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Chat log from R22 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R22 of 2015

frenzy: Go Rocky
Torz: Good start Rocky. Go big!
Torz: 7 touches in 4 minutes. Wow.
DanBlack: Rocky is already a pig, but imagined if he kicked it more!
Kernahan: Rockstar!
casey22: Need help. Whjat time does the North game get locked out
JRedden: if you didnt rocky captain this week.. wow
Torz: He wouldn’t have as many touches if he kicked it. Loves the 1-2-3.
Wends: Just brought Rocky in for Fyfe for SC GF. Oppt (Rocky owner) will be pizzed..
OnTheRocks: with Sam Mitchell out i get a delicious donut and more chance to lose all my grand finals
Torz: Lewis you spud, lift.
Pokerface: what are the shields next to burg, birch and gibbo?
Kernahan: All aboard the Rock train!
Pokerface: 2 possessions lewis?? you freakin cow
Wends: Lewis my oppt’s VC, Swannie may beat him after all.
Dangermaus: need Smith and Lewis to wake the frick up!
casey22: Next years dont touch list: Jelwood & add Lewis
Wends: On the rocks – long way to go. Who knows, yr oppts cld get late outs too.
Beast_Mode: ppl will still get selwood because he’s undervalued like jack steven was.
auxDT: wow rocky
casey22: Cape coming up for Rocky
Dangermaus: Selwood will only be worth getting if Dangerfield goes to the Cats… otherwise no chance
happytimes: What do you mean by IF
banners87: 17 touches in a qtr! Wow Captain Rocky!
dipstick: yep. lewis is useless when hodge is out.
casey22: Agree Dangermaus
Chelskiman: Martin destroying me for a 15th week in a row.
Wends: Langford just went to Rocky.
casey22: Rocky back over 50 for quarter
auxDT: give him the cape already m0nty dont be salty
JRedden: idk how so few ppl have martin.. hes a must have, hes highest scoring player over last month
DanBlack: I’d say it’s because of his price
JRedden: I mean how do you have a 82 BE at 600k.. thats insane
Beast_Mode: he’s expensive. I’m happy with goldy and nicnat.
auxDT: because most people already have decent rucks
Chelskiman: It’s because I started with Goldy and Jacobs right off the bat.
Chelskiman: Is that 4 FA’s for Rocky? Could be on 75 already.
JRedden: well its a difference of around 20 points per round so i’d say price is worth it
auxDT: ofc its worth it if you’re lucky enough to have luxury trades
Torz: Wind playing a big factor in this game.
Chelskiman: 5 FA’s from Rocky. Settle down, son.
Dangermaus: good boy smithy!
Dangermaus: it appears Rockliff is the only one who wants the ball from the Lions so naturally he’s giving away the most frees
Dangermaus: Hanley hasn’t been the same since those injuries
rickyb80: ffs enough already with the optus pop up
johnoP: whats the record for FA in one game?
AngryRyno: what does this little shield next to players (eg. gibbo, birch, rich) mean?
Pavalinco: Pig icon for Rocky
AngryRyno: is it just for those who are defending?
rickyb80: ryno. shIeld means they cant be attacked for 12hrs :p
Pokerface: im guessing so ryno. i asked the same q without answer.
frenzy: correct Angry
AngryRyno: aye hahaha
AngryRyno: thanks fellas
colmullet: its defending small forwards i think from memory
Pokerface: one season does not make a premo danger. only ever been good when running free
johnoP: hanley’s been playing a different role this year too
m0nty: yes, it’s defenders who are guarding zones rather than playing man on man
Rockafella: why would they bother to tag Christensen?
casey22: How’s Rocky’s SC before I loop Goldy?
Torz: I swear Rocky has tackled Langford every time. Haha.
Beast_Mode: rocky plays better without beams.
casey22: Rocky’s answering my question himself
DanBlack: Rockliff – I beg your pardon
Dangermaus: rocky with another superman quarter
Dangermaus: bah, you flog Clarkson, why would you sub Smith???
The39Steps: Rocky 114c so far – take it or Goldy?
DanBlack: @m0nty, Purple if Lewis tons up?
frenzy: Stefan getting stiffed, thanks SC
m0nty: nice try DanBlack 😀
Dangermaus: if Lewis tons up he deserves a trash can icon with a crown all for himself as the king of junk
dipstick: @danger LOL hawks only get icon like star, cherries, gun, magnet
kangawalla: Junk it Lewis!!!
Chelskiman: 15 points since HT. Fuck you, Birch.
kangawalla: Ha!! Robots raised the bat & then had to “un-raise” it. -3:)
casey22: Good to see Mitch has found a home after Mick/Blues era
m0nty: nominations for star please
DanBlack: Give yourself the Ayres Rock m0nty. I’ve been trying to sneak one past you all year
kangawalla: *Robbo
frenzy: Hale star, will outscore Martin
kangawalla: Big call frenzy!
Dangermaus: shiels star
Buzz67: Shiels star or magnet at worst
willywalks: why sub smith out, ffs
frenzy: Martin SC pls
heppelitis: 76 frenzy
kangawalla: I brought in McStay for some cheap bench cover. I think he needs to McGo!!
Torz: Duryea had disappeared this quarter. :/
frenzy: ta hepp, wouldn’t have Hale?
Chelskiman: A least get into the 80’s, Birch.
Dangermaus: omfg, Lewis rubbish bin !
heppelitis: 69 frenzy
Raspel31: Fark-was Rocky or Swany-and therein a season undone.
frenzy: again thanks hepp
Raspel31: Bring on the Epl cries I- cos gone from here. Bummer.
DanBlack: Lewis definitely has himself in his DT
Chelskiman: I’ll give you a C mark for getting into the 80’s, Birch.
Hadouken: wow, 44 disp and 14 tackles…and a goal. brownlow if he was in a good side ha
Chelskiman: Can turn that into an A with some junk to get 90+
heppelitis: superb to see rocky at his beasting best once again
Chelskiman: C it is then.
Raspel31: So good not to see that thugHodge involved in a good win

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