to be so close
spiggs: finals always find out a few players. nick suban, found out
stew42: Kennedy. What a legend. Smokey for Blow, surely
SydneyRox: has been awesome stew
scaryness: JPK needs that superman cape
SydneyRox: the stats on that 3rd qtr for JPK are ridic
AngryRyno: as good as hanners has been, i wish i chose JPK
RooBoyStu: Just got home, will Freo choke?
SydneyRox: hanners has been good too, but JPK in another dimension
SydneyRox: rohan and jetta need to lift
RooBoyStu: what a muppet Bazil is, he says closer and closer to no Prelim footy in Melb, already is none regardless who wins
meka100: Tippett muppet
vartic: Where’s Nick Davis when you need him?
SydneyRox: you are an idiot meka, tippett has played himself off his feet
Beast_Mode: is s.reid injury bad? play next week?
AngryRyno: won’t play next week @Beast
SydneyRox: yeah reid done for season
Beast_Mode: thanks, makes it easier for richmond next week vs the swans.
AngryRyno: hanners has stopped, need cunningham to overtake heeney, a handball will do
SydneyRox: buddy y back next week to hurt tigers again
Beast_Mode: haha he’ll get destroyed by rance as usually. Doubt buddy will play again this season
SydneyRox: yeah, i know, a man can dream? 😛
Wends: Nick Davis will be earning his coin this coming week – 18 behinds/rushed pts!
SydneyRox: Swans should have won that, 7 goals 18 is awful
bjh002: Freo showed they can’t win it. Just beat a depleted team who kicked so poorly
RooBoyStu: @Beast_Mode you’ll lose tomorrow mate, how long since Tigers won a Final? John Howard was PM

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