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Chat log from R23 of 2015: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R23 of 2015

frenzy: sensing another upset, Lol
RooBoyStu: Sydney better not tank, if Syd lose, it’s Syd v North next week
ballbag: @rooboy why do norf complain about no fri night games then leave their best 9 out on a fri night? ridicurous
ballbag: theres no way syd would tank
RooBoyStu: why? if they win play Freo in WA long flight, if they lose tonight play us in Syd then loser freo v rich
ballbag: like commentators said hope norf fully enjoyed their last fri night game. manipulating rarely wins
Viscount: We missing a player on Sydney Monty?
RooBoyStu: @ballbag, think we showed more last night than Carlton have on Friday nights
RooBoyStu: how fit is Franklin? needs the burger
m0nty: missing McVeigh for some reason
Viscount: Thanks Monty
colmullet: He is out Monty
ballbag: @m0nty yeh mcveigh was a late out yesterday so had to trade him out
DanBlack: Is ballbag and dipstick the same person?
Viscount: Towers for McVeigh
frenzy: you mean McVeigh’s replacement
ballbag: roos had said he was not resting him though. some slight niggle
Raspel31: A much asked question Dan. Good work Kennedy-pig’s replacement.
ballbag: *horse said not roos sorry
SydneyRox: buddy finally on field
RooBoyStu: thinking the same DanBlack
SydneyRox: Reid is such a confidence kick… cloke like
Raspel31: Miller doing a job on Hannes-break the tag son.
heppelitis: ballbag and dipstick closely related
Raspel31: A well timed comment.
RooBoyStu: and same club the blue baggers lol
Raspel31: Evening Hep and yes, 2nd cousins.
heppelitis: evening gents…and ladies
ballbag: heppell what? dipstick? what have i said to you?
RooBoyStu: evening all
frenzy: hepp
colmullet: good boy kennedy
RooBoyStu: Broughton’s last game tonight, farewell and thanks for the memories of one good year.
heppelitis: umm…reproductive organs…lol…just joking about your names and footy team you support
RooBoyStu: last comment from what Fox Footy commentators said
Raspel31: Ballbag-you a far better man than Dipstick. Now back to the footy.
RooBoyStu: Syd can’t win flag, no Parker and now maybe K.Jack knee.
heppelitis: Anyone have Aaron Hal?l…big finish to this year
SydneyRox: parker will be back next week, along with mcglynn
scaryness: Parker is pretty close to returning actually.
tamoz: Pull your finger out Gold Coast
RooBoyStu: good to hear, like Parker as a player
SydneyRox: jack wearing an ice pack, vest coming soon
frenzy: swans would be better off playing a fit and firing Towers
frenzy: jack subbed
SydneyRox: tower not what i call a firing kind of player, will come into his own when a defensive spot opens for him
frenzy: like ted richards
The Cannon: Trent McKenzie goes BANG! from the hotspot for a goal after a give from Martin.
SydneyRox: exactly frenzy, and grundy, two so-so fwds into outstanding defenders
frenzy: suspected acl for jack, off MMM
SydneyRox: what i am really liking is the look of zac smith, a Swan next year!
RooBoyStu: Jack’s injury looked similar to Ablett
SydneyRox: awful free kick against pyke
RooBoyStu: give you an early Ruck bench cover for 2016 Naismith, Syd gave him 3 year deal and could be #1 ruck next year
SydneyRox: @rooboy hope its not, but think we miss parker more than jack
SydneyRox: umps doing their best to keep gc in the game
frenzy: lift ya game swans
frenzy: zac smith needs a pink donut, m0nty
frenzy: come on coasters
wadaramus: Gold Coast having a dip.
frenzy: imagine if the tigers made the top four, yuk
ballbag: @frenzy surely couldnt happen. The AFL top heads said bulldogs and sydney will win this week and they are never wrong 🙂
frenzy: ya couldn’t shut the wood grubs up
Brown*Dog: Frenzy hope GCS gets up so North will have to travel North LOL
PieBoy: onya jonesy
frenzy: swans are the walking wounded, probably easier then tigers
Brown*Dog: enjoy Bondi end of season drinks
spudaroos: Malceski on 99sc Wowee
Beast_Mode: please win Sydney, much rather seeing richmond make flog scott cry after the game
ballbag: if buddy retires early is his contract still part of the salary cap for the next 7 yrs or whatever is left?
