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Chat log from R21 of 2015: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R21 of 2015

JRedden: what a start christensen, glad i kept you
Torz: Rockliff has unleashed his tackling.
zadolinnyj: Cmon crows
willywalks: just picture every oppositional player as damian barrett rocky!
wtf???: terrible skills both teams
JRedden: got sloane christesen martin and rockliff in this game, loving life
frenzy: for a second, I couldn’t see Brodie Smith, was mighty peeved, Lol
poolboybob: Crows kicking has been hopeless so far
Torz: Not used to looking up the top for Smith Frenzy. 😛
wtf???: soft
poolboybob: Opponent has Brodie Smith. Going to be very annoyed if he tonnes up
zadolinnyj: Smith 37sc
wtf???: not liking what i’m seeing from adelaide so far
wtf???: they think they’re still playing essendon
Tim Tam: lol this is lions…. chill, we always start slow
wtf???: big transition problems for adelaide
willywalks: captain rocky, keep it goin son!
dipstick: piss off robinson you cauliflowered ear fuck
Torz: Brilliant start captain Rocky!
Chelskiman: Cape for Rocky!
JRedden: wow christensen the cape
JDolling69: You have a cape, you have a cape!
heppelitis: wow…3 or 4 capes in a qtr
JRedden: gee this game is making my ranking go up like crazy
wtf???: exactly Tim Tam..this is Brisbane and we’re struggling big time
Torz: This is the oprah winfrey match. They’re just GIVING points away!
poolboybob: Adelaide have had more kicks directly to Lions players than their own teammates
Brown*Dog: Almost 4 capes in one team – world record
heppelitis: 528 points in a qtr….huge
JRedden: got 250 from 4 players in this game so far
poolboybob: Only 3 touches for Danger. Must be busy checking the Geelong score.
wtf???: jenkins true to form…lol
heppelitis: wow..harris andrews,,8 marks already
wtf???: well done sloaney
zadolinnyj: Andrews may get a run next year
wtf???: was about to say time for the Eddie show
wtf???: Game being played in the adelaide fwd half now
wtf???: Campo must have pulled out the 3-wood at quarter time and smacked a few.
heppelitis: bang bang goes m johnson
willywalks: cook 1st ball in the 2nd dig for a hattrick!
wtf???: Sorry Leppa, but Lions need a better coach
frenzy: that’s better Smith, your usual output
poolboybob: Need Danger to bin up big time in the second half
wtf???: Crowd down the scoreboard end not seeing much footy this quarter
wtf???: Quick poll…should Leppa be there next year?
wtf???: Well….looks like opinion is evenly divided then.
dipstick: no ex players should coach early. hird, bucks, rats, voss, leppa
heppelitis: haha wtf
circle52: Green on for West
3rdstriker: leppa retired 10 years ago
zadolinnyj: So did rats
willywalks: cmon rocky, find the pill…
gdshifty: rocky alive?
Torz: Zorko could get most touches in a quarter ever here.
gdshifty: this quarter is painful. Scoring slowed right down for my 4 players 🙁
dipstick: and thats why theyre not coaching anymore
Chelskiman: Stefan Martin is fucking everywhere. God I hate him.
JRedden: gotta love having goldstein/martin combo
wtf???: Sloane and Danger gone missing too
Roksta: Chels martin is on 60sc
dipstick: danger done stuff all all game but at least going 100%
frenzy: get a kick danger
gdshifty: had the goldstein martin combo from round 1. Best part of my team by far
dipstick: rory rory rory
Chelskiman: I went set and forget with Goldy/Jacobs, so can’t complain too much.
Chelskiman: Martin has midfield like numbers every week though.
Elephant: Danger just got an excellent kick.
RooBoyStu: Brisbane as useful as a fork in a bowl of soup
Torz: What if it’s noodle soup?
Chelskiman: Depends, RooBoy, it could be chunky soup. 😛
Elephant: Brisbane have been much, much better this quarter.
RooBoyStu: lol good call
Chelskiman: Raise the bat, Rocky!
zadolinnyj: It’s in Adelaide so a fork could be used on a pie floater
wtf???: Jenkins all by himself and Tex opts to kick the goal…says it all really
dipstick: weak as piss danger. wtf are you doing?
Torz: Most of my captains struggle to get to this score in 4 quarters. Keep killing it Rocky!
wtf???: Saints in front…handy for Adelaide if they win
dipstick: great 9 pnt quarter dangerfield
gdshifty: rocky -7 last 2 minutes. WTF?
m0nty: nominations for star please
JRedden: gotta be rocky
zadolinnyj: Thinking Douglas Monty with Sloane gun
frenzy: scotty thompson
wtf???: Sloane not much better either
The39Steps: Zorks.
3rdstriker: 27sc point qtr from sloane! go captain sloane
zadolinnyj: Star for winning side boys
3rdstriker: has to be star for tex, 6 goals is hard to beat
Chelskiman: Rocky now doing his best to lose this for me now.
circle52: Lyons on for Luke Brown
dipstick: keep going rocky. cover my C danger who wont even get 85
Chelskiman: FFS Rocky, do something. Martin is killing me, I need you to score!
Chelskiman: I’ve gone from 39 up to 22 down in next to no time in my match up.
DanBlack: Hahaha why do you ask Monty?
willywalks: rocky, wtf is going on!
frenzy: smith is showerhouse, flower me
wtf???: Saints Geelong draw…graet for adelaide
zadolinnyj: Not really great for Adelaide. Loss would have been
frenzy: get sum hard ball danger
bernieV: draw makes no difference to adelaide…but better than them winning
wtf???: puts adelaide 1 win and % ahead of geelong
J_Pinkman: just looking at smith’s score and thought typical. then checked SC. hE’S ON 90 PTS
heppelitis: put danger capt twice this year….each time tagged
zadolinnyj: Yes wtf??? But we have west coast then Geelong. Would need to beat wc or its down to last game
Preston007: What’s wrong with Laird??
J_Pinkman: first time capt Danger and he’s made it 100sc, hoping Goldy doesn’t go too huge.
auxDT: wow i only have Rocky ton up so far in my mid in fantasy
JRedden: martin has had an insane month in terms of scores
The39Steps: Which ruck would you refer tonite – Jake with 43 h/o and 19 ps or Stef with 27 and 23 and 9 mks.
wtf???: Fair enough Zad….getting ahead of myself
zadolinnyj: Martin sc shower
gdshifty: cmon rocky junk it up
The39Steps: @prefer
frenzy: given me the showers now danger
zadolinnyj: Let’s hope Collingwood beat Geelong next friday
dipstick: you can go and get stuffed danger
gdshifty: raise the bat sloane ranger!
Torz: Delicious junk Rocky.
wtf???: Tough ask to barack for Collingwood but there’s a first for everything.
JRedden: martin is just crazy
gdshifty: wow Martin is a beast when no leuey
Chelskiman: How is Martin doing this? It’s unbelievable how much of the ball he gets.
J_Pinkman: don’t understand the disparity with S.Martin’s DT/SC score. Suits me but
dipstick: weak as piss danger you useless flog
OnTheRocks: Laird always gets screwed over by SC
DanBlack: Well done rocky. Great last 10 minutes!!!
gdshifty: 639 from 4 players. Stoked!
frenzy: martin sc is a classic, cd played like selwood and danger tonite
frenzy: lol smith the same
zadolinnyj: Smith had lots of score assists and inside 50s. Score correct. Martin behind Jacobs amazing
Fletch91: Laird robbed too!

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