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Chat log from R21 of 2015: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R21 of 2015

frenzy: carlton tanking, casboult out Lol
RooBoyStu: did KFC give free tickets with every bucket purchased for Judd, HUGE crowd
the worm: not sure how leaving casboult out equates to tanking
J_Pinkman: ol bighead snagged one
iZander: oh god, heres a simpson 30 coming up 🙁
heppelitis: oh crap..2 players and 2 padlocks…dam
gdshifty: fuck you docherty
mace485: sh*thouse dees
the worm: bruise free football
Beast_Mode: whos the muppet that said carlton are tanking? lol
iZander: you can still see all the comments…@ beast
zadolinnyj: Big one please McDonald. Simpson small one please. Still have a slight chance here to get to gf
willywalks: comments working or what?
thommoae: Probably sitting next to the Muppet that said Simon Goodwin was waiting for the best future coaching gig in the AFL!
the worm: 5 tackle quarter
Apachecats: Thats a very good padlock Simpson is wearing.Hope it stays there.
heppelitis: good observation @the worm…very poor
Woodie: Keep going Cripps..
RooBoyStu: Blue Moon all Carlton players
dipstick: @rooboy yeh. but carlton will win a flag before the roos guarenteed
grossn: @Dipstick neither team will win a flag in the next 10 years
RooBoyStu: hahaha as if dipstick we have won 2 since your last one in 95
heppelitis: tmac 71 sc
carlton_99: but our younger players are much better then yours
heppelitis: umpiring good today carlton_99?
RooBoyStu: Saints in a better position than Carlton, who’s Blues coach next year?
willywalks: cripps and who else is better?
carlton_99: u can tell theextra ump is making a differnece
Cac u: crippsssss
zadolinnyj: Keep going tmac
JDolling69: Kreuzer and Simmo cancelling out my mood
Apachecats: Dawes ,what an ass et you are.
zadolinnyj: It is very quiet heppelitis
the worm: blues will win a flag before 99 stops whining about the umpires
HappyDEZ: Roos coaching philosophies are antiquated but possibly beneficial for Goodwin in the long run.
zadolinnyj: Simpson 50sc is questionable
carlton_99: i havent said a thing @the worm get ur facts straight
heppelitis: thanks nat jones…totally disinterested
tigerman28: Cripps sc?
zadolinnyj: 69 mate
J_Pinkman: cripps 65sc
J_Pinkman: simpson 49sc, gawn 29sc
the worm: u can tell theextra ump is making a differnece???
zadolinnyj: Tmac
tigerman28: Thanks, pinkman. What about tmac?
carlton_99: how is taht complainijg im complmenting the afl on their chnage
J_Pinkman: tommy mac on 80sc
Tim Tam: nice sc, kreuzer is worrying me though, first time I’m playing someone with him
frenzy: docho and simpson Vs Tmac, surely not
the worm: probably just a reflex developed over 21 weeks…just assumed it to be implied criticism somehow
zadolinnyj: Krueger well over 100sc at half time
J_Pinkman: was going to type in krueze’s score, didn’t think it was relevant, but he on a crazy 110sc points
Tim Tam: simpson and cripps vs kreuzer+29… ugh
carlton_99: haha so funny
zadolinnyj: Kruez will be a tough choice next year. Burns you so much in past but when he’s on.
JDolling69: You make me sick simpson
Ben_Gogos: Murphy done
zadolinnyj: Love you tmac. You may get me over the line in a semi I thought I’d lose
zadolinnyj: Raise the sc bat tmac
Hadouken: simpson crud. glad i have this week off lol
Woodie: If you have this week off, season over @Had
Dommy02: up the dees!!
JDolling69: AF has semis this week
thommoae: Is there such a word as ‘resultantly’, Ben? You havin’ the ly lols?
Hadouken: or i won qualifying last week and have prelmin next week? @woodie
RooBoyStu: only Carlton can lose this, where’s dipstick lol
m0nty: Demonstratingly, it is a word
Tim Tam: @Woodie, some fantasy comps have prelims this week, some have semis
tigerman28: Cripps sc?
Ben_Gogos: Resultantly is a word, champ
frenzy: back on the game fellas
man0005: back on the game fellas
wadaramus: Cripps 96sc.
Heizenberg: I’m at the game, what happened to murph? Plz plz plz
Heizenberg: I didn’t see
frenzy: dilodged shoulder, last seen crying in the rooms
RooBoyStu: m0nty & Ben Gogos to appear on the TV Show Spelling Bee
zadolinnyj: Dislocated shoulder. Fully out as per fox footy
m0nty: back on the game please, it’s quite cromulent
Heizenberg: Thnx frenzy
cusch1: I hope Melbourne win this
Heizenberg: Thnx Zad
the worm: blues will struggle without murphy for the finals
zadolinnyj: Cripps will be very good.
zadolinnyj: Game is far from cromulent Monty but like the humour
Cac u: what a clearance crippssss
zadolinnyj: Cripps amazing display
wadaramus: Gawn 38 H/O’s, obviously not many HOTA’s.
zadolinnyj: Heizenberg Jamison done as well
wadaramus: Cripps was my last upgrade, but with Tmitch and Picken out, he stays!
JDolling69: Kreuz, Simpson, all is ask is for 10 more points
zadolinnyj: Need dalihaus under 120sc to win
Woodie: @Wadaramus, can’t complain about Cripps scoring of late, better then some so called premos
zadolinnyj: As long as tmac stays 20 in front of simpson
wadaramus: Absolutely Woodie, was loathe to trade him, but had a trade to burn and he was the last rookie!
zadolinnyj: Boekhurst running was amazing
Woodie: Had plans to trade him but injuries forced me to keep him, worked out good.

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