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Chat log from R22 of 2015: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R22 of 2015

J.Worrall: Even the Pies would miao if they could beat the Pies!
frenzy: grand final weekend, woot woot
desmondo: Should be a good game…Cats by 12 points..Selwood leads the way
desmondo: hello! a good game…cats by 12…Selwood best on..
desmondo: Subs are?
J.Worrall: GoMentalMenzel!
desmondo: Any-one home??
desmondo: do we know the subs?
pie35: Cloke out White in.
dms774: Cloke out!
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
Heizenberg: Good job seven nice interview hahah
Ben_Gogos: That’s a biggy!
wadaramus: In two GF’s and eating a donut in the backline, thanks Hodgey!
J.Worrall: NoBloke? Dave better go well then …
Heizenberg: My commenst not posting
J.Worrall: SloMo SteeleGoals
wadaramus: C’mon Collingwood.
willywalks: cmon bartel, jelwood, adams and kolo, i’ll take 400 from u lot tonight!
rickyb80: monty censoring u heizen 😉
Heizenberg: Hahahaa hi ricky
Heizenberg: Stop chatting and make me a latte bro 🙂
rickyb80: dude it happened again…98%..having the night off. too frustrating
rickyb80: lol no soy at my place
Heizenberg: Damn that sucks mate
Heizenberg: Hahahaha
Heizenberg: Yeah frustrating game
willywalks: reid on menzel, some bad knees in that matchup
Apachecats: yeah Willy 6 ops between them
Heizenberg: Well,done menzel
FlagDog: Took the C off pendles and put i on swanny… hmm.
Grazz: Onya Menzel
JRedden: what a quarter pendles is having
FlagDog: That’s better Pig 🙂
derkaderrr: willywalks I think you have that wrong, Reid has never done a knee injury…
Beast_Mode: Catter not showing much ticker at all
SubOptimal: evening all – who is sub for cats?
FlagDog: Murdoch
SubOptimal: nvm can see now
SubOptimal: ty fd
Raspel31: Evening all. Think Buckley must have given Pendles a right royal boot up the bum-I’m happy.
Heizenberg: Hi sub
JRedden: swan cape, what a star
frenzy: cape for Swine
Grazz: Swanny Superman, Gun
rickyb80: geez cats look ordinary
Bothy: Cloke out and Collingwood play like winners..hmmm
Raspel31: Finally brought Swanny in for Hodge-and capped. Go you good thing.
Costanza: Jimmy’s down
colin wood: Cape for swan
pies13: well done pies keep going good luck 2every1 in $leagues im out speak 2u all nxt year
rickyb80: its no secret that clokes a massive flog
zadolinnyj: Gents.
Bothy: lol and take Menzel out and Cats scoreless
FlagDog: Thanks Captain!
NewFreoFan: Why is Pendles score so high? This game doesn’t matter…
Heizenberg: Hi zad
rickyb80: shouldve unloaded him when they had the chance
zadolinnyj: First time going for Collingwood. Good for crows
Heizenberg: Lol true bothy
derkaderrr: Anyone reckon Swanny could be a sneaky chance for the All Australian team?
RooBoyStu: at least Greenwood will play in September in Round 23 I spose
Heizenberg: Cloke way overrated doesnt play well often enough
Bothy: yeah Zad Crows guaranteed finals if Cats lose
Heizenberg: Thats right ricky freo wanted him
3rdstriker: 3 qtrs to go selwood and Im free from you forever
Bothy: Id so no derk
Bothy: but he has played well in the latter half of the season
frenzy: Lol rooboy
Bothy: lol 3rd
Yelse: pies kicking straight for once. if they did this througjout year they be in finals
J.Worrall: Gogogo Dave!
zadolinnyj: There was a sniper on the grassy knol at the game u were at last week heiz. Players going down big time
Raspel31: Evening zado, Heiz, 3rd and all. Go Swanny !
Heizenberg: Menzel again
Heizenberg: Yeah must have been zad
3rdstriker: evening raspel
Bothy: I still say,…withour Menzel Cats have nothing!!
zadolinnyj: Raspel
zadolinnyj: Gee Menzel could have been something special
RooBoyStu: Jesse White with the white vest next to his name lol how ironic
frenzy: tomahawk is missing a penguin, m0nty
Bothy: Menzel would be high on adreneline tonight
DirtyDawn: Evening all
zadolinnyj: Dirty
3rdstriker: still could be zado, hes still only young
Bothy: is White actually on the field?
zadolinnyj: Moore is currently like a baby deer. Will be something special when he fills out
SubOptimal: imo Buckley has described the team’s problems well, and done something about the ones he can have an impact on
zadolinnyj: How old is Menzel?
