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Chat log from EF of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, EF of 2015

RooBoyStu: Go Doggies Woof Woof Woof!
frenzy: sons of the west
LuvIt74: Carn Puppies
H A MM E R: Koww, Koww…Woof, woof. Who will have the last bark… or crow?
H A MM E R: Dog’s off to a flyer!
RooBoyStu: any truth to the rumour Danger attended an Auction today in Melbourne?
LuvIt74: Hope stringer is ok
frenzy: Torquay?
Beast_Mode: package tombstone
RooBoyStu: umps whistle happy, let the game flow muppets
LuvIt74: Carn puppies
H A MM E R: Cranberri JUICE! Dobs it!
LuvIt74: Llittle bettsy has a turn of foot like Black Caviar
RooBoyStu: lol Betts not even in Black Caviars poo class
H A MM E R: Betts is trying to put a leash on them Dogies
H A MM E R: Minson over Jacobs so far…the former playing for his carrer
LuvIt74: Carnt believe Bevo doesn’t man up betts
LuvIt74: Picken should be on Betts
Jackwatt$: Anyone heard the Danger to Geelong, Goldstein to Adelaide and Geelongs 2nd Round pick to Roos rumour?
RooBoyStu: Wood Icon? who’s on him?
frenzy: lift smith ya muppet
3rdstriker: Nice trolling Jackwatt$
RooBoyStu: lol Jackwatt$ Adelaide already have a ruckman in Jacobs.
FlagDog: Why would Adelaide get Goldy when they have Jacobs?
frenzy: and jackatts for premier?
Jackwatt$: Hey I only said it was a rumour, I never said it was true!
Beast_Mode: lets go crows! keep my multi alive!
RooBoyStu: tissues for Carlton supporters? Betts goes Bang Bang Bang!
spiggs: This is so much better than that crap at Patterson stadium today
FlagDog: Games like this are why early finals are way better than the last game of the year…
bjh002: Goldstein is so off limits that is laughable
bjh002: Who is Rioli? Edward Betts!!!
RooBoyStu: even if we traded him, he’s worth more than a 2nd round, would be and a player as well.
RooBoyStu: odds on Betts ying yang
3rdstriker: atkins subbed
LuvIt74: no chat in here
SubOptimal: why the hate for the freo swans game? i missed it
The39Steps: Swans ose bad kicking. Dogs bad kicking. When will teams a/hole o.h.s and practice kicking goals?
LuvIt74: soft free kick
The39Steps: *lose
wadaramus: Way to go umpires, tough contest and you pay soft frees.
weca: biggest mistake of swans, going for franklin rather than betts
LuvIt74: Betts has been Crows best player by far
RooBoyStu: Is that Richard Branson or Akermarnis?
Beast_Mode: good effort not funny, deserve the muppet
masterhc2: haha @rooboy 100% thought it was aka when first saw it
RooBoyStu: Picken taken so many good one on one marks tonight
3rdstriker: is there an off target icon you can give crameri?
RooBoyStu: Does anybody hit the post more than Crameri?
LuvIt74: Stringer should be on $5 Mil compared to Boyd who’s on $1 Mil
LuvIt74: Dogs should be 5 goals up if they kicked straight
LuvIt74: What a game
LuvIt74: one of the best games this year
LuvIt74: Paid that as a mark?
RooBoyStu: you gotta feel for the loser in this one
LuvIt74: totally agree
3rdstriker: bye bye dogs
LuvIt74: next year for the puppies
Buzz67: Hunter’s missed handball = coach killer
Beast_Mode: doggies top4 next year
RooBoyStu: bring on the Toothless Tigers tomorrow

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