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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, R23 of 2015

the dud: m0nty, youre such a stubborn flog. Bias hawks fanboy.
Beast_Mode: Rioli out with illness? Must have smashed some cans down with Hodgy.
ballbag: hahaha hodgey. that dude great player but zero brain. he says he was just over lol
the dud: Bet that monty supports everything hodge does. Flogs stick together
ballbag: whoah whoah slow down blues. we dun wanna beat these guys
dangerzone16: its so hilarious listening to butthurt anti hawthorn supporters. u guys will always find something to complain about
dangerzone16: let me know when ur team is going for a 3 peat, then we can talk.
ballbag: who said anything anti hawks? and you think youre gonna win the GF? goodluck with that 3peat. no chance
Beast_Mode: relax danger, just taking the piss
tamoz: Lift Simpson!
frenzy: did I miss Kreuzer’s one good game a season
Beast_Mode: Kruezer might have gone down to the rooms to apply more clearasil
tamoz: Please let Hale play a full game
ballbag: @beast nah hes just talking to his ol man jo merrick
Bazza2014: Beast mode writing the same comment on multiple games, not funny on any ya tosser
Beast_Mode: lol, i actually posted it on the wrong game that’s all
ballbag: typical hawks fan. pissed even when youre winning. just chill bazza
frenzy: who’s carrots playing on?
Bazza2014: kiss my Uranus
Bazza2014: hows the wooden spoon feel like
Bazza2014: setting up your new cutlery set i see
Beast_Mode: lmao
Bazza2014: have your spoons, now you can Fork off!
ballbag: knife. im nice. it feel like …. like picks 1 and 2. will you beat us by 10 gls?
Bazza2014: margin doesnt matter, more about health
Bazza2014: you have your knife as well its in Hendersons back
ballbag: health? while hodgey gets rubbed out and goes out drinking. great leader
Raspel31: Well, after Jellwood took out Swan and lost me 2 of my 3 finals, loving your work Roughhead.
Bazza2014: drinking lol, as anyone on this list asnt drunk drove, with alcohol in the blood, good on him.
Raspel31: Agree Bazza-much rather see him go to gaol for thuggery on the pitch.
Bazza2014: my GF is in the bag, mackie 144, jelwood 140, stef 152, Bonts 122, taylor 102, roughie doing well, Lewis will tonne up
Bazza2014: lowest player so far is grigg80 and harry taylor 84
frenzy: simpson needs to retire with carrots
kangawalla: Golf clap Baz
Raspel31: Hate Wawks with a passion-but go Gibson,Lewis and Toughead
ballbag: what game are you talking bazza. DT or fantasy?
tamoz: Why Simpson, whyyyyy!
Bazza2014: ultimate footy GF $50 in at start of year. 12 players, onviously only one of each player available
Raspel31: Same as EPL draft Bazza ?. Can you trade between you.>
JRedden: give simpson the icicle surely
Bazza2014: yeah you can, i actually really like it, you have a brownlow medal, we had $50 who had winning player
kangawalla: I’m in Ultimate Footy too. Finished top of my league then went out in straight sets. 🙁
Bazza2014: 17 Todd Goldstein Space Monkey Mafia 14 Dan Hannebery Bonza Burgers 10 Scott Pendlebury Spider Pigs
Bazza2014: bummer Kanga.
Raspel31: Sounds good-in next year. Cheers Bazza and well done.
Bazza2014: below is the league medal- went to goldy
kangawalla: Swanny won ours Baz.
Bazza2014: picking a live draft isthe most fun, plenty of banter, all done on the one day, beers andpizzas
Raspel31: Because I say well done 15 mins ago-you can still get off your butt Toughead
Bazza2014: ahhh swanny. nice, i had lewis and stef on only 9 votes
frenzy: give Carazzo’s opponent the carrot icon @ benny_gogo
Bazza2014: litherland on
Bazza2014: Silky subbed
frenzy: silk subbed
man0005: silk subbed
Number 8: Subby silked
Ben_Gogos: Smith could be a catastrophic loss if it is an LTI
Number 8: Or something
ballbag: @gogos yeh he’ll miss most if not all the finals possibly
Raspel31: Sulky sibbed.
frenzy: give him a tombstone , ben or are you another hawk
ballbag: dont you know? hawks ONLY get star, magnet, gun, cherry, hulk icons
Bazza2014: gezzus your a cry baby ballbag, i bet you shoot blanks mate, nufty
Number 8: Slicky slobbed
Ben_Gogos: Nothing has been confirmed with Smith, certainly not ACL so no tombstone
Bazza2014: carltank supporters now have taken over richomd supporters as best sooks in the league….roflmawmdho
Raspel31: Ha ha no 8
ballbag: cmon bazza get it out. after the footy your social life will disappear until next season
Ben_Gogos: Lets keep the conversation on the footy fellas.
tamoz: Come on Hale get involved!
Bazza2014: Carltank still tanking in the untankable game, Is the the new Kruezer Cup. Who wants Pimples?
Raspel31: Kissy Bedlub.
Raspel31: Atta boy Lewis.
Brown*Dog: Season 1 round too many this year
frenzy: enjoy that spoon carltank
frenzy: good bye carrots, a must have for many years
frenzy: retire that carrot icon ben_gogo ya tight alps
missmagic: thankyou junktime shiels,i knocked back martins 113 you nearly cost me but should be ok now

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