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Chat log from R22 of 2015: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R22 of 2015

frenzy: arvo peoples
Pokerface: why keep giving the vest to dunstan? kid is a gun, give him game time
Ben_Gogos: @Pokerface he may be playing sore or something, I suspect we don’t have the full picture with Luke
Ben_Gogos: Wow Kennedy hot early!
Chelskiman: Umm, please stop Kennedy. My Sunday as turned to shit. Gonna lose my prelim for sure now.
JRedden: get going mcveigh or ive lost
colmullet: stop being a butcher kennedy!!
tamoz: Cmon Joey!
Wends: Me too Chelski – except will lose SC GF 🙁 Oppt w JPK C.
SydneyRox: Dont stop JPK, I haveyou as C!!!
circle52: Nick Roo limping up the tunnell with Doc at 1/4 time.
frenzy: magnifying glass the muppet Franklin
Chelskiman: So I’m down by a point. Armo, Titch, Hanners vs Steven, JPK and Hogan. Who wins?
J.Worrall: Move it Steven
J.Worrall: I win!
Chelskiman: That’s a nice burst, Armo!
heppelitis: fine cotton ring in…..hannebery going beserk in a number 10 jumper
Raspel31: Hanners-wtf
J.Worrall: Cairns fine – blue sky
Chelskiman: Hanners starting to get involved. Nice.
casey22: Yes or no? Heeney next year in DT/SC?
tamoz: Piss off Tippett!
zadolinnyj: Need big one from Stevens, roo and titch
casey22: I reckon Heeney will be DPP next year
Raspel31: Indeed Chelsk
Wends: Only chance of winning GF is if Hanners gets another 140SC…
casey22: Titch is the best example of a ball magnet I’ve seen, better than Swanny at his best
heppelitis: unless he is tagging..or sub…dam horse
Beast_Mode: mitchell will probably get subbed at half time lol
casey22: Right Hep, as I’ve traded him it’s time for him to be subbed
heppelitis: forced to play heeney…got to be happy
Chelskiman: Jesus, Armo. If I lose by like 4 points I’ll be pissed.
DanBlack: Titchell has himself a post AFL career as a butcher too
heppelitis: haha chelski
casey22: I had to use Amon as sub for Sam Mitchell in SC, nice 133
frenzy: ton up goddard, make my weekend
zadolinnyj: Sam Mitchell could cost me two out of 3 GFs
frenzy: go huge Tmitch
heppelitis: in my granny my opp…every player…100…except his capt…martin..51 lol
frenzy: he was taken the pee, making martin capt.
Chelskiman: JP going nuts this quarter. Not what I need, especially as Titch and Armo have gone missing. fuck.
zadolinnyj: Franklin subbed
Chelskiman: Buddy subbed. Titch with the full game!
Dommy02: where is mcveigh??
circle52: Buddy subbed for ROHAN
Chelskiman: Armo -1 for the quarter. 🙁
DanBlack: Titchell is safe!!!!
Chelskiman: And now Steven has caught him. FMDT.
frenzy: Tom needs to hit sum targets FFS
Chelskiman: Muppet for Roberton, haha.
Chelskiman: Yes, Titch!
Chelskiman: Please kick this goal, Armo.
Chelskiman: Would turn a shit quarter into a less shit quarter.
Chelskiman: Dammit.
Dangermaus: wow… saints are bad… like Carlton bad…
grossn: Wasn’t Hannerbury on 8 at Qtr time? 89pt half
Chelskiman: Harsh, Danger. THey’re playing a quality side.
Chelskiman: 9 I think, grossn. Something like a 15/16 possession quarter in the 3rd.
Beast_Mode: hanners bin
Chelskiman: JPK with the fast start to the quarter again. Pissing me off.
J.Worrall: Will Titch out score Amon?
JRedden: pathetic score mcveigh.. lift
Ben_Gogos: KT receives the muppet for that horrendous miss moments earlier.
grossn: Good to see Newnes stopping as usual
frenzy: good boy Tom
J.Worrall: Nice, Heeney!
J.Worrall: Pikey, great grab
J.Worrall: Good kick too!
Chelskiman: Omg, Kennedy, stop!
J.Worrall: Aaaw, geez Mitchell, tone it down fellahin!
Chelskiman: It wouldn’t hurt to get involved, Armo.
frenzy: big finish Tommy, bring it home son
casey22: Enough Titch
JRedden: mitchell is just 100% a lock next year
DanBlack: Titch, what a pig
Chelskiman: Mitchell was a lock this year as soon as he started to get games.
J.Worrall: He’s a grunted or right,
casey22: Up until a week ago I had JPK, Titch & Hanners but had to trade Titch
JRedden: Yeah but he didn’t get games, so he wasnt, that’s the point
frenzy: hard to believe he couldn’t get a game last year
Chelskiman: I got him in as soon as he played his first game. Huge risk, but I’ve cashed in with all of his scores.
JRedden: ok mcveigh is junking it hard… 30 points in 10 mins
FlagDog: Cant believe me Tmitch and JPK have saved me after the swan as captain debacle!! Legends!!
frenzy: boo goodes sc score

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