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Chat log from R22 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2015

frenzy: hearts2hearts
man0005: hearts2hearts
kangawalla: Come on Goldmember. I chose you over Rockpig. Please save my season!
willywalks: same boat kanga…
Hadouken: jeez i hope i dont miss out with taking C Rocky instead of taking goldy hehe
Ben_Gogos: Brown receives the muppet for that hapless effort on goal
DanBlack: Need MaCrae to go real big if I’m any chance of making the grandy.
Chelskiman: Come on, Dahl!
Raspel31: No vested interest-no players in this game. Whip Norff Dogs.
willywalks: need more goldy, just warming up i hope…
heppelitis: goldy 36sc
iZander: this is a horror week for me so far haha
Chelskiman: Dahlhaus doing his best to fuck me over.
myteamsuks: I feel like I’m having a horror week, lost Fyfe Mitch hodge coach, had Swan as bc loop, but still avg 110sc per player
myteamsuks: And have hunter Bont and goldy this match.
AngryRyno: icicle on wallis
J.Worrall: Carna oggiesL’il d
J.Worrall: Carna L’il doggies
Raspel31: Well, cut me offat theknees andcall me tripod. ? Tarrant highest scorer.
spudaroos: Hunter will be amongst one of my first picked next season. Priced at a 75 avg.
dipstick: get cut off at the knees and call you limp
willywalks: ohh well, good season, thanks goldy….
heppelitis: oh bont…yur gonna kill me
dipstick: @hepp this is my spirit speaking. danger killed me last week
happylab: @supdaroos, gotta consider where he will play when libba is back though
heppelitis: he certainly doesnt have the second year blues
dipstick: agree. libba is a lock next year and rocky
iZander: and abblet
heppelitis: watson dipstick too?
Wends: Hopefully Goldy in 2nd half reverses his first half reverse alchemy.
spudaroos: @happylab Seems like Hunter plays a more uncontested game than Libba.
dipstick: @wends for sure more like silverstein or even copperstein atm
iZander: omeara or swallow? prestia? sloane? so many to consider next year :O
Wends: indeed dipstick, leadstein even.
dipstick: @izand yeh the team is almost looking itself in 2016
Raspel31: Swanny gone-who the hell would havethought Tarrant keeping me in the semis.
dipstick: tarrant 92 DT in 1 half. gonna take w rooney 15 wks to get that
frenzy: sum one care to explain to me how dollhaus can be on 48 sc
spudaroos: I have Tarrant rotting as an emergency. Why cant he do this when I was forced to field him 🙁
Raspel31: Rooney-what a joke dipstick. Dropped after round 1. As exciting as my grans bingo.
Ben_Gogos: @dipstick hahah so true
Hadouken: aint no party like my nanas bingo paaaaarty
Raspel31: Open invitation Hadouken ?.
casey22: Not mad but just a little low that Goldy is costing me my final. He has been a good day one recruit though.
carlton_99: there must be a mistake with goldys supercoach score is -3 in the first 10 min
carlton_99: has gone from 56 to 53 in this qtr how is that possible
poolboybob: Tarrant blue moon
Woodie: Goldy going backwards with every hitout, F***ING CD
casey22: If they bounce the ball a hundred times in a row I might win my final
Raspel31: Tarrant-averages nothing-where has this monster come from? But happy.
Wends: CD traded him for Martin 2 rounds ago @carlton?
colmullet: Not CD’s fault hes tapping it to bulldogs
Woodie: Same with Bonts
carlton_99: oh @col mullet so hes hit like 20 hit outs all to bulldogs and his like 5 possies atre worth -3
colmullet: had all that since half time has he carlton? lol
carlton_99: he just went down again to 52 u do not get – p[oints for hitut
carlton_99: ye he has hes had like 20-25 hitouts and like 5 possies at half time was he not
colmullet: you do if it advantages the opposition
carlton_99: he has 20-125 hitouts and 5 possies at half time approximately
DTmuppet: it’s whinge o’clock
colmullet: the usual carlton witching hour lol
carlton_99: no just saying its weird how hes going backwards in supercoach
dipstick: fuck me. 125 hit outs? record!!
Raspel31: Don’t know who read the article with Jacobs today-but if your game is dedicated to just killing the game, flower that.
Woodie: I’m with you @carlton_99, something wrong with scoring
dipstick: you lose 1 pt for HO to opp
Wends: Goldy on the rise. Feel like I”m stalking him.
zadolinnyj: gents. just got off plane. CD hate Goldy ?
Raspel31: Evening Zado-just heading out. Hope a good flight.
AngryRyno: cannot believe people saying CD hates goldy, who do you think gave him 221?
zadolinnyj: hey raspel. From Canberra so short. have a drink for me
Raspel31: Many-ha ha
poolboybob: CD hate Goldy so much they’ve given him 300 points more than any player in AFL this year, hahahaha
willywalks: cmon picken, time to cape up now…
J.Worrall: Whhooo yeah doggies!
Raspel31: Doggies !!!
J.Worrall: Well done Waite!
wadaramus: Cracking game, go Doggies.
J.Worrall: Doggy doggy Doggies!
J.Worrall: Oi oi oi!
wadaramus: Jacobs doing a great job tagging the Bont!
Buzz67: Norf can’t tackle
J.Worrall: The package does it solo!
J.Worrall: Crameri, u rippa
Dangermaus: give the bont the Hulk, surely
willywalks: quack for nahas
DanBlack: MaCrae and Boyd may have pushed me into a grandy today!
DragonLass: Reckon Goldstein deserves a heart
poolboybob: Bont Star, Tarrant blue moon
Torz: Wallis getting plenty of it, but can’t get his score up.
Raspel31: Taxi finally here-good to see the pretenders put back in there place.
DanBlack: Ben can you give multiple guns? Boyd needs one too if you can
Torz: Boyd probably deserves the cherries.
Hadouken: hi im boydy, i dont do tackles… lol
poolboybob: 32 possessions and 4 contested, that’s a seagull if I’ve ever seen one.
Torz: He’s plays the quarterback role and does it well. Means he won’t get many contested/tackles.
J.Worrall: You Doggies! You Beauties!
johnoP: Tarrant 24 @ 100% is the definition of a blue moon

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