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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R17 of 2015

luked98: lets go pies, we need this win!
happytimes: Go doggies
Sloaneyyyy: hard game to tip this one…
pies13: carn pies!
carlton_99: cmon oxley, dahl and murpy ton up
meka100: Dahlhaus the game started 20 minutes ago
facebook23: wheres dipstick at?
Woodie: Who’s Ox on?
deanie: One more decent week please Wallis!
Sloaneyyyy: come on Swanny, kick the damn pill!
happytimes: Good game to watch
pies13: crn pies lift!
rosty63: 10 flames to 1, hot dogs, cold pies.
frenzy: Boy did I make a mess of my bench this week
Torz: Wallis doesn’t seem to tackle anymore.
auxDT: Dogs forwards are far superior compared to pies..but im loving varcoe’s game
Woosha 73: Better get Sidebottoms gun lined up
RooBoyStu: Go Dahlhaus
ryanbob: bont only 26? Bit cheap, 8 disposals, 100 de, 1 goal. surely 35+?
Roksta: Bony at 100% and 8 points less sc
RooBoyStu: lol rosty63
Woodie: Cmon Pendles..big qtr please
tamoz: Keep it up Bont!
pies13: lift pies!!
RooBoyStu: where’s Sidebottom? no touches this qtr
colmullet: glad i bought in Sidey this week…..
Apachecats: Sidebottom 4th from bottom
dipstick: dont stress. sidey is 10 pts away from a flame
carlton_99: cmon oxley, dahl and murpy ton up
Raspel31: Carn Pendles-you replaced Gablett. Where you gone ?
ryanbob: lol wood muppet
SubOptimal: Fasolo is the wrong choice forward for this game; he is not able to get in front or contest the pill
poolboybob: Hunter blue moon
Sloaneyyyy: whats wrong with wallis today
ryanbob: why is bont getting ripped off in SC so bad today? should be 50+, not 39
Torz: Wallis playing forward alot for some reason.
mijg: Need Ox with the plus1. Scores better.
Sloaneyyyy: only 2% of teams have Macrae? decent POD
morgs640: def mate
morgs640: Good fixture till the end of yr too
SubOptimal: Crisp should replace Goldsack vs Crameri
Raspel31: That’s better Pendles
Sloaneyyyy: lol Pendles, 30 pts in 6 minutes
deanie: Wallis cmon m8
happytimes: Woof woof woof
RooBoyStu: woof woof
SubOptimal: Well that free kick seems absurd..
Sloaneyyyy: Greenwood nowhere near as good as he was at the Roos
Jukes82: give him time he’s hardly played
SubOptimal: @sloaney not convinced he has had enough time to prove himself yet
RooBoyStu: Greedy Greenwood should have $ icon
luked98: ox subbed
Torz: Classic Oxley. Follows up a ton with a red vest.
KelCO: Oxley subbed
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady warming up
SubOptimal: This Fasolo matchup seems like a glaring error
Pavalinco: Is that because of what Mr amd Mrs Fasolo created?
SubOptimal: Kennedy muppet, back to VFL next wk
Sloaneyyyy: whats going on with Pendlebury, no free kicks? what’s wrong with the umps today?
mijg: Ok bont need you to score for ox as well.
SubOptimal: @pav he is an important player but the matchups a wrong, he needs a varcoe type role this wk
luked98: ahaha this game
happytimes: That’s got to be a muppet
Ben_Gogos: Picken gun!
Yelse: umpire’s seriously missing half the frees
cusch1: Whats wrong with Murphy? DE is horrible by his standards
RooBoyStu: easily the best game Hunter has played
ryanbob: lol bont still getting robbed SC wise…
Jukes82: bont 66 sc
nkoutsou: the umpires got to learn how to ump, that last free wasnt even a free!
nkoutsou: come on pies, get your heads in the game
nkoutsou: Go the pies!!!
nic-n-nat: Should’ve subbed Maynard instead of the Ox!!!
Yelse: ox is a good intercept mark why didn’t he play him loose at the back
Torz: Good start Wallis, go big this quarter!
OnTheRocks: ffs doghouse
Jukes82: tmitch is the sub!
OnTheRocks: shit, Buddy out of this arvos game
Raspel31: Buddy out ? Crappola.
Jukes82: buddy out with a tight back
RooBoyStu: Pies missing Adams
heppelitis: afternoon gents (and ladies)
Torz: Titch the sub. How ridiculous.
SubOptimal: This umpiring is ridic
Yelse: umpires serioiusly
Lukster007: Why have umpires…
RooBoyStu: good comeback by Sidebum
SubOptimal: yep not holding the ball at all
SubOptimal: seriously wtflower
Lukster007: Can somone pay holding the ball – this is a joke.
RooBoyStu: shut the gate, Pies lose 5 in a row lol
Sloaneyyyy: Pendles still without a free kick all game
Apachecats: Sidebottam got from bottom to top
J.Worrall: Let’s go, Nosey Picker!
Sloaneyyyy: picken = star, macrae = gun, boyd = cherries
SubOptimal: Does anyone know how many marks inside 50 pies had all game, bar the ones grundy took deep?
J.Worrall: Pies never paid enough marks or frees – anywhere on the ground
Lukster007: Pendles loses his head but apparently not too high..
ryanbob: Yet they have more frees than bulldogs?
FlowerTime: Get up there Dahlhaus
the worm: if there were no umpires, what would men have left to bitch about all the time?
cobrakai00: Typical pies fans will blame umpires.. Your ball use is pathetic
deanie: Thanks for those late point Wallis
Sloaneyyyy: I missed the Picken report – will he get any weeks?
shaker: How many frees do the pies want the same as last week against west coast they won that 3 to 1
SubOptimal: I blame incorrect matchups inside 50, the only time we looked good were when Witts/Grundy/Moore were inside 50
J.Worrall: Boyd +18, wtf did he do?
RooBoyStu: great goalkicking from Tory & Darcy
LuvIt74: Red white and blue. Carn Doggies
J.Worrall: you mean “Pickhaver Report”?
J.Worrall: Pies never look good at all ever
Sloaneyyyy: I mean the Macrae Report – will he get weeks ?
J.Worrall: Or is it the “Pickering Report”?
LuvIt74: nothing nicer then beating the Pies
Raspel31: If you had Doggie defenders you’d love last 5 mins
RooBoyStu: surely target Moore
J.Worrall: Even the Pies would Crow if they could beat the Pies!
tamoz: Ton up Bont!
cusch1: Bright future this kid has #giveusmoore
RooBoyStu: Pies13 is very quiet
J.Worrall: Nice work Nosey, and no report!
ryanbob: wow….picken only 103? where are his other 30 points lol
pies13: yeah rooboy another dirty day

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