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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Geelong vs Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R23 of 2015

kangawalla: What sort of icons can we give to Stevie J, Stokes & Kelly for their final games?
Dommy02: kangawalla- stars
kangawalla: @Dommy..Hearts. Thinking of a unique icon too. One not invented yet even.
Dommy02: never fails to make me laugh stevie j
tamoz: come on stokes do something in your final game
Mikeguthri: Zimmerframe?
frenzy: BS onsong
tamoz: Piss off Kelly!
kangawalla: Cape time Jelwood. Almost got your entire last weeks score in one qtr!!!
zadolinnyj: Cmon crows
tamoz: fuck you kelly!
kangawalla: Cape time for J Kelly too. “Ball-tearer” of a qtr! 🙂
iZander: Kelly playing for a 1 year contract somewhere hopefully!! 😛
kangawalla: Cmon Monty. Jelwood cape too.
dipstick: youve got the attitude of a loser motlop you sad fuckwit
m0nty: you are an angry man, dipstick
kangawalla: As much as Jelwood polarises people, you can’t help but admire his ability to come good after a poor game last wk.
dipstick: so is motlop leaving or staying @m0nty. his attitude is a disgrace
Wends: He’s staying dipstick – just confirmed this morning. But still, wld like him to LIFT!!
kangawalla: Wow dipstick, I was too busy in my admiration for Kelly & Jelwood to notice Motlop. He’s in my GF side! LIFT!
penguins00: Motlop signed with cats announced on abc radio today
kangawalla: Adelaide have put their Q in the rack I reckon.
Dangermaus: crows getting shafted by the umps. those last 2 free kicks for goals were a disgrace
Wends: On average tho, Knight, Motlop, Jel, Kelly have 30 each this qu for my grannie team. Noice.
Torz: Just missed two Sloane tackles?
kangawalla: Cmon Knight! I had to field you due to the Freo/North general soreness epidemic!
JRedden: pathetic blicavs… got you in for goldstein
Torz: Same JRedden. 🙁
dipstick: Gees that donut is making me hungry hartigan
dipstick: and that penguin making me cold lever
kangawalla: @jredden. My GF opponent has Bicavs. Happy so far:)
JRedden: yeah couldve gotten jacobs or blicavs.. ehh that really sucks
kangawalla: I know JRedden. I had to bench Goldy & ran out of trades. Big game from Hannath required.
AngryRyno: what is this pathetic effort lever
kangawalla: My joy at Blicavs low s ore offset by Motlop’s flogworthy performance so far.
AngryRyno: oh my, brodie smith subbed off with an ankle
creeker: Think the no 1 ranked SC team also has Blicavs, gonna be a tight finish
kangawalla: *score
Dangermaus: can selwood have a permanent duck icon please
kangawalla: Henderson. HUGE qtr by his standards
RooBoyStu: why were the crows supporters sooking about North resting players, can’t even beat Geelong
Wends: Sloaney good 2nd qu
bennymacca: its a dead rubber now because of the roos manipulating it!
RooBoyStu: Short memories crow supporters 2012 Adelaide Crows lost draft picks, fined $300,000 for cheating
dipstick: @rooboy norf are the pathetic laughing stock after last night. what a stoopid club norf is dont you agree??
J.Worrall: Roos suck
jasonjjh: whats sloane selwood Sc please?
RooBoyStu: lol Carlton having a great year
dipstick: Norf “laughing stock of the afl” melbourne confirmed last night. that club is run by clowns
teachrtony: Sloane 51 DuckDuck 88
dipstick: @rooboy is your club run by monkeys?? NORF WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE- No friday night games- they get 1 and rest 9? LOL
DanBlack: How is it always you dipstick?
RooBoyStu: lol we rested 9 and were more competitive on Afriday night than a full strength Carlton
m0nty: back on this game please
tamoz: Give it to Stokes, its his last game!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Enright burns the ball deep in defence straight to Lynch who goals with ease!
Beast_Mode: Adelaide win this easily, like richmond last night only need to play 1 quarter out of 1st gear
J.Worrall: Crows to smack ’em. Roos suck.
tamoz: Stop Kelly!
AngryRyno: van Berlo last game?
Dangermaus: and the fat lady has sung
frenzy: dangers last game against the cats
Beast_Mode: Geez the crows put the cue in the rack quickly.
kangawalla: Cmon Stevie J, ton up like your final game team-mates!!
kangawalla: Raise the bat Hendo. You’ve done a great job as a mid-price defender in my GF side.
kangawalla: Serious bin time for the Cats atm.
kangawalla: Must have heard me Stevie!!
J_Pinkman: i love stevie J
kangawalla: Heart for the last gamers Monty?

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