3rdstriker: almost 24
dipstick: ahhh menzel kicked all the cats score. thats a joke right??
Bothy: lol it is dip…but true…
willywalks: at least adams is pulling his weight unlike my cat players…
3rdstriker: Appreciate the effort from Buckley to try to keep Swan’s fwd eligibility for next year
FlagDog: Bucks has Swan as a DPP forward you reckon Striker? ;D
rickyb80: motlop gunna look great in yellow n black next year
Bothy: I would suggest Geelong in “rebuild” mode next year
dipstick: @flag obviously. bucks has NEVER been a team player. always has and will be a selfish 1 man flog
3rdstriker: I reckon he’s realised he will lose DPP so will sit him at ff for the rest of the year, solid effort Bucks
DirtyDawn: Will Bartel play next year?
SubOptimal: lol, there it is #dipstickcommentary
SubOptimal: odds Jelwood gets reported out of frustration tonight?
frenzy: c’mon swanny lift
pies13: last comment colingwoooood!
RooBoyStu: Geelong wont play finals for 5 years, they have not managed their list well at all.
Raspel31: Think I might be home. My op capped Fyfe-wtf
rickyb80: geelong too stubborn/arrogant for that bothy. still think its 2010
casey22: Sidey’s mouthguard makes him look like most of the pies cheer squad
valkorum: watch your language please suboptimal
valkorum: never mind sub, realised you were referring to another member after I posted
Raspel31: Sub a gentleman valk
Bothy: @ricky you probably right
zadolinnyj: Maybe dipstick should be called dower shower
FlagDog: NOooooooo swanny…. FARK!
3rdstriker: swanny very sore
RooBoyStu: Swan cooked
Beast_Mode: swany gone
wadaramus: Swanny not good after Selwood tackle.
SubOptimal: pig in pain 🙁
casey22: I reckon Swannie’s gone
willywalks: good work jelwood, having a shower game so take swanny out, muppet…
3rdstriker: down the race
DirtyDawn: Didnt look great for Swanny to be honest
FlagDog: There goes my captain, there goes my year. FML.
willywalks: stevie j is an absolute douche, what a self gloryifying sob
RooBoyStu: Pig in trouble, Roast Pork with Apple sauce on the menu
Raspel31: Flagdog-you and many. Let’s hope not.
3rdstriker: swans back on the bench
wadaramus: Well done Selwood, you suck and you take Swanny out, double stinker.
3rdstriker: he looks ok
rickyb80: hah was looking good for a bit there flagdog
Beast_Mode: swan looks alright, he’ll be back on shortly
willywalks: he’ll b right
Raspel31: Pig will return for more oinking
FlagDog: I can only hope! Please Pig!
3rdstriker: its amazing selwood still has no idea how to break a tag
SubOptimal: the way he is going about it atm is going to cost him a game if he keeps it up
zadolinnyj: Wow. Go crows
heppelitis: gee pies have4 racked up the dt points as a team so far…huge
3rdstriker: swans back on
Raspel31: Agreed 3rd-so happy finally shot of him.
Beast_Mode: pig back from the dead!
iZander: won’t have to worry about it next year when danger joins him @ striker
3rdstriker: 2 qtrs to go for me raspel, cant wait
SubOptimal: what on earth was kelly thinking?
casey22: That will be on review; reckon a fine
3rdstriker: I still reckon he’ll get tagged, Danger seems to handle it much better
Bothy: lol why would Danger want to rush to a sinking side???
zadolinnyj: Danger hates a tag
Beast_Mode: swan is done for the night, red cross him it’s a wrap.
DirtyDawn: Im guessing a lower thigh for Dave
Raspel31: If Swanny gone-there gomany of our seasons-poof
3rdstriker: fasolo in a lot of pain too
iZander: yeah he could do @striker
casey22: I reckon it was a knee: sounded like crisp bacon snapping
Bothy: Danger to Cats like Judd to Blues…high cost and kills draft picks for no major gain
Costanza: motflop
wadaramus: Swannys knee buckled under a Selwood tackle,
leeroy81: Most good teams will have Swan so it won’t impact too badly
frenzy: sidealps 90sc
zadolinnyj: Dave oinked in pain
wadaramus: Dave squealed in pain!!
