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Chat log from R22 of 2015: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R22 of 2015

J.Worrall: Get off my TV, Cothcing you cunt!
J.Worrall: Who was that Irishman?
Tonche: Give Mckenna the clover!!
tamoz: Lift Zaha and Dusty!
the worm: mckenna gets the blue moon because he has never played this well i thought
J.Worrall: Nice to see Hurley in the long sleeves
J.Worrall: Goddard too!
casey22: Is that a 4 leaf clover? looks like a brussels sprout
J.Worrall: Melksham 2 – its a long sleeve brigade!
J.Worrall: is broccoli
J.Worrall: poor call ump
wadaramus: Come on Hibberd U spud.
kuraban: Umpires clearly not happy that Tigers haven’t got a major yet.
J.Worrall: Clearly, kuraban
kuraban: Looked like an attempted pass to the umpire there. Why would they be in yellow given the Tigers away strip?????
J.Worrall: What does the umps away strip look like?
tigerman28: Kmac and Maric sc please
kuraban: … or maybe something else. I honestly wouldn’t know. 🙂
tamoz: Pls Zaha
OnTheRocks: anyone else here not goign to reach 2000 this week?
J.Worrall: is dons no good?
frenzy: get a kick Beaver
Ball_Hog15: Zaharakis no where to be seen! Looks to be avoiding all contests
J.Worrall: umps giving ty cheap goals …
kuraban: Gotta wonder how much $$$ the umpires have on Tigers at this rate…
zadolinnyj: Cmon Hib
DanBlack: Kuraban it’s 9-7 stop your whinging
spudaroos: Hurley might be a nice POD for next year
FlagDog: What a joke of a week, Swan as C and opponent had Rocky. Ruined :/
banta: Get stuffed stants you soft outside playing hack
spudaroos: @FlagDog why would you make Swan captain when he plays the first game of the round?
Ball_Hog15: Get involved Zaharakis you flop!
tigerman28: I’ve had KMac since round 1. He’s gonna get me home at this rate.
willywalks: 50? what a joke, umps are off their heads
kuraban: lol
FlagDog: DT spud sorry should have classified.
willywalks: rance could get a gig in rio ’16 with the diving team
FlagDog: doesnt matter, opp doesnt have dusty or goddard, gonne get flogged at this rate…
Ben_Gogos: @spudaroos he plays DT not SC I think
Ball_Hog15: Absolutely ridiculous, umpiring has been atrocious!
JRedden: You shouldn’t be able to change captain midweek anyway.. DT has it right
tigerman28: How the flower is that holding the ball?
zadolinnyj: Not alone flagdog. Going to lose to a guy I beat by 400 in the first week of finals
tamoz: Zaha and Dusty is this some sort of joke?
JRedden: I mean like before games
kuraban: lol the other way – terrible deliberate decision! Stupid rule to start with!
FlagDog: DT locks before friday night game and tr=hats it for the weekend.
tigerman28: Please continue to be terrible hibberd
JRedden: yeah I know flagdog, that requires more skill, have to be confident in 1 player
banta: Stop stants Ffs no skill or pace just pin him down tigs!
Carnster: drummo??
Drummo: Yes Big dog
Carnster: hows it going
Drummo: Did you go to the GWS game
Chelskiman: Sign Macca up for Chelsea. Great soccer skills!
Carnster: Did you watch gws
Carnster: yep it was great was nervous at quarter time but after that i was ok
Drummo: Nah was at a party
Carnster: its dads birthday
Carnster: i didn’t go i watched it on tv
Drummo: Tell him happy bday from me
Chelskiman: That was just about the worst 5 minutes of football I’ve seen.
Carnster: will do
Carnster: richmond are bad
Chelskiman: So bad we’re in the top 4 at the moment.
Carnster: i’m surprised your not coming ninth chelsk
Carnster: night fellas see you tommorrow
Drummo: @carnster do you have dt live account, if not make one I’ll tell you what to do then
Beast_Mode: seeya flog
Carnster: I have to go. text me what to do
johnoP: gonna be some epic scaling for this match
desmondo: Hibberd you are a slug
3rdstriker: normally the burger icon is a joke but hibberd is genuinely fat, he deserves it
banta: How Stanton has been a loose man for 10 years is beyond me
Chelskiman: Because Stanton is a hack.
banta: Lift hepp!!
Ben_Gogos: Why pressure him when he uses it the way he does @banta?
DanBlack: Miles had the Ice earlier. Looks like whoever Richmond chucks in the middle can score
frenzy: dustbin showerhaus
tamoz: FFs Dustin
poolboybob: What kind of name is Orazio Fantasia
poolboybob: Yeah Hibberd has had a terrible year. Next coach needs to light a fire under him.
casey22: Thats 3 weeks
Chelskiman: At least 3.
poolboybob: Looks like this is Dempsey’s last game for the Bombers
3rdstriker: dempseys last game of league football
poolboybob: Give Chappy some kind of icon. Maybe the heart.
banta: You’re a cheap dog Stanton retire you hack

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