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Chat log from R21 of 2015: St Kilda vs Geelong

Chat log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R21 of 2015

dipstick: hopefully j.holmes has a big one
zadolinnyj: See what you did there dipstick. Lol
tigerman28: Holmes seems to have a few inches on his opponent
Torz: Minchington has half the ground to himself it seems!
zadolinnyj: Is he from Dallas? Many people have done dallas
poolboybob: Does anyone want to play on Minchington maybe?
Chelskiman: Saints on fire!
Chelskiman: Also, just saw dipstick’s comment. Lol.
zadolinnyj: Holmes is stretching Geelong midfield
Raspel31: One mighty big fellah. Go you good Sainters.
zadolinnyj: Big for crows if saints win this
Apachecats: He’s taller too ,Tigerman
zadolinnyj: Missed a Riewoldt tackle
auxDT: big black cockatoo the sub
Torz: Nice start Kolo. Need something decent covering Boyd.
frenzy: hands up who VC’d jelwood
tigerman28: Selwood putrid so far
Raspel31: After years of loyalty unloaded Jelwood this week.
OnTheRocks: Sherlock Holmes, he’s better at finding the footy than most 😛
poolboybob: Newnes lay a tackle or something
Raspel31: Montagna-Armitage not here to hold your hand-but do something.
poolboybob: Josh Walker is one of the baldest 22 year olds on earth
Raspel31: Lol poolboy
frenzy: what for U do this Jelwood
Raspel31: Early days frenzy and I dumped him for Hodge-waste of effort.
frenzy: Bews needs a pink donut
poolboybob: Newnes get involved you spud
FlagDog: Blicavs… any chance champ?
frenzy: Holmes has flopped
heppelitis: i see wat you did there frenzy lol
Raspel31: Well, no choice Frenzy. Longer injured. Give him time.
Apachecats: R.Jeremy lining up for Sainters next week.
frenzy: Lol raspel, all good bud , ya missed it.
Drummo: Carnster?
willywalks: muppet for the rest of the game for stevie j haha
Bazza2014: sucked in stevie J
tigerman28: That is a double muppet, m0nty! Funniest flower up I’ve ever seen. SJ being a flog.
Pkbaldy: Flopped? what a joke
heppelitis: is j holmes bigger than longer?
FlagDog: Cheers Blicavs
tigerman28: Holmes is longer than Longer
willywalks: pull ya finger out jelwood, my opp has steve, stevie j and motlop…
Jackwatt$: Saints no Longer need another ruckman, Holmes is where the heart is
FlagDog: oh dear…
Raspel31: Go you good Sainters.
willywalks: need the cockatoo icon out there Darius!
willywalks: jelwood u flog, getting touched up by seb ross ffs…
3rdstriker: good to see the cats have worked on their strategy on countering selwood tags
Raspel31: Havening finally dropped Jelwood-I can finally say-Jelwood-you cheating flog.
willywalks: i’ll take 85 from him at this stage…
frenzy: come on Joel, Holmsie’s coming
3rdstriker: living the dream raspel, sadly i still have him
dipstick: screw you montagna if jelwood outscores you
Raspel31: Keep kicking straight Sainters-remember Norff game
RooBoyStu: Go Saints, do it for North
tigerman28: Holmes looking a bit stiff and sore?
dipstick: blow it out your alps montags. stand up ffs
DirtyDawn: Holmes spotted at half time eating Mrs Mac’s pie
RooBoyStu: I still can’t believe Eric Wallace hasn’t debut yet, better than Holmes
Darius: Wallace is no good mate.
willywalks: thats easy roo, goldy doesn’t need any help and the saints rucks stocks are pretty average
heppelitis: Johnson greater than holmes tonight
RooBoyStu: @Darius not bad in VFL seen him a few times
frenzy: muppet stevie again
willywalks: i smell a cape jelwood, get up!
RooBoyStu: Saints lead by 5 and BT says Geelong by 5
spudaroos: I really like the look of Holmes, elite athleticism. Hope he gets a good run.
RooBoyStu: Hugh Goddard wall
Raspel31: Another attempted chicken wing Jelwood you spud.
dipstick: holmes would be fucked. AFL aint easy
RooBoyStu: Holmes will be out clubbing til dawn
3rdstriker: but it was only attempted raspel? im watchiing the other game and need him next week
dipstick: sheesh. 50 pts total in 45 mins frpm danger, motags and steven 🙁
Chelskiman: Draw coming up!
J.Worrall: Classic Draw!
gdshifty: wow
willywalks: take 88 from jelwood from where he was… needs to play like that more often instead of 1 flowering qtr…

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