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Chat log from R17 of 2015: Richmond vs Fremantle

Chat log for Richmond vs Fremantle, R17 of 2015

Dangermaus: scores ?
facebook23: what is going on – german accent
Dangermaus: too many Pearce’s on the list for Freo… I’m tipping Tigers to win this one
SaintsMan: Its frozen
facebook23: no one has stats at all. not or ultimate footy! wtf
facebook23: an announcement would be nice.
Wends: Announcement on other live chat – nothing Monty can do til CD sorts it out.
Dangermaus: here’s the announcement – scores are broken, wait patiently till they are working again, thanks
MrWindow: Tiges or Freo? Tiges for me
Wends: Brandon Ellis injured, limping.
Ben_Gogos: CD have not got stats out yet. Wait for them to do so, all sites are reliant on these guys!
facebook23: dangermaus – why dont you just take that bad attitude and bugger off! i
rosty63: m0nty hasn’t paid his bills
Bazza2014: freo look5hit house
Ben_Gogos: Once again, resort to my aforementioned comment fellas.
heppelitis: thx for bearing great news wends…gazza now ellis
Wends: Not enough Fyfe in your live game blog Ben_G, I’m sure it’s just an oversight.
AngryRyno: lawyer has arrived at CD with a corruption case to defend
rosty63: getting stats on ultimate footy
Bazza2014: ultimate footy is ticking over
mijg: Yep freo cant play anymore. On par with gws at best.
Dangermaus: someone’s a bit touchy, aren’t we facebook23
stakerz: freo stepping up the pressure
danmaio: yep, mijg, as they hit the front
heppelitis: match score anyone?
Redraptor: Freo 10 Tigers 9
the worm: peter bell on for heath black
heppelitis: thx red
Dangermaus: what RedRaptor said
Wends: Good news heppelitis, he’s back up & playing.
elk101: Put the magnifying glass on Fyfe from the Get go
Wends: D Pearce has missed about 4 goals.
zadolinnyj: What happen with Ellis?
Ben_Gogos: Both sides can’t kick straight thus far
NewFreoFan: low scoring affair, everyone yet to touch the ball?
heppelitis: thats better wends lol
Raspel31: 10 all
facebook23: this is bullshit, whats the point of even being on this site if the stats arent up. not good enough
grossn: @facebook23 you dumb shower, it’s not FF that generates their scores, all sites get it off champion data, which is down
Ben_Gogos: @facebook23 we are reliant on CD… No one has stats atm
NewFreoFan: go another site facebook23, oh wait, it’s champion data’s fault. what do you want FF to do?
SubOptimal: is Champ Data actually down or is it an RSS feed issue mods?
rosty63: off ya go then facesook
Raspel31: They’re not up anywhere-not this site’s fault
facebook23: what did u call me? well then maybe they shouldnt rely on them.
NewFreoFan: even the match center has no stats or scores
NewFreoFan: facebook23 you dumb mutt, you have no idea how fantasy footy works do you
dipstick: AF and RDT sites are working fine. just check there
facebook23: ultimate footy do.
Bazza2014: some of you gimps need to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, keyboard warriors. sheesh
NewFreoFan: RDT site scores aren’t updating for me dipstick…
SubOptimal: top DT scores so far: lambert 20 martin 20 barlow 18 hunt 18 newman 18 chaplain 18
facebook23: ADMIN! i am getting abused, i dont feel safe on your website, i would like the users that are abusing me to be banned
grossn: You’re complaining about a free site. Get over yourself
Raspel31: Quarter finishes at a measly 10 all
dipstick: QT martin 27 mundy 22 fyfe 18 neale 12
rosty63: facesook23
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure u have the freedom to be or not be on the site. Patients is required. Not fanfooty issue.
facebook23: please ban all users abusing me
Grazz: Yay
Raspel31: Facebook-get a life-you were rude about the administrator for fs sake.
dipstick: make that fyfe 22 mundy 30
zadolinnyj: Nice rosty. See what you did there.
heppelitis: the flame function has crapped out to
Flanno: fuckface23 you’re unwanted here
ReaperRage: Ben, M0nty remove this fool from your website hes giving your site a bad name and putting off other users. @facebook23
myteamsuks: I’m not abusing you facebook23 but I wonder if your mum still makes your bed
Ball_Hog15: Take it easy facebook23!
mjdub: This chat is pretty entertaining
grossn: Why would an admin listen to you facebook23? you just insulted their website.