zadolinnyj: With Mitchell, hodge, Fyfe and now dave I’ll struggle to win gf
Bothy: and btw Blicavs one of the revalations of the season..especially for the Cats
RooBoyStu: Danger would only go to Geelong to join their Mad Monday dress ups
J.Worrall: Quick injection and Dave will be fine
Bothy: lol Roo
Raspel31: Tough Zado-Mitchell back isn’t he ?
zadolinnyj: Sam Mitchell out
zadolinnyj: Would assume on horses form twitch will be sub to add to the Pi
zadolinnyj: Pain
Raspel31: Ouch.
frenzy: will Priddis play
zadolinnyj: Have you heard something frenzy?
frenzy: herald sun website in doubt? prob only BS
Bothy: anyone believe Cats can come back and win?
SubOptimal: @bothy not sportsbet
3rdstriker: I think the Priddis thing was just speculation it might be a good time to rest him, didnt seem like anything to it
3rdstriker: swan subbed
Beast_Mode: swan subbed out
DirtyDawn: Swanny subbed
frenzy: swine subbed
zadolinnyj: If priddis is rested I’m back with a chance
SubOptimal: pig penned
meka100: Fuck you Selwood, do fuck all and injure Swan
Drummo: Hey guys I think Dane Swan is subbed
Raspel31: Jelwood-you thug and loser.
willywalks: if ur gunna take swanny out jelwood, i need u to get his points!
zadolinnyj: Lol sub
RooBoyStu: Priddis will play if he wants the Brownlow as he and Goldy will overrun Fyfe
casey22: My SC, GF Opponent, Fox Footy had Swanny in captain loop
JRedden: priddis has to play.. atkins will do shit against wc
RooBoyStu: Swanny might put his feet up and a crack open a stubby on the bench
rickyb80: hope u beat em casey. those pricks knocked me out in the semis
zadolinnyj: Walker subbed
3rdstriker: stevie johnson might be rubbed out of his farewell next week
willywalks: on another note, looks like a good move bring in houli instead of enright, glad i didn’t listen to Roy!
JRedden: fuck me enright start junking…
zadolinnyj: I need some Enright junk
willywalks: who had the better shank, vardy or blicavs?
Drummo: Yeah i listened to Roy, unfortunately
SubOptimal: lol Lingy trying hard to water down this SJ knock, can imagine the dirty looks he’s giving Haim in the box
RooBoyStu: no TV for Stevie J?
JRedden: ffs where is enright, kelly bartel mackie all junking it up back there
willywalks: where the flower is jelwood with all this geelong possession? ffs…
IHateChat: SJ last ever game tonight.
zadolinnyj: SJ may go elsewhere
Raspel31: Grewupwith rugger-but Jelwood tackles to hurt and I don’t like that.
IHateChat: Pendles on fire this quarter.
willywalks: mare for hawkins
JRedden: geelong just having a horrible game, dont deserve to make finals
barlow4pm: is pendles playing more of an outside game? only 3 contested possessions and no clearances
DirtyDawn: Motlop was one of the reasons I was KO’d from my cash league finals series. This week he turns this on???
3rdstriker: back flank loose man barlow, very uncontested
SubOptimal: b4p he’s playing half back
3rdstriker: that is such a poor effort from the umpire, you have to understand the game better than that
SubOptimal: lol that free for SJ is ridic
willywalks: that is a flowered call on langdon, stevie milked the shower out of it
Wends: Evening all. Swannie going up still. Magic Dave.
SubOptimal: feel like I’m ur echo tonight 3rd
3rdstriker: haha
IHateChat: Pendles on 40pts this quarter
gigo: How will Stevie go in @ the MRP
RooBoyStu: Stevie J no case to answer going by m0nty, no tv icon
frenzy: pendles playing a heath shaw game
casey22: Stevie J will end up at the bombers with the rest of the hacks, ffs.
SubOptimal: MRP = might retire prematurely
RooBoyStu: he left the ground, 50-50, if earlier in the year he would go i reckon
casey22: Cats will get rid of SJ, Bartel, Taylor, Enright, Mackie, Hawkins & Kelly?
Bothy: whats Pendles SC pts pls?
3rdstriker: probably below the required force I reckon Royboo, wasnt much in it, otherwise its probably a fine as impact low
Bothy: if they do Casey its a “rebuild” for 5 years at least
The39Steps: How can a team with everything to play for, get walloped by one that lost by 90 puts a week earlier?
zadolinnyj: 110 bothy
The39Steps: *points
Bothy: ty Zad
J.Worrall: I like puts better’
The39Steps: Mind you, given last week this game might not be over.
