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Chat log from R22 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R22 of 2015

Ben_Gogos: Ward going nuts 21 in first two minutes!
AngryRyno: score fast going upWARD
Ben_Gogos: Make that 25
Ben_Gogos: Ward currently on track for the ton by QT
Wends: Ward – nice! Might make up for Swannie VC debacle last night.
Wends: In a SC grannie; wld u guys go Parker to Ellis or Shiels (already going Fyfe to Rocky)
Ben_Gogos: Three posts in the first seven minutes of playing time!
Wends: On track for a record yrself Ben 🙂
Ben_Gogos: @Wends maybe Sheils of the two just considering fixtures mate
m0nty: Ward on track now for empty icon
Ben_Gogos: I well and truly put the mockers on him @m0nty
JRedden: ffs shaw brought you in this week…
happytimes: Don’t be so negative Monty
Wends: Thx Ben – yeah liked Ellis v Bombers but Shiels in Tas + unlikely to be tagged today, seems the way to go…
AngryRyno: shaw wearing my VC over pendles, hmmm
Ben_Gogos: Curnow gone to Ward now
Wends: Kreuz still disembarking at Kingsford Smith.
frenzy: sam sam sam WTF?? U doing
Ben_Gogos: Whiley on Treloar
banta: wtf why are they tagging treloar? hate taggers. knock em out. tag ward if anything!
Wends: No, leave Wardy out of it thx!
casey22: Anyonr know when the North game gets locked out?
JRedden: can you get going shaw ffs
Dangermaus: wow, traded out Greene this week cos I was unhappy with his last few… so glad I did!
Wends: Game starts at 4.35 if that’s what yr asking Casey?
Ben_Gogos: @casey22 when the game starts, so 4.35
casey22: Thanks, should have checked myself
Dangermaus: Keep it going Ward… you owe me a ton (or ten)
frenzy: wake the flower up, simpson
JRedden: shaw and simpson havent scored for 15 mins.. wtf is this
Wends: Ward SC score frozen, surely.
frenzy: down arrow for Leuzer
DanBlack: @frenzy his BE is 62. I don’t think the arrow will be necessary
Wends: Damn you Ed Curnow, damn you!
frenzy: I hate Shaw, overinflated flog, win sum hard ball
Ben_Gogos: Griffen off with a knee injury
Beast_Mode: where is Treloar going next year!??
JRedden: shaw is the worst trade ive done all year
Woodie: Tigers 🙂
Dangermaus: attack dog….. noooooo!
Ben_Gogos: @JRedden you traded out Shaw?
AngryRyno: shaw doing alright in SC
heppelitis: god help me…greene as sub…you kidding me
JRedden: traded him in.. for hodge
Ben_Gogos: Shaw is having one of the greatest fantasy seasons for someone playing the pure HB position.
JRedden: yeah but not doing well this week, the week i traded him in
kangawalla: @hepp. At least Greene is on the ground now at the expense of my man Griff.
AngryRyno: turnover by docherty, that’s a new one…
kangawalla: Imagine hoe cross-eyed Griff will be when he’s concussed!
kangawalla: *how
casey22: Shaw having some magic moments
howeydamus: Nice work treloar. Shaw would surely be on 85 sc..
dipstick: simpson turned to as hard as a wet lettuce leaf this year. super weak
howeydamus: Marshmallow symbol for simpson.
carlton_99: I know it may sound dumb but a second draft pick of weatering or schade will help carlton in the future
carlton_99: So probs best taht we mdidnt finsih on top of gcs
frenzy: margarine simpson or marg simpson
dipstick: lions will get first 2 picks if they have players leave like leun or martin or aish. no top 2 pick for blues next year
carlton_99: whats trades got to do with pick 2 if they tarde with other teams they will have to give up there picks for them
dipstick: you obv have no idea how compensation picks work i gather?
Ben_Gogos: This’ll be Yarran’s last game for the Blues
Beast_Mode: muppet it’s called compensation if they walk in free agency
JRedden: start junking shaw… please
kangawalla: Spud icon is perfect for Yarran. I brought him in thinking he’d play angry as if he had a point to prove. Nup!
m0nty: gez, harsh spud on Yaz… he’s better than that!
kangawalla: Or to improve his currency elsewhere
dipstick: @beast ahh not true obv no idea how it works
heppelitis: spud for ben m0nty?
kangawalla: Sorry Monty. He’s currently a liability imo
Ben_Gogos: Yarran has put in a spudly effort for another spudly performance. The spud was required!
DanBlack: @beast best to stop talking now make. You’re just flat out wrong
carlton_99: but henederson and yarran will leave and tehy r free agents sooo we will get poicks
heppelitis: pretty good effort toby
dipstick: lions will most likely get picks 1 and 2 , carlton picks 3 and 4
AngryRyno: yarran on the pine because he is injured
kangawalla: Two words @carlton99. Auto correct, or just type a little slower. 🙂
JRedden: shaw what the fuck…
DanBlack: D*ck is my Fyfe cover. Pretty good effort by him
carlton_99: wow i spelt two words wrong wooooowwwww
Hadouken: wow simpson has gone bang since i was here last
dipstick: yeh d*ck has been in there from the start. 8 CP and 3FF
kangawalla: @DanBlack. So many double entendres there. Sooo many!
Dangermaus: too bad Cameron can’t play like this all the time
kangawalla: @carlton99. You’ve murdered the English language all afternoon. Check out the chat log.
Ben_Gogos: @Dangermaus not much to play against this week
heppelitis: just a little more for superman status greene,,,dont stop
carlton_99: sorry i never knew i was in 3rd grade english
Ben_Gogos: Cameron has had back to back capes!
AngryRyno: 2nd grade*
AngryRyno: docherty huge junk, 50DT 10 mins ago
Ben_Gogos: In fact, Jeremy has scored 104 DT points this second half
Dangermaus: how does word disappear out of a game like that… it’s like he goes out of his way to NOT get the ball
AngryRyno: if that is not a yin yang for cameron…
Dangermaus: Ward, not word
frenzy: flower off Shaw 104sc

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