Airdog222: happy now sookbook?
dipstick: @raspel could have been an FF feed issue. ive had stats on RDT and AF the whole qtr
ReaperRage: ayyy stats are up finally still flower off facebook
arbel: typical low scoring freo game… can’t win a flag
zadolinnyj: Looks to me we have one user causing all the issues and a lwhole lot of patient good guys waiting patiently
Raspel31: All good now dipstick-cheers
facebook23: i am merly asking questions and you are all abusing me. i have done nothing wrong, you have
Bazza2014: stfu everyone and get on with it
myteamsuks: Alex Pearce is the new presti
stakerz: ead fb23
rosty63: waawaawaa facesook
grossn: You insulted the website facebook23. That’s what you did wrong.
zadolinnyj: lambert great start
dipstick: scores are 1.4-10 each
Raspel31: I’ll remember those links-thanks dipstick
facebook23: how the heck does sam lloyd start as the sub, do richmond even know what they are doing?!?!
banta: useless ivan. he needs to get dropped. hampson better than him
Pantsman: Facebook 23 is just trolling. Or 10 years old. Either way, just ignore it. “Just don’t look”
facebook23: danyle pearce for crab icon – he is so awful. I could do better than him
zadolinnyj: Waaaaambulance icon please
Raspel31: Maybe Taylor Hunt is my new Gablett ?
facebook23: im not trolling, i just want these keyboard warriors banned
mjdub: banta, hampson literally just pops up to get the hitout and sods off until the next stoppage. Maric is more than a ruck
zadolinnyj: that is an amazing free kick.
banta: houli is due to do something, been poor lately
NewFreoFan: Come on Neale get amongst it
Raspel31: Grow up facebook or go away.
zadolinnyj: Don’t do it Raspel31. U should consider Liam jones as well. Star qualities 🙂
facebook23: fyfe – muppet icon
banta: sandi will mop the floor with both today either way. superior
zadolinnyj: Muppet clancee
Raspel31: Funny zado
facebook23: kamdyn is a mad dog
facebook23: hi we are fan footy, we have all these cool unique icons that we have created but we are never going to use any.ever
zadolinnyj: Ablett to Sloane maybe? The good thing about Ablett is his cash buys anyone else you want
NewFreoFan: was thinking ablett to armitage in RDT
Ben_Gogos: The only thing that’ll stop the Tiges is themselves today
rosty63: see ya later trollbook23
Raspel31: There’s better than Sloane out there zado-and an injury risk.
zadolinnyj: Scores stopped. Richmond 23 to free 10. Last two goals Macintosh and maric
Raspel31: Hmm-another score freeze.
arbel: Facebook23…. just shut up!!
frenzy: how come your three goals behind ben
zadolinnyj: Good call NewFreoFan. Stevens in demanding attention which helps armitage
NewFreoFan: quick facesook start complaining again, scores have stopped
banta: another game where the scores stop. site is cooked
zadolinnyj: Just thought Sloane means the remaining money could upgrade another. Definitely better thensloane out there.
howeydamus: Facebook23 is the kind of little dweeby weasal that made me tuen chat off for two years. Back off she goes. Little germ
zadolinnyj: Pavlich goal. 23 to 16 with 14 min left
heppelitis: Look out Ben_Gogos…zadolinnnyj auditioning for your job
zadolinnyj: Martin muppet gives away 50 and Mayne kicks it. 23 to freo 22
man0005: Pavlich goal. 23 to 16 with 14 min left
zadolinnyj: Just realised the game blog. Lol. Years on this site and just noticed
Raspel31: Martin argues with ump-gives free to Mayne right in front of goal-competing with zado
stakerz: neale lift u spud
Bazza2014: freo getting gifts must be xmas
Chelskiman: These umpires are fuck heads.
heppelitis: haha
danmaio: crozier goal, 28 / 24
man0005: Crozier has just won a free kick 20m out from goal. He makes no mistake and Freo take the lead!
