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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Richmond vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs North Melbourne, R23 of 2015

J.Worrall: Checking in from downtown Mossman
wadaramus: Boomer sub, everyone is getting rested this week!
frenzy: Tankeroos
frenzy: don’t drop this one, Tigers Lol
wadaramus: Was looking forward to a Friday night contest that meant something.
wadaramus: But it’s just a trial match now.
frenzy: Hodgey, won’t miss a game,AFL ticked off, all ok
Tim Tam: come on tigers, demolish this disgrace of a footy club
Fletch91: Got Dusty as VC, thinking he will go on a rampage tonight. Cmon Dusty
h a mm e r: What I don’t understand is how Morth can play Daw after his game in the VFL last week…seriously!
h a mm e r: After every ruck contest the guy just stood there! Didn’t attack the ball or contest
wadaramus: Quality game of footy this one.
Dommy02: cmon tiges, lets get dusty the footy ay?
frenzy: saving himself for the tigers this week @ hammer
frenzy: ziebs and basti need to lift
Heizenberg: Hi all, how are we???
wadaramus: G’day Heizen..Houli you spud.
Bricktop: Dawsons Creek icon for Daw pls
Heizenberg: Hi wada
Heizenberg: Daw been pretty good tonight, that goal
Heizenberg: That goal in the 1st was amazing
wadaramus: Magic Door great gol, but worst game I have seen this year.
Heizenberg: Haha yeah it’s been fairly bad
DirtyDawn: Evening all
heppelitis: thank god its friday…hi all
heppelitis: Hi double D
wadaramus: Evening FF brothers.
tabs: @m0nty icons arent working on stats page
frenzy: Good boy sugar
NewFreoFan: My god this is a pointless round of football. Should have given everyone a bye
zadolinnyj: Evening gents. It’s 4am in LA and the footy is on nowhere. Will North win?
J.Worrall: 6 goals and 12 behinds total kicked at 1/2 time? Joke!
wadaramus: Norf suck for resting players…but go Norf!
wadaramus: Dusty VC was a good pick.
zadolinnyj: As a crows fan can not believe nth were able to rest players with positions live
heppelitis: jack frost in richmonds forward line?
frenzy: Dusty wimping
dipstick: majak ‘cant play AFL’ daw norfs best. LOL. norf are such a shite club
rickyb80: normal service had resumed
frenzy: Sugar
McRooster: A touch of Majak in the last qtr might just open the Daw for the Crows home final,no Waiteing, should be a Boomer
Heizenberg: Hi Ricky
Heizenberg: Not bad rooster
dipstick: maja daw black wood and lmac out next week
zadolinnyj: Are nth a chance?
McRooster: Game over
dipstick: cant wait to watch the roos get smashed out of the finals next week. LOL resting players when you have no form
heppelitis: RooBoyStu resting in his bedroom tonight?
Bazza2014: roos will smash richmond
Buzz67: Norf 6-1 v Tiges prior to this meaningless game. They’ll beat the Tiges next week, no doubt
RooBoyStu: We’ll smash Tigers next week, getting this close this week, m0nty give Black the spud useless hope he goes
Bazza2014: give also dipstick the SPUD!
dipstick: doubt it. tiges will smash roos at the mcg. norf are embaressing themselves this week giving 9 players a bye
RooBoyStu: @dipstick your name suits you, 9 players who are in our best 22
Bazza2014: Roos just working out the tigers, learning heaps
dipstick: yeh so ahhh how do most teams/players go after a bye round @rooboy ya flog?
RooBoyStu: everybody sdaid North would get flogged including 2 flogs in paper today Ralphy tipped 186 pts and KB 110 pts.
RooBoyStu: Rd11 12 13 are different to finals games
RooBoyStu: *said
3rdstriker: thats a lot of blood
Bazza2014: jarrad waite spastic, laughing at ziebells demise
dipstick: ya gonna look fuckin stupid when you get knocked out next wk. you and brad scott
poolboybob: Martin rubbish bin
heppelitis: low dt points this game
iZander: Hulk is by far my favourite icon! bring it out for dusty!!!
dipstick: hahah i mean seriously. norf reckon theyre good enough to rest players? sorry but you aint no freo hehehe
iZander: Hulk with a superman cape!! woooo
dipstick: yeh bazza. yeh norf learning a lot arent they. great tactic. keep learning norf. few mins to study more
tabs: norf have to learn to tackle and hold a tackle. Too easy for tigers to break tackles

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