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Chat log from R21 of 2015: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R21 of 2015

heppelitis: oh crap heart failure…hope hamling is the one at the bottom…not listed
frenzy: lol hepp
boydshow: hamlings in
cusch1: What does the shield on Ellis mean?
iZander: defending small forwards i think cusch 😛
JDolling69: Its like in defence but no direct match up i reckon
cusch1: Oh…anticlimactic (I think that’s the word) lolol
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Murphy dithers on the HBF and inexplicably handballs straight to Sinclair, who makes him pay with a goal from 35m
poolboybob: Don’t see many of those from Bob Murphy
spudaroos: Im liking Hunter as a POD pickup next year, has shown a lot in the past few games.
RooBoyStu: good to see bulldogs having a physical game as want them tired coming back from Perth next week
SwaggyP: Bought Hunter in 3 weeks ago, good pick up, worth a look next season
JRedden: bulldogs never dont play physical games, so it wont affect them
RooBoyStu: 6 day break we’ll see
poolboybob: Kennedy cape
JRedden: you forget how good the dogs are at etihad I think
poolboybob: Hurn muppet
willywalks: starting to think i would have been better off fielding edwards instead of spud yeo
wadaramus: Come on Hamling, I need some assistance!!!
colin wood: WADA same here mate need Hamling to at least score me a 55
wadaramus: Roger that colin, somewhere around 60 odd would be good, anything above that would be welcomed!
the worm: hope hamling gives away 5 frees before getting subbed
Mcswains: i agree with ya worm lol
wadaramus: Thanks for the positive words worm.
the worm: waslaughing at my match up friday…not anymore
J.Worrall: Move it, Dollhouse
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Biggs commits a clanger with a kick in the BP straight to LeCras 35m out near the boundary. LeCras goals.
colin wood: Dalhouse on 40?? Lol what a joke
Mcswains: your a joke colin wood lol
Apachecats: Hambling about to overtake Bont and Dahlhous
colin wood: Wallis gone to bed?? Wake up FFS
Mcswains: stay in bed Wallis lol
dibbydobby: wheres picken?!
zadolinnyj: Heaven. As long as Dahlhaus does not score 135sc I am in the GF in paid league. Cash coming
frenzy: lol wheres picken
colin wood: Touch the ball Hamling FFs
Jozz89: This games to franetic
willywalks: im up by 65 with yeo vs priddis and getting worried :/
willywalks: i think yeo is also deserving of the pumpkin m0nty
Hadouken: good having crows icon near name, but man that colour scheme is horrid. back to default for now
Hadouken: move it dahl…
m0nty: Yeo is only scoring like this because he is playing defence.
willywalks: yes, but defenders can score more than 10 points a quarter too, i’d have been ok with a 60-70…
GJayBee: Yeo! You are not the man I thought you were.
willywalks: re your last game comment, i lived in perth for 7 years m0nty and yes they don’t have any idea on the rules…
spudaroos: I hope Priddis wins the brownlow.
GJayBee: I hope Goldy does. I read that one punter has $1000 on Goldy at 100 to 1!
iZander: i hope danger does! i have 5 dollars on at 20 dollars him lelelel
GJayBee: Priddis could come close again!
GJayBee: Couple of goals please bont!
Buzz67: What happens if your game is a draw? I am 2 points down Wallis v Bonti
iZander: Fyfe, danger, body, hannas and priddis 😛 gotta be out of them surly 😀
iZander: goldy**
BoredSaint: My opponent has Nic Nat who is on 97 SC and if he gets 129 then I lose. Gonna be a tight finish!
happylab: @buzz, whoever finishes higher on the ladder
Buzz67: Thanks @happylab. Not what I wanted to hear though
poolboybob: Bit early to hand out the star hey?
GJayBee: for sure iZander
spudaroos: Someone has to explain to me how Campbell gets games over big Minno.
wadaramus: Don’t think anyone is the star just yet.
cusch1: Rihanna ski
cusch1: Rohan smith pulling the boots back in for the dogs?
GJayBee: Minow has a bad aura
wadaramus: Haming witcheshatLOL, pull your finger out man, I should have taken Edwards 60 odd.
KingPetrie: priddis and nicnat sc?
Jodd: When are Schofield and Butler back? I need Yeo back in the midfield for finals. 🙁
the worm: is nic nat beating kennedy in sc?
Number 8: Beveridge’s belligerence with Minson will cost the Scraggers a final
cusch1: Need priddis to beat Bont by 50. Chances?
colin wood: Someone throw a brick at Hamling
the worm: newman might
frenzy: bont always junks it up
RooBoyStu: Eagles will rest players next week no doubt
wadaramus: r change!
Apachecats: Shows why Doggies need to finish in bottom half of the eight.
wadaramus: *star
JRedden: even if they rest players they will destroy adelaide
frenzy: trash can the bont m0nty
RooBoyStu: bring on the doggies next week, they’re shot
grossn: how can there be an X factor in a 66 point game?
RooBoyStu: agree grossn i’ve given up on the shower icons, no x factor in north freo game according to m0nty
JRedden: lol watch us with picken boyd back, you guys wont win
frenzy: minty is on auto pilot
the worm: i think ellis is the x factor
Apachecats: Not one ton from the Dogs yet
JRedden: plus you guys have tigers in rd23.. we have brisbane
RooBoyStu: Yeo is a pumkin
cusch1: Will beveridge come under as much scrutiny as Hird did when he put Carlisle in the ruck?
RooBoyStu: who the tigers? lol last time we lost to them was 2011, we’ve won 5 of last 6 against them
frenzy: captain Goldy next week
dibbydobby: dont underestimate the tiges roo lol
Buzz67: Lost my game by a point and Wallis hit the post with not much to go
zadolinnyj: Winner. Awesome

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