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Chat log from R21 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R21 of 2015

poolboybob: Bombers to lose by 150
AngryRyno: hoping for a draw
JRedden: got hall in as f6, lets see how he goes
heppelitis: wow…great hands in the back
Preston007: Stanton looks primed for another ‘Stanton’ like finals performance…
heppelitis: stants bumbling around like a drunken sailor
Raspel31: And to think Goddard left the Saints to win a flag. Carn Dons.
JDolling69: Keep this up Hep, brought you in this week
dipstick: lift goddard. traded you in for tmitch. now lets work as a team and do it myyy way
zadolinnyj: High scores first 1/4
AngryRyno: hopefully the young schade is more influential than his older brother
Raspel31: Small graces-McKernan on the bench for ever.
banta: How is that spastic mckernan scoring!?
banta: Nobody gets more uncontested cheap ball than hibberd
heppelitis: goals..hitouts..tackles..marks..kicks and handballs banta
Raspel31: My point exactly banta but not complaining. Dons lacked a ruck all year.
Raspel31: Well said Hepp.
heppelitis: actually banta…2 terrible teams helps
zadolinnyj: Martin cape
Raspel31: This is not beautiful football.
dipstick: @banta how do you think? my opp has him of course
kuraban: FoxFooty commentators clearly delusional. “Good decision by Chamberlain.” “Yeah, he’s one of the best”. FFS.
Raspel31: McKernan up for all Australian ?
JDolling69: Where the fuck is Heppel? havnt seen him for 10 mins
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel
j_dem12: drafted malceski as my number 1 defender at the beginning of the season. lol what was i thinking
m0nty: McKernan doesn’t even make all-Essendon
Raspel31: Looking good zado-lol
kuraban: With McKernan as Emergency, is it wrong to hope for a late withdrawal from Goldy? 🙂
Tony9668: Nice one Monty, doesn’t say much for Bellchambers
Raspel31: Agreed Monty but we take what crumbs we can get
dipstick: @raspel yeh. throw those crumbs on the ground even the ducks would keep walking
heppelitis: swmack should be chf everyweek…with giles in the ruck…JD useless as a ruck
heppelitis: *smack
Tony9668: At the moment, due to form, you’d trade Belly and keep Mckermitt
heppelitis: Tony…hird kept playing Belly with a fracture in his knee apparently…wtf
Raspel31: Quack, quack says the scoreboard dipstick, but, yes, of course.
Tony9668: Hepp, Hird desperate to save his job, not thinking of Belly’s career obviously
Raspel31: Belly didn’t even want to be no 1 ruck-sad story.
dipstick: @hepps i seriously doubt it. the docs have the last say
Tony9668: Nothing like a dodgy rumour on this site to start some debate
frenzy: c’mon bj 33sc sux buddy
dipstick: unless bombres had that doctor marieua from the island
ryanbob: how is goddard only 33?
Raspel31: Sneaky bypassing of forbidden topic dipstick.
iZander: 64% efficiency, 4 clangers, no CL, 3 CP….self explanatory really @ryan
frenzy: how does henry schade have 33sc also @ izander
iZander: idk, i don’t play SC for a reason
Raspel31: Where is Zac Merrett when you need him-come back lad.
heppelitis: put him in cotton wool raspel
Raspel31: Yep Hepp.
dipstick: @rasps i think @frenzy saying bj sux was a sneaky classic
Raspel31: Dare you Monty-gun on McKernan.
dipstick: bluemoon more realistic coz he aint no gun
Raspel31: Lol dipstick-no arguement there
Raspel31: No-one going to win a burger for 9 wins this week unless certifiably insane.
Torz: Malceski never again.
kangawalla: Never thought I’d ever be writing this but here goes.
kangawalla: *”Raise the bat…er.McKernan”!!!
Raspel31: Hmm Monty ?
heppelitis: not good..hope he is ok
bigpens: mckernan gun, not blue moon
man0005: mckernan gun +1
heppelitis: Big Mac making me hungry
heppelitis: give him the burger for shits and giggles m0nty
Raspel31: 23 hitouts and 3 goals-gun !
heppelitis: heppell ever kicked 3?
dipstick: @heppell yeh bout to get hungry jacks
heppelitis: Steak and chips here Dipstick
frenzy: sent the cheese and kisses out to get dinner
dipstick: chuck in an egg and you win
Raspel31: Home cooked chicken and leek pie here-suffer
heppelitis: eggs….onions and a magnum in the freezer….longneck vb…bottle of wine…i win
m0nty: back on the game please
zadolinnyj: Satay chicken noodles and 2 dim sims. Good dinner to watch my crows later
zadolinnyj: Seriously thinking hall in my team next year
Raspel31: Find game and venison rather fattening. Carn Dons.
heppelitis: hall,,,very good last 4 weeks
zadolinnyj: Anyone know how goldy normally scores versus sandy?
johnoP: do people think i should bank JJK’s score or C selwood?
heppelitis: dunno zaddo..but pulled the captain off him
frenzy: showerhouse @ Zado
zadolinnyj: Gee Stanton has has butter fingures
zadolinnyj: Ta frenzy
zadolinnyj: Ta hepp
qiu333: jjk has not played yet
bigbaddasa: Sandy will beat Goldy easily
grossn: Move your ass KK
johnoP: my bad!
frenzy: Lol fingures
heppelitis: m)nty struggling to operate in a puddle of drool
heppelitis: *m0nty
johnoP: Should have said JPK- The sydney kennedy
johnoP: Bennell has died second half
zadolinnyj: For a horrible game it will be a close ending
DanBlack: Oh wow, Malceski is playing. Who knew
zadolinnyj: Are we watching tanking in action
Raspel31: As ugly a game as it gets. Back to netball
circle52: How waws that HTB
heppelitis: yes zado….terrible game…but close
JRedden: finally malceski
iZander: heppel hulk!
Raspel31: MKernan-you’re dropped. Hardly touched the pill this qtr.
frenzy: c’mon bj kick the chicken dinner
J.Worrall: Is MKernan related to AKerman?
JDolling69: CMon Hep get a tackle
poolboybob: Aaron Hall star
heppelitis: haha more pain for us essendon ppl

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