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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R17 of 2015

OnTheRocks: let’s go TMac and new recruit Newnes
OnTheRocks: i apologise in advance if me brining in Newnes causes him to get a shit score
drapes15: Titch the sub rusm
Sloaneyyyy: Gawn should dominate, Saints barely even have a ruckman
J.Worrall: Lot of interest in this very big game at the G
Perry95: come on montagna! get some ball
tamoz: Wtf Montagna and Vandenberg!
J.Worrall: Somebody mix me a Bloody Lamumba pls.
drapes15: I got goddard covering bloody buddy
ryanbob: So Dunstan 30 sc and armo 15…makes sense. 15 point goal I guess…
Sloaneyyyy: so many Jack’s on the saints team
facebook23: 4… thats not many
Tim Tam: armo 2 clangers, dunstan 0…. but nah, keep bagging sc
FlowerTime: Melbourne have 3 of them too Sloaney!
carlton_99: i need steven to get no mroe then 100 and goddrad to get at least 50
cusch1: St Kilda are the Jack of all trades then I guess 😉
tamoz: Please Vandenberg
willywalks: cmon aemo, just like u have all year, get me a decent score as tmitch is sub…
willywalks: *armo
dipstick: tmitch sub… ouch ominous now heeney is back. and no franklin. damn
Ben_Gogos: Longmire hates Titch
wadaramus: Can’t stand Longmire.
NewFreoFan: Really need Steven to go huge and Bruce to do nothing to hav a chance
cusch1: I am surprised that Titch didn’t end up at Carlton
dipstick: titch is on the outer at swans. will never get a full season with longmire
dipstick: @newfreo dont think steven will get much over 80
zadolinnyj: Surely titch will play somewhere else next year
willywalks: out of curiosity, anyone know exactly when a reserves score comes into effect when an old field player is out?
Ben_Gogos: Yea Titch should move on
willywalks: *on field
zadolinnyj: After the game of the on field player
dipstick: once the scores are finalised and change colour
Ben_Gogos: What zadolinnjyj said
willywalks: cheers guys
zadolinnyj: What is Wellers field position in fantasy?
Raspel31: Hmm-Steven being tagged out of this. Carn Sainters.
NewFreoFan: Steven is alive!!
cusch1: Sidebum or Pendle for GAJ? will use leftover cash for upgrading Brodud Smith to premo forward (Have Hgod forward
Andrew37: Sidebottom for DT, Pendles for SC.
dipstick: until the afl toughens up on tggers/def like NFL playing the man and not the ball conitnues
heppelitis: great quarter mcdonald
zadolinnyj: Agreed dipstick
willywalks: good work viney, keep steven there at 31 for as long as possible!
Raspel31: Ditto zado and dipstick
dipstick: when hertitier lamumbles outscores steven my team is in trouble
Raspel31: Brayshaw just pinged for a tackle. Off the ball. And yeah dipstick-we need Steven to break out.
RooBoyStu: Cross winding the clock back
LuvIt74: Great to see a close game.
LuvIt74: Have no idea what the Swans are doing by having Tmitch as sub without Buddy & Tippet. Thats got me stuffed
Sloaneyyyy: f-off please Viney, leave Steven alone
LuvIt74: How is everyone’s team scoring, doing well i hope.
drapes15: cmon armo 100+
RooBoyStu: You can’t miss Steven with the long sleeves, should be playing in the Ashes
wadaramus: Was looking at 2400+ until Horse decided to vest Titch
Raspel31: Armo’s shin not bad-pleeeeez.
Raspel31: Ah, good
zadolinnyj: Same wadaramus. Think they are playing young fast runners to counter Eagles speed
Sloaneyyyy: having an SC shocker this week, will be lucky to crack 2k the rate i’m going – last week 2500+, this week no good
cusch1: We just have to love St Kilda’s social media team
zadolinnyj: Any chance of Montagna getting Stevens tag. Need something from stevens
wadaramus: Hoping the house of pain causes someone some early pain zad!
Sloaneyyyy: could always be worse though, I could have had GAJ as captain, which I didn’t
Jukes82: waiting for the viney tombstone this 1/4.
zadolinnyj: DT killing me this week. I was top 150 and now it looks like I’ll be 1000
RooBoyStu: Get the ball Newnes
zadolinnyj: Thinking exactly that wadaramus
ryanbob: armo you dud
LuvIt74: im hoping to score 2500 on sc
wadaramus: Sorry, wrong game!
zadolinnyj: Pretty good score Luvit. 2400 to 2500 for me
LuvIt74: Wheres pies13
RooBoyStu: wouldn’t want to buy land from that ump, no way 15m
LuvIt74: im on 2165 with Priddis, JPK and Parker.
LuvIt74: need JPK & Parker to wake up
pies13: im here luvit good work 1 of your teams got up well done ya spud!
ryanbob: whats happened to armo? not feeling like playing anymore?
zadolinnyj: Stevens and tmc killin me
heppelitis: tackle your wat to something decent please steven
LuvIt74: @Pies carn the Doggies, Woof, Woof, Woof.
wtf???: need montagna to up his DE
RooBoyStu: too cold and wet for Armo’s hair
heppelitis: same well as Franklin titch and Ablett
Raspel31: Have all 4 too hepp-groan.
LuvIt74: lol Rooboy
heppelitis: lol heart breaking
LuvIt74: going in other room. Good luck guys…
colmullet: wake up armo
RooBoyStu: Bang! Newnes!
Chelskiman: What’s wrong with Armo? I saw his score of 55 at HT and I come back to this. >>
ryanbob: armo, ablett, parker and rocky – 4 duds in one round. defence is more consistant than my mids
drapes15: come on armo 🙁
pies13: @luvit how is the feeling when your 2nd choice wins? ive had a gr8 wkend 5 of my teams hav1 hahaha you flog!
Raspel31: Copped a kick on the shin Chelks and been slow since
heppelitis: Note to myself…never ever praise Tom McDonald again
ryanbob: why did armo lose 10 points that qtr? didnt give away any frees lol…CD is ridicolous
Raspel31: Need a big last qtr Steven and Armo-carn lads.
ryanbob: anyone know why? not watching the game but seems unfair to lose points while being off injured
dipstick: fuck steven you got 10 pts while viney has got 40 ya flog
m0nty: sometimes they change previous stats when they review the tape
dipstick: you want me to get stuck into you more steven? hey? you scorin points now
JDolling69: cmon Armo, please
Sloaneyyyy: make 85 please Gawn
Sloaneyyyy: blue moon for Gilbert
circle52: Gilbert off now with leg injury
Buzz67: Roberto turning into a handy fantasy player
Raspel31: Ah well, fint hope after cap on Gablett now gone.
cusch1: Wall for Stretch? He never even got moving!!!!
J.Worrall: Whooza Roberto?
drapes15: Worrall i assume its roberton
RooBoyStu: Harmes will be lucky to get his sc breakeven ,will lose $
zadolinnyj: Riewoldt on my bench.
Jukes82: hogan hasnt hit the wall, just a bad game. key forwards have them

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