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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R23 of 2015

frenzy: staker out hammy poor bugger
tamoz: Power off Roughead!
tamoz: Lift Hanley!
Wends: Cmon Bev, Daniel needs game time!!
J.Worrall: Dogs way to good here
snake_p: might have spoken too early JWorrall. Dogs gone home?
preki1: how many goals in a row for lions?
snake_p: 5 I think Preki
J.Worrall: Strew th, that’s a fair comeback!
kangawalla: Cmon Lions!! Give the spoon back to the Blues!
LuvIt74: hi all
LuvIt74: Dogs need to relax now and take it easy, they still play at home.
frenzy: where is dipshower
frenzy: carlton spooners Lol
kangawalla: Dogs with nothing to lose now & lots to gain by gifting the spoon to their most hated opponent. “Tragic history”(Elliot)
ballbag: ugghhh not bad. picks 1 AND 2 to the blues next year… yeehar!
Tim Tam: typical and predictable, sub crameri out, relax and tell crows they only got themselves to blame
kangawalla: Always a positive somewhere Ballbag. As a Dee’s fan I’ve been using these “positives” for years!
desmondo: Leppich you morom…playing rocky in the froward line 🙁
LuvIt74: If I was Bevrige id be taking stringer,bont & dahlhaus off
LuvIt74: Or tell them to do nothing and take it easy
J_Pinkman: brissy ensuring they get their man come draft time
boydshow: chats dead today
AngryRyno: come on lions
LuvIt74: Is Crameri’s injury serious?
AngryRyno: definitely not Luvit
LuvIt74: gr8 to hear Angry thanx m8
heppelitis: 30 odd touches..43 hitouts…stef is a freak
m0nty: fair old game!
LuvIt74: Very bizarre game to be honest, you would think the Lions would want to lose this come the draft & the dogs rest up
Jukesy: If Stef was named Todd Goldstein he’d average 200+ SC
LuvIt74: Wish the dogs got Martin, but it looks like there after Kruzer
m0nty: isn’t it good to see bottom four clubs not taking
m0nty: not tanking, I mean
heppelitis: little caleb is a great sub
AngryRyno: what a game
LuvIt74: I agree think Caleb can be a serious small midfield like Libba was
Beast_Mode: it’s a high scoring shootout! these are rare.
auxDT: adcock going hard and big
Tim Tam: it can’t be called an AFL season without teams tanking, just this time it’s the other end of the ladder that’s doing it
ballbag: dont lose now lions… hahaha crazy theyd win though giving blues first 2 picks. cheers leppa
grossn: @ballbag because those three recent spoons really helped carlton do well
J_Pinkman: not sure blues be getting first 2 picks
Heizenberg: What a game, how long left?
Edders: Game over.
J_Pinkman: that was so good by robbo just then
Heizenberg: At the blues game
kangawalla: 2 min left
ballbag: @grossn which 3 years are those mate? ludicrous that lions tried to win in all reality. i mean doggies are a finals team
frenzy: served on a wooden spoon @ ballbag
frenzy: where’s Dipstick
ballbag: nice. picks 1 and 2 in the back pocket. lets see what else we can get to work with crippsy 🙂
grossn: @ballbag Carlton’s three spoons… ’02, ’05, ’06
J.Worrall: Wow, big result for Lions!
Beast_Mode: Rioli out with illness? Must have smashed some cans down with Hodgy.

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