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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R17 of 2015

zadolinnyj: Amazing Schulz alone
rosty63: keep it up power
J.Worrall: Carna Tides
wadaramus: Good start Bombers.
h a mm e r: I second that, great start boys!
Bazza2014: Bomber scum
h a mm e r: Bazza you Bum :p
J.Worrall: BT – “magnificently manicured”???
J.Worrall: What a Dorcas
Brian: Oh boy wowee, Chad has a magnificent manicure!
poolboybob: Too early for the potato on McKernan?
J.Worrall: Moto Guzzi? No, Laverda!
zadolinnyj: Never to early for him @poolboybob
McRooster: Port Adelaide players always make it easy for a Hooker to score
zadolinnyj: Love your work mcrooster
J.Worrall: Keep it premium, McRoo!
h a mm e r: Luv it McRoo:p
McRooster: Valkorum’s not handing out any bans after Freo got up against the Tiges, C’mon Power!
J.Worrall: How many DT for that accidental possession?
J.Worrall: Carna ‘Tides
McRooster: I like the iPhone friendly live page m0nty, very cool. Are there any tags in this game?
Drak: Gee Im liking the baby bombers
Drak: Birds amazing coaching abilities coming to the fore again with the bombers only ruck man cleaning up…..
m0nty: it’s a very zonal game, no tags that I can see
dipper33: Fire up Gray
Grazz: Heya Rooster
McRooster: Heya Grazz, umpires seem confused in this one. Agree m0nty.
runt: Ralph Bird
zadolinnyj: Love how no one can agree to the rules. No wonder umps get it wrong
J.Worrall: Power off, Port
zadolinnyj: Amazing goal. Wingate drops mark of the year and Neade turns into a rubber band
dipstick: @zado exactly. hence why no other country likes it after 100 years. hit and miss every week
rosty63: keep going power.
meka100: Ebert gone missing as per usual
J.Worrall: Zachary!
zadolinnyj: Someone should start a spud league next year. Lowest score from a full team playing each week. Liam jones my captain
McRooster: Bombers can’t win playing like this, shootout opens the corridor and plays to Ports strength. Bad game plan Hird.
zadolinnyj: What was that from the port fan
McRooster: Hence Matt White’s low score, no outside run required
iZander: don’t think he is making the team atm @ zad
runt: entertaining game and that is all I need
zadolinnyj: Played yesterday. Mckernan would be the ruck 100% owned
auxDT: blue moon clurey
McRooster: Just what Port Neaded
zadolinnyj: On fire tonight McRooster
wtf???: Looks like Gray is taking the week off. LIFT FFS.
J.Worrall: Carna ‘Tides!
McRooster: Thanks zad, I’m here all week, try the schnitzel
zadolinnyj: Could go a schnitzel
J.Worrall: Hooker not confused by the third man up.
zadolinnyj: Daniher will be amazing in two years
facebook23: dipstick, do u spend all day and night on here chatting… mate you got no life ey
McRooster: You have to pay extra for a Hooker to take the third man up. Great mark poor conversion.
zadolinnyj: Facebook23 if you know someone is always on here it seems you may be referring to yourself. Go away
J.Worrall: Accuracy not Essendon’s strongest point.
zadolinnyj: Go play with your Lego mate.
dipstick: lol go out at midnight on fri and sat while you count your DT pts and watch facebook
wadaramus: Kick straight and you’re in front, come on Bombers!
zadolinnyj: You would think @J.Worrall that goal kicking would be better with more interchange but no.
McRooster: Is Purple now the colour for Premium? Where’s the half time fun gone m0nty?
Redraptor: I’ve been on for all games…my eyes are going blurry…I mustn’t have a life either
zadolinnyj: Use to love purple name game. Never won though
McRooster: @ zad – everything is awesome, everything is cool when your part of a team
J.Worrall: No more fung, Rooster … so sad …
danmaio: FB 23, you were on here earlier today pissing everyone off, so what you on about
shaker: Half time lets just insult the guts out of each other haha
McRooster: I like this group of chatters, heats up during the break- meaning we are all actually watching the game when it’s on.
dipstick: @facebook females are made of flesh, not pixels on a screen or a FB pic. poor kid
zadolinnyj: Lol McRooster. Maybe Facebook could build a double decker couch
McRooster: When reality meets perspective only one is truly relative. McKernan is a spud and that’s why Adelaide traded him.
J.Worrall: png time
dipstick: finally ebert. ton up this week
dipstick: png wines 119
wtf???: @McRooster…correct about McKernan, the question remains – What did Essendon ever see in him?
zadolinnyj: Wines 126 png
McRooster: @wtf, maybe they were watching when his brother lost a Brownlow because of suspension
Monger: My team is stinking this week
zadolinnyj: Who wins this?
wadaramus: Goddard 127 png.
Monger: Port
cusch1: That was the worst bit of commentary i’ve ever heard from BT
zadolinnyj: You would not be alone @Monger
wtf???: I need Gray to get 140+sc…what chance?
zadolinnyj: I’ll take 105 on Goddard png
wtf???: Currenly 0.0 chance.
