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Chat log from R21 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Fremantle, R21 of 2015

frenzy: hearts2hearts
Fletch91: Cmon Captain Fyfe, have a big game for me!
carlton_99: fyfe or goldy capt
carlton_99: or sandi
valkorum: Captain Fyfe prob not a good idea. He may spend a lot more time forward
deanie: fyfe will outsccore goldy though
iZander: with the jacobs tag (you’d assume) playing forward may be an advantage 😛
JRedden: need neale to go crazy today
carlton_99: so what fyfe, sandi or goldy i need options quick
iZander: listening on the radio…i hate it when they have people who don’t follow football commentating”they have their ziebell”
deanie: fyfe
zadolinnyj: Need bad games from ibbot and hill
Chelskiman: Barlow and Fyfe, go go go!
deanie: I have not even seen higgins out there..
JRedden: why is jacobs tagging neale and not fyfe? stupid north
JDolling69: Jacobs is on Fyfe, FanFooty has it wrong
iZander: is he actually tagging neale though?
KingPetrie: north r cooked
valkorum: m0nty – it was harvey who was pinged for 50m penalty, not firrito
dipstick: its not that norf are cooked. they aint a top 4 team and the AFL is set up for top 4 teams
zadolinnyj: Will norf make finals? Dogs and Richmond after this
poolboybob: New symbol for players defending small forwards?
m0nty: correct bob
Dangermaus: I think I only hate Neale simply because I never had him in my team
JRedden: keep going neale 65 by HT
Woodie: Get going Hill, need 100 from you today.
Beast_Mode: North 9th.
grossn: Called it since Monday, North will lose their next 3
iZander: to be fair they have a tough 3 game draw, not exactly a miracle call
heppelitis: geez dunstalls got it in for goldstein today
Raspel31: Much maligned Mayne having a cracker-keep it up lad.
Dommy02: cmon johnson get back inform!
zadolinnyj: If you can’t beat at least one of those teams, why play finals?
iZander: I’m glad the players don’t have your attitude @ zad
Raspel31: Sandilands hasitover Goldy at the mo-great match up.
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty where are our team logos
dipstick: @zado about 8 qtrs away mate
zadolinnyj: Just last game is it
Dangermaus: zado – you only get them 2nd half of the last game
dipstick: alex pearce is a bit of a 1 qtr wonder consistently
Dangermaus: i stand corrected, I guess monty is feeling generous today
zadolinnyj: Legend Monty
m0nty: bonus today! 😀
JRedden: what a shit quarter from neale
dipstick: usually last 2 qtrs of round but it seems today m0nts wants to expose early im a blues fan to cop it nex game
Dangermaus: all jokes aside, how is Zac Dawson still playing AFL-level footy ???
JDolling69: unlucky dipstick
dipstick: @danger a bit harsh. he should have a flame at this rate. already on 9
Raspel31: Reckon Blues will put up a good fight dipstick
zadolinnyj: It is a miracle dangermaus.
frenzy: roos need to smash the packs and will be right into this
dipstick: @frenzy more likely roos fans will smash though packs of tissues when they miss the finals
heppelitis: @frenzy…goldy did it on your half fwd flank which resulted in a goal to boomer…commentators said nothing.
frenzy: haha says the wooden spooner
Beast_Mode: north must have the hardest last 3 games of any club. Must win this.
RooBoyStu: All North fans need to send Greenwood tissues for when he watches the Finals from the couch
heppelitis: no beast mode…bombers do…cause we sooo crap
Beast_Mode: lol, greenwood will just lot at this bank account for tears of joy.
Beast_Mode: *look
Dangermaus: thanks to StKilda for drawing with Geelong and basically gifting the crows a spot in the 8 =D
JDolling69: @Danger, draw doesnt matter, is they beat you RD23 you’re out
Dangermaus: we’re 6 points clear of geelong already JDolling69. If we win next week, it wont matter if we lose to the cats
RooBoyStu: @JDolling69 if both Adel and Geelong win next week, Geelong can’t make it
zadolinnyj: Need to beat or draw with eagles
iZander: thats a big if danger
Tony9668: When was the last time we beat West Coast, Danger?
JDolling69: Yeah I’m assuming West Coast will win
Dangermaus: never say never
Tony9668: They’re a bogey side for us
RooBoyStu: If West Coast beat Doggies today, they may rest players next week as they’ll be 6pts clear in 2nd
JDolling69: I doubt they would after that Gold Coast incident
Tony9668: Too tight this year to rest players
happylab: wouldnt you rest them when you have a less important game like against st kilda
RooBoyStu: why not, they play saints at home last game so should win easy
RooBoyStu: why travel players to adelaide let them rest
Tim Tam: yeah, pretty sure geelong thought that was an “easy” win too, eh?
zadolinnyj: Makes sense RooBoy
Tony9668: Hope your right Roo
zadolinnyj: Eagles vs doggies will be hard and tough.
RooBoyStu: if west coast prefer Crows in 8 than cats, then they’ll rest players next week, ball is in their court
JDolling69: Rest R23 when spot on the ladder is secured
happylab: north arnt secured a spot in the finals of yet
zadolinnyj: The fact all spots except first may be up for grabs in last round makes a good end
happylab: i mean, they still have to play the dogs and richmond
RooBoyStu: will be in 40 or so minutes
zadolinnyj: Both sides fighting for top 4 as well @happylab. Tough
zadolinnyj: Love the confidence roo
poolboybob: Fyfe forgot to come out of the rooms after half time
Tony9668: Won’t rollover the Dockers like Saints last week
zadolinnyj: Lyon to defensive with such talent
zadolinnyj: Norf will struggle to score with the defensive genius Zac Dawson in defense
RooBoyStu: Here we come, Go Roos!
zadolinnyj: *defence. Strange auto correct
Tony9668: Dawson must have photos of Ross Lyon doing something illegal
Raspel31: Dawson everywhere you look. Amazing skills.
zadolinnyj: Damn you hill.