3rdstriker: 1 more qtr selwood, 1 more qtr
RooBoyStu: Geelong are shower,remember they lost to the Dees at home
Wends: Did Motlop get injured earlier?
davep: Pull your finger out Selwood- do something FFS
3rdstriker: what a mark
casey22: Mark of th year
J.Worrall: MentalMenzel!
derkaderrr: bloody hell this kid is a star
RooBoyStu: Daniel Menzel needs the zombie icon as he’ll be in everybodies teams next year
casey22: Did a great job on Menzel’s rebuild, put some extras in!
3rdstriker: If hes not heavily discounted he will be over 500k rooboy
J.Worrall: MootLoop!
rickyb80: that was outta bounds surely
The39Steps: Just had a lazy $20 on Cats at $13 on sportsbet.
willywalks: what, over 500k? on what planet?
J.Worrall: Noit 15, therefore no 50 – sucks to be a cat
RooBoyStu: $20 donated, should’ve kept it and whacked it on Bounding tomorrow at Caulfield
daverudder: he’ll be around $200k and yes in everyones team as a cash cow
Raspel31: Jelwood less than Swan half a game ago-fair deserts.
SubOptimal: @RBS cheers for the tip
frenzy: jelwood can’t even handle greenwood, Lol, lift muppet
3rdstriker: Selwood has no Plan B, cant go back, cant go forward, wont run with another opposition player, useles
RooBoyStu: Geelong fans rushing to book September holidays in Warrnambool.
meka100: Selwood fuckstain
Wends: Ducky going backwards in SC at a rate of knots. Might make up for me accidentally leaving VC on Dave in GF.
Bothy: @Rooboy no on Girl Guide!!
IHateChat: Pendles star.
Bothy: Blicavs is having a blinder again
davep: HSun reporting Birchall in doubt – anyone know anything about this?
frenzy: start junk time pendles, I need it
willywalks: i hate u jelwood, so very very much, why was i convinced to bring u into my time, go jump…
3rdstriker: give sidebottom the yin yang, could not have been more useless second half
casey22: I will definately go into rebuild mode next year, lots to get rid of
casey22: Disgusting when joffa gets some air time
RooBoyStu: agree 3rdstriker
willywalks: he isnt even getting tagged anymore and still can’t find the pill, flowering useless
Wends: Argghh! The CFC tweet pic to the right of screen, I can’t unsee it.
Raspel31: Come on Jelwood-surely another free kick to give away left in you.
3rdstriker: 5 minutes Selwood, champagne at the ready
RooBoyStu: Joffa holding up his own bag, for when he does drag
Grazz: Crows play Finals. 🙂
Bothy: oh yeah Grazz
Wends: Congrats Grazz, yr team deserves it after what they’ve been thru.
zadolinnyj: Yes crowies. To bad I’m in America next 4 weeks
GJayBee: Joffa was taken to a VFL pies game by a guy who was helping kids from boarding home.
GJayBee: Changed his life for the better. You know him, he does not know you.
McRooster: #wereinthefinals #gocrows #septemberholidaysforpower
casey22: Is joffa on the pies board? Love to see him sitting next to eddie in his gold jacket & handbag
GJayBee: He had nothing, now he has footy!
RooBoyStu: multi looking good, coll, north and ess at the line +39.5
willywalks: i just tweeted my disgust to jelwood, hope he gets the message :
GJayBee: Selwood is like a boxer, to courageous for his own good. Respect to him though.
GJayBee: willywalks = keyboard hero
willywalks: yeah, i prefer warrior though!
frenzy: no idea umps, none
RooBoyStu: Crows may rest players Sunday lol, as they’re in
Bothy: Selwood has underachieved this year….he may be brave but not his best season
frenzy: clap clap clap, Pendles and Menzel
willywalks: seriously though, when pendles gets a tag and doesn’t bring this rubbish, especially when finals r on the line
3rdstriker: hes been terrible, had a solid 4 game stretch a month ago but other than that has been shocking
Beast_Mode: selwood is just a flat track bully
monkebuket: top 3 scorers for the cats tell an interesting story for cats future – hope stevie stays
Raspel31: Agreed Beast-he tackles to inflict pain-a thug
3rdstriker: Im no longer a selwood owner, hooray
SubOptimal: gn all
willywalks: can’t be that much of a tackler when u lay one every 40 minutes, soft
Beast_Mode: sj, kelly are gone imo
frenzy: taxes to come yet 150 odd sc on offer

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