Redraptor: It’s not McKernan’s fault it’s mine. Whenever I get in a backup RUC/FWD the either get omitted, injured or get low sc sc
wadaramus: Not likely from here.
zadolinnyj: Could kick a few goals @wtf??? And maybe kick the winner. Could superman last qrt if scores close
zadolinnyj: Definitely mckernans parents fault @Redraptor. Used all good DNA on corey
wtf???: I’m just spewing coz I stufed up my VC on Fyffe
zadolinnyj: On cue @wtf???
cusch1: this ruck rule is fucked
Redraptor: @zadolinnyj lol
wadaramus: Can the umpires just stay out of it for a while?
J.Worrall: Is fyfe Iffy?
Monger: Yes Gray!!!! kick 3 more please
zadolinnyj: Yep
Grazz: The ruck is flowered i think mate
Grazz: rule*
McRooster: Swear jar Grazz
Redraptor: @J.Worrall I think he is playing through a badly corked thigh
danmaio: Fyfe is still carrying Mitchells knee print in his thigh
McRooster: Essendon paying $7 from here, any takers?
J.Worrall: Stanton you idiot!
wadaramus: Stanton disposal is deplorable.
wtf???: @Dan…as is Tex Walker and one or two others.
J.Worrall: Langford you Ripper. Hooker came to play!
wtf???: Time for another goal Gray.
zadolinnyj: Looking good for the $7 McRooster
mijg: Had to field Obrien. . Looking ok
McRooster: I took Bombers with a quick Banjo Patterson to cover my multi
lozdaleg: Goddard sc ???
McRooster: Cracks are opening up in Boaks game
lozdaleg: Goddard and gray sc ???
zadolinnyj: Goddard 83. Can’t see Grays
Drak: gray 63
Grazz: It’s full Rooster can’t get anything else in the jar lol
cusch1: Sack Lloyd and get Laverde and Langford to coach goalkicking
meka100: Ebert get that massive head out of your arse and get the fucken ball
McRooster: First to 100 points usually wins it, next three goals hugely important.
eski_liddr: just go back online..evening lads! this should of been the friday night game
zadolinnyj: Evening eski. Agree should have been Friday night
eski_liddr: yeah its interesting to see a new essendon outfit that play more attractive footy
cusch1: what the fuck
eski_liddr: thats a dangerous tackle?!?! god our game has gone soft
J.Worrall: Stiff arms the story of the night. No-one giving frees for stiff legs …
SubOptimal: monfries off
eski_liddr: if theres consistency in our rules he
McRooster: Dangerous tackle? That’s it, stick a fork in our game, it’s done.
J.Worrall: He’s not Gwilty!
dipstick: @meka haha that giant scone belongs in a cartoon. but seriously lift ebert you humungous gnoggin
wadaramus: Absofarkenlutely McRooster, where in the rule book is that a free kick?
McRooster: Lol @ goal umpire who calls Hibberd ‘player
luked98: ryder lucky
J.Worrall: 2 goals 3 fast. Bye bye Bombers
eski_liddr: ryder hurting the former side. gotta suck for the don supporters
J.Worrall: Daniher, you (porn)star!
wadaramus: Ryder lucky twice, carn Bombers keep going.
wtf???: Colquhoun sc please.
Drak: That little Zach Merret is a star
eski_liddr: browne – know his dad…this kids got skill
grossn: Spoke too soon J.Worrall haha
wadaramus: Colq 55sc.
J.Worrall: Take a bow, Mr Brown!
wtf???: Thanks Wada
wtf???: I’m too depressed to ask about Gray : (
thommoae: If you can excuse 4 FA, McKernan doing a serviceable job for a Rookie Ruck?
wtf???: Yep…kick a get off. Ridiculous.
cusch1: surely not
McRooster: We’ve got the Power to win, we’ve got the Power to continue McRooster’s multi!
Redraptor: McKernan vs Ryder, Lobbe and Westhoff…good job I reckon
spudgun: whats Ebert’s SC score?
luked98: ebert 72
wadaramus: Ebert 71sc.
luked98: why does stanton have that icon?
J.Worrall: You know we’re losing when Stanton is our best scorer.
zadolinnyj: Only get a kick in space @luke98
spudgun: ty luke and Wada
luked98: he has had 24 though
J.Worrall: Joey the wad goes again.
wtf???: Generally low sc scores …my only hope is that Gay gets scaled up to 140.
wtf???: Oops..I mean Gray
J.Worrall: The Hooker gets another one up!
luked98: yes wines
luked98: wow wines
wadaramus: Umpiring howler,
J.Worrall: C’mon Joey!
m0nty: nominations for star please
AngryRyno: gray should end up with 80/85, a goal now to more than seal the game would be handy
AngryRyno: o’brien flying under the radar, would you bring in him or lambert next week folks?
spudgun: Chad
AngryRyno: and that goal should seal boak as BOG for the night too
zadolinnyj: I would star Ryder and X factor wingard
McRooster: Boak star, stood up when it counted
thommoae: X Ryder – easy that one.
J.Worrall: JD for the (porn)star!
zadolinnyj: McTernan heart for taking on 3 rucks
dipstick: no way bring in lambert
zadolinnyj: Happy with that monty
howeydamus: Boak star. Either ryder or wingard X for mine

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