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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R23 of 2015

tamoz: Come on Pittard, get involved!
kangawalla: Monty, why did you use a picture on the homepage for this game of a whole lot of people riding on a tank?
AngryRyno: it represents ‘tanking’ which is not what freo are doing
AngryRyno: freo don’t care if they win or lose, they just don’t want injuries
Tim Tam: haha I didn’t realise that, should have put every team on that tank this week
kangawalla: Thanks Ryno. Thought so. Last week in the Dee’s v Blues match, the homepage had the Bulldogs warming up.
Torz: Peel Thunder on fire early!
kangawalla: Tell you what, “the Sneeze”has had a great final half dozen games.
Edders: excited early, will run out of juice late like NM v Richmond
Tim Tam: lol, then glad to see Zac Dawson can’t even make Peel Thunder’s team
AngryRyno: no lions dogs spoilers please
Special K: The tank is a bit politically incorrect??
Torz: Sheridan could be alright with defender status next year. Starting to look like an AFL player.
JRedden: never again gray
meka100: Gray’s been shithouse all season
Beast_Mode: Glad Sheridan doing well, mates with his Cousin.
m0nty: obviously Butcher needs to kick every set shot from 50m
kangawalla: Sam Gray doing better than Robbie in last 6 Meka.
colmullet: bit stiff to get the icicle robbie….50SC at the half
grossn: 8CP really helped Robbie haha
desmondo: Ibbotson you bloody spud…stop playing for next week you sook.
Bazza2014: wingard ya gimp
PieBoy: onya berty
colmullet: Do my eyes deceive me….Ebert and Barlow going well???
ballbag: whats schulz SC. 4 goals at 100%
Number 8: Neale subbed gives me a sneaky chance
Number 8: About time something went right
tamoz: Keep going superman barlow!
ballbag: how is apearce 100% with 3 clangers and 2 FA?
m0nty: clangers can involve other stats that aren’t possessions
gusjojo: Gray bin
Raspel31: Hope this misfires on Norff and Freo- not cricket in my books
gusjojo: Kamon Amon, lift!

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