RooBoyStu: @Beast_Mode cry winning tears
RooBoyStu: @ballbag of course, are you sure you’re not dipstick?
Beast_Mode: wouldn’t have thought so rooboy
J.Worrall: Greetings from Cape tribulation
J.Worrall: Not much footy here
RooBoyStu: Sportsbet offering $2.30 about North next week, get on
ballbag: youre a dipstick rooboy. was just a question
frenzy: staying in port douglas @ j worrall
J.Worrall: Dippy roo boy sticky farting
ballbag: sweet. if north are 2.30 then tiges must be way more than a $1.20. awesome tip jumo on tigs. they are overs
J.Worrall: Crazy frenzy!
J.Worrall: Starting early on mad Monday?
RooBoyStu: $1.58 tiges lol to win first final in a decade
frenzy: big alps bugs at night, Lol @ j worrall
Beast_Mode: tiges by 40+ $4.50 guaranteed easy money
frenzy: wish I was alive when the tigers last won a final
Brown*Dog: i thought all north supporters were over 50?
RooBoyStu: lol 35 here not over 50
ballbag: dont stree frenzy. you’ll see it next week
J.Worrall: Use the DEET, frenzy!
RooBoyStu: will be a decade b4 the blues see a final
Brown*Dog: Roos the oldest team in the comp – finished 8th in regular season… where to next year down i would think!
ballbag: pretty unanimous that blues will win flag before north. the team are pensioners hah
frenzy: window has just opened
RooBoyStu: North won 2 since blues last (95), won 96 & 99
The Cannon: Trent McKenzie marks 30m out on the flank and goes BANG! for his second goal.
scaryness: Don’t know about Hannebery being the Star. Would go Towers or Kennedy myself
Brown*Dog: Tip for CGS – Get the ball to the cannon BANG
RooBoyStu: next year out Black, in Stevie J
tamoz: Come on Hall ton up!
Brown*Dog: How come the cannon lost his icon
RooBoyStu: Mike Pyke should retire
Brown*Dog: Might as well add
Brown*Dog: might as well add Adcock into the mix roo
Brown*Dog: Fletcher is looking for a second club too lol
Beast_Mode: lmao
scaryness: Kennedy is Star
RooBoyStu: Danny Frawley will be our full back in 2016 lol
ballbag: if roos keep boomer then you know theyre no chance with grandpa
RooBoyStu: boomer more heart than all Carlton’s list altogether
RooBoyStu: anyway see you all next Saturday after the roos smash the tiges, got a horse running tomorrow.
frenzy: that sinking feeling when you win the unexpected wooden spoon
ballbag: dont be ridiculos frenzy. goodluck with ya horse rooboy. seeya next week
carlton_99: hey cmonw eve had a bad yr, weve only got like 25 players to choose from
carlton_99: when did u ahve 15 palyers out of ur team injured.. not rested
AngryRyno: you can laugh at the spooners but when have schade jnr dominating down back i really won’t mind
AngryRyno: tmitch this is massive
heppelitis: yhx for the 2 points this half schade…lol
m0nty: Blues will take Weitering
carlton_99: we will get pick 1 and 2 and you will continue recycling players
frenzy: take more than a no1 draft pick to get off the bottom
ballbag: blues will take both if kreuz and hendo leave
Beast_Mode: that’s because blues are rebuilding, north aren’t yet.
frenzy: dale thomas is all I’ll say
carlton_99: take more then 50 yr olds to get u a flag
AngryRyno: bell wants to go to brisbane, we’ll take #2 and aish and give you an additional scrap
carlton_99: we might get treloar if kreuzer goes to gws as well
frenzy: overating bell much
ballbag: @angry we’ll get 1 and 2. bris will get 3 and 4. but we’ll have their 3 and 4 and they can take bell, yaaran and scrap

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