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Chat log from R22 of 2015: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R22 of 2015

frenzy: vale Bart Cummings
zadolinnyj: Well said frenzy
zadolinnyj: Cmon crows
Woodie: Crows are on fire, can they keep it up
zadolinnyj: They missed Jenkins out the back a lot last week. Good to see them using him
zadolinnyj: Walker just making space for others
happytimes: I hope woody. Go crows
Dangermaus: I hope Brodie Smith keeps this up
Woodie: If crows can keep this up they will do some damage in the finals
JRedden: sloane such a gun.. so glad i got him
Raspel31: Danger-have you got a foot ?.
Buzz67: Hopefully this shuts up talk over here about a derby GF
zadolinnyj: Lol raspel. Foot has left for Geelong maybe
Raspel31: At least Kennedy on 100% accuracy
iZander: thought id lost my league semi but i have jacobs, sloane and smith unique…if this keeps up, I’m a chance
Woodie: Jacobs doing a job on Nicnat in the ruck
m0nty: This reminds me of the GF last year. Work out Kennedy and you work out Sydney. Work out Priddis and you work out WC.
Dangermaus: Betts is destroying the Eagles so far
Dangermaus: if crows win next week, and north melb lose… do crows get 6th spot ?
zadolinnyj: Think ur correct there Monty
snake_p: good week to trade in Sloane and Laird 🙂
colmullet: superman the whole crows? 50 pt lead! haha
Raspel31: I brought in the pig and capped him-not so good.
zadolinnyj: Did someone say witches hats for west coast @Monty
sammyo7: Wow
iZander: is funny how no1 tags kennedy though, its always hannas or parker?
zadolinnyj: Love ya work Monty. Go crows
rickyb80: for crows to get 6th. doggies would need to lose to brisbane. not gunna happen
zadolinnyj: Think there is another way Ricky involving nth Melb they were saying
Chelskiman: Yeo has gone to the pack.
rickyb80: how?
banta: enough handballs danger. take some marks and tackles!! more points
zadolinnyj: If nth best Richmond and crow beat Geelong apparently
Pokerface: why havent the shields been added to the icon info list?
banta: need some +12’s here danger. goals please!
Pokerface: izander harder to tag an in and under contested player
heppelitis: is brodie smith teasing us so we pick him next year?
zadolinnyj: Think he has his run back heppelitis
bixler: as long as danger keeps this up i’m happy for my eagles to lose by 100
Dangermaus: don’t let them back in it crows…
casey22: Amazing turn around
Dangermaus: have crows had a clearance this quarter yet
zadolinnyj: Remember last game it was continuous changes of momentum
zadolinnyj: Nope danger
heppelitis: is there a wind advantage today?
banta: effing do something danger
zadolinnyj: Wind to that end
carlton_99: kennedy is somehow on 23 superocahc points
carlton_99: Kennedy is somehow on 23 sc points
zadolinnyj: Any danger of a 50 ump
heppelitis: a gale?..or a zephyr?
zadolinnyj: Goal assist carlton
JRedden: priddis not helping his brownlow chances today
3rdstriker: loopholing with amon, should i put jpk or hanners on the pine?
carlton_99: true but 23 seems a bit of a stretch
Dangermaus: gotta give it to the eagles, this is a decent turnaround
banta: pathetic danger, get in there, get near it.
zadolinnyj: Banners struggling lately 3rd
iZander: striker i have a feeling hannas might get the tag 😛 maybe weller?
banta: danger getting tagger or something now?
3rdstriker: thats what i was thinking too, put i feel like he is due
iZander: i hope he is (i need him to at least ton to have a chance of a win) but i don’t think he will @ 3rd 😛
zadolinnyj: Kennedy can deal with tag
3rdstriker: *but
3rdstriker: thanks guys, ill roll with jpk, hes been good to me all year
iZander: basing that on what? he hasn’t been tagged this year
zadolinnyj: Danger getting a pie?
banta: danger literally not been within 50m of it since quarter time
Solat: what is yeos icon?
tigerman28: Laird sc?
DanBlack: Can’t tell if it’s a yoyo or an NFL helmet
heppelitis: quarterback
Solat: is there a strong wind? thus the scoring fluctuations?
KelCO: WC started winning clearances hence they started to score
frenzy: Laird 62
WizMan: No wind according to commentators
Tim Tam: monty, crows kicked 1.3 in q2…. and shuey is injured I think
frenzy: wet toast seagulls
Solat: cheers
zadolinnyj: Can see why Charlie has 23. Getting better by the game
tamoz: Piss off Douglas!
zadolinnyj: Crouch having a stinker
banta: danger overrated. spudding it up since qtr time. goes missing too often
Chelskiman: Yeo has fucked me today.
Beast_Mode: danger isn’t overrated.
zadolinnyj: Would have to agree with beast. I would say Sloane is underated though
casey22: If Danger keeps this up I might knock off Fox Footy in my SC GF.
banta: scott thompson is a freak. genuice dt pig. magnet
zadolinnyj: I’m really happy if danger and priddis stay down
casey22: Thats a crap decision
Chelskiman: Come on Jacobs, lift!
banta: danger maybe not overrated but sucks at DT
frenzy: smith’s best half behind him
zadolinnyj: Smith on 80sc
frenzy: Walker needs a clever for his 7 muppets
myteamsuks: @banta that was the worst cal I’ve seen on this site. And a lot of people say stupid things on here
JRedden: ffs priddis…
Beast_Mode: Danger averages 109.5 in Dt lol yeah he sucks
iZander: man, how good is laird gonna be 😛
myteamsuks: Danger rank 3rd sc , 10th DT. Yeah so overrated and sucks
casey22: Biggest dissapointment this year: seeing Yeo turned into the new Zac Dawson
iZander: think of him as a bargain for next year @ casey 😛 when all WC defenders get back
JRedden: yeo is a good player… just not for fantasy.. dawson is bad for both
zadolinnyj: Good future spine, lever, talia, Sloane, walker, Jenkins
Chelskiman: Lynch is killing me. 🙁
weca: @casey what do you expect when he is the second best tall defender in the team today
DanBlack: Yeo is a lock for my team next year when the eagles get their defenders back. Hope he keeps spudding so he’s cheaper
zadolinnyj: Lynch is the crows link man. Not signed a new contract yet
zadolinnyj: Sub priddis and danger please
Chelskiman: Give Lyncha rest, sub him off.
zadolinnyj: Tmac not sub. Yes
zadolinnyj: Danger always over hits those short hand passes.
Raspel31: First Swan and now you Kennedy-hanging on by a thread
JRedden: plz priddis lift.. need you to push me into GF
Beast_Mode: brodie smith zombie
Chelskiman: I’m 10 points up but opponent has Lynch and he’s killing me.
Solat: no icon for tex’s 7 clangers?
zadolinnyj: Agree on the zombie for smith. He has been bagged here all year.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Lever shanks a kick to CHB under no pressure, Kennedy receives and sails it through for a goal.
DanBlack: Very happy with this score from Smith. It has been a long year with him
johnoP: yay Sinclair. you did something.
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Danger.
Pokerface: smith has been bagged all year because he has been terrible all year.
iZander: jenkins needs something
iZander: target even?
frenzy: thanks Priddis, winning

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