Chelskiman: Please tag Neale again.
zadolinnyj: Possible on the bombers radar Raspel. They can free up a million
Raspel31: Funny zado
Beast_Mode: smash these muppets freo
RooBoyStu: Jack Dawson should replace Zac
RooBoyStu: Fyfe reported
zadolinnyj: Going for ball. No issue
RooBoyStu: bye bye Brownlow
happylab: did fyfe just lose the brownlow?
iZander: holy shit, fyfe gone? he only needs a fine i think
snake_p: free kick that’s all
Raspel31: Can accept points I think
JDolling69: There wasn’t much in it
casey22: Seen players suspended for less than that hit
snake_p: watch the media go over the top just like the Hodge incident
zadolinnyj: No such thing as fine for that iZander. Will not be an issue.
Mcswains: did he even hit the other blokes head?
iZander: ok good, I’m not watching haha
RooBoyStu: Nahas!
Dommy02: fyfe has nothing to worry about
valkorum: hahaha snake, hodge smashed his head on to the post. Fyfe barely touched him
Tony9668: Media as bad as lawyers these days, bottom feeding scum
zadolinnyj: May be in his head for rest of match though. See how he plays
snake_p: valkorum, media trying to turn the game into a non contact sport
RooBoyStu: North v Tiges rd 23 and then possibly the week after
zadolinnyj: Hodge actually woke wingard up. Did him a favour. Kicked 2 in 2 after hit. Wingard bye hodge a beer call it even
desmondo: Goldy SC any-one?
zadolinnyj: How is hill on 71sc with 57% accuracy
godons: To be fair Snake, SEN spoke about the Fyfe report for 10 secs as it happened then moved on
RooBoyStu: Goldy 77sc
zadolinnyj: 76 mate
happylab: according to sc paige he’s on 77
Power16: standard illiterate crows supporter. i think you meant buy*
Power16: Hodge should get 2 for potential to cause serious injury
heppelitis: i want my kid playing footy and some thug trying to crush his skull against the post..
zadolinnyj: SEN is the best call. Not trying to entertain with rubbish
desmondo: TY zad
heppelitis: sorry snake…bad look for footy
zadolinnyj: Typed at same time as Roo. Was not looking at sc page
Hadouken: hmmm, so fyfe reported. interesting…
Tony9668: ABC radio haven’t shut up about the Fyfe report, typical left wing tossers
Hadouken: barlow turning it around this week 🙂
RooBoyStu: blue moon Barlow for 2015
iZander: surly they havnt said hardly anything about the fyfe report? maybe I’m not listening to ABC…
RooBoyStu: Kangas!!!
zadolinnyj: Goldy is very good
Tony9668: Maybe giving Burkey a hard time, he’s in the box
the worm: im guessing tony9668 is tony abbott
snake_p: heppelitis let’s see what the MRP says. 1 week at most imho
zadolinnyj: RooBoy may be correct
grossn: Two goal turnaround for that missed mark to Pearce
heppelitis: we will see…from a fantasy point i hes in all my teams so it will hurt
RooBoyStu: Go Kangas
Tony9668: Lol worm but I’m sure he’s got better things to do
Raspel31: Well said worm
zadolinnyj: Lot of teams have hodge
the worm: the good jarred waite is very good
RooBoyStu: what a game from Waite
RooBoyStu: we win and it’s almost goodbye Geelong in 2015
Tony9668: Has anyone ever played someone who has Dawson in their fantasy team?
zadolinnyj: Geelong can take crows spot still
RooBoyStu: Dawson been on 9 for 2 qtrs
heppelitis: so your sayin stu…hes got half a box of krispy kreams
the worm: but he is a defender, so it probably translates to 137 supercoach
dipstick: a pearce 6 pts since qtr time? fucken dud
casey22: Anyone else think there’s a problem with Fyfe?
zadolinnyj: He owns a franchise heppelitis
heppelitis: and a spud farm as well zaddo
the worm: only left wing morons casey
Beast_Mode: Petrie is greedy, should’ve retired.
RooBoyStu: x factor Boomer
heppelitis: amazing smother by fyfe
grossn: Big HTB call against Freo again, comeon umps
RooBoyStu: Boom Boom Boomer!
dipstick: suck a wet fart lyon for tanking last week. haha cant play with form
zadolinnyj: Lol worm
mickeytg: Not at the game RooBoy??
dipstick: hey lyon- you bring in dawson so when the finals come bring in crawley and totally fuck your team genius
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Michael Walters to get a free 45m out and goal.
RooBoyStu: couldn’t go as in the middle of moving
mickeytg: How many members have North got??
RooBoyStu: over 40k this year
goes: How much supercoach is fyfe on
zadolinnyj: Casbolt out late change
mickeytg: could be a draw……
Tony9668: North home
RooBoyStu: Yes Roo Beauty we win!
zadolinnyj: Game over
mickeytg: game over…..nice. Pity about the crowd though, no one ever turns up to watch North.
RooBoyStu: we are in the finals we are in
Beast_Mode: nedded that north, still 2 tough games.
zadolinnyj: Wonder how much goldy will get for last goal from cd
dipstick: @rooboy yeh. in and out like a 2 min quikie
frenzy: hearts2hearts
Beast_Mode: *needed
RooBoyStu: @dipstick where are Carlton?
frenzy: Lol sc scores up before end of game
mickeytg: Percentage will decide if they make it with two tough games to come.
carlton_99: goldy does not deserve the star give it to sandi
carlton_99: as he is the 1st person to beat holdy

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