Chelskiman: Umpires on fire, they’ve kicked two goals in a row.
zadolinnyj: Sounds good Raspel31. May do special comments like Wayne Carey. Fyfe would not get a game in any other team 🙂
NewFreoFan: never seen a 50m for spraying water in someone’s face lol
Bazza2014: Ben_Gogos: Now Crozier receives the free kick after Hunt is now called out for holding the man without the ball. Haydenb
Raspel31: They said that about Mitchell last night-good work zado.
danmaio: Rance put an elbow to the face in spoiling attempt, all clear, or is it
zadolinnyj: There has been some average umpiring this week as the umpires try to avoid stoppages
NewFreoFan: umpires having more impact than either team on the game
Rebuild: Way too many frees.
heppelitis: Ben_Gogos: Riewoldt takes a ripping mark in the contest opposed to Pearce and McPharlin, after the bomb came in from Ran
zadolinnyj: That’s why I said it Raspel. Worst call ever. Did it even cross his mind that Carlton would kill for him
myteamsuks: That 50 against matti proves the AFL want no characters left in this game.
the worm: i bet martin was surpised that he gave away a free kick for mouthing off instead of the ump agreeing and reversing the d
Wends: CD out the back with the stickiest of the icky.
the worm: *decision
Ben_Gogos: Haha I check in on the chat and everyone is suddenly commentating. Great community
zadolinnyj: Lol rance
Wends: Rance muppet, ran into a Griffenwall 🙂
RooBoyStu: Obviously Fyfe likes Melbourne, maybe Royal after game beer lol
grossn: There have been more frees than scoring shots
dipstick: genisys is skynet. skynet has infiltrted CD circuits
Raspel31: Rance takes the mark but no one to pass to.
heppelitis: we are just jealous of your blue name Ben
NewFreoFan: bloody hell Fyfe
Raspel31: And Fyfe marks directly out with 6 to go but misses-just a point
dipstick: looks deep aqua to me heppelitis
RooBoyStu: hopefully for boomer’s 400th on the game thread everyone is north icon
zadolinnyj: We got ya back @Ben_Gogos
Ben_Gogos: @heppelitis if it makes you feel better, I’ve never had purple
Wends: Best guesses re 1/2 time scores win the hoarded FF coins.
Raspel31: Is it like karate belts Ben ?
LuvIt74: Are your scores showing Tigers 11 & freo 10? Its up the creak
zadolinnyj: Rich 37 to freo 30
Raspel31: Slow game Luvit
heppelitis: Blue is a great color for a gent
NewFreoFan: get your shit together champion data, seriously
heppelitis: Remeber how we were caneing Lambert a few weeks ago…boys on fire
kangawalla: Hey all….just hopped on. Everything looks sku-wiff on FF & NAB Fantasy. Gremlins??
rosty63: purple is the new black
LuvIt74: yeah i know the scores im watching the game but im talking about this site, are the scores updating for you
zadolinnyj: North Korea got hold of fantasy numbers
zadolinnyj: Kim Jong un must have had Ablett captain
dipstick: CD is most certainly not a Six Sigma organisation
heppelitis: God is tombstoned Kangawalla..the sky is falling in
NewFreoFan: Boom
heppelitis: lol Zado
Raspel31: McIntosh just scored 28 points-good kick.
kangawalla: Zado….The supreme leader of DPRK won’t take kindly tp 2 x 22 from his skipper. I fear for Gaz!!
kangawalla: *to
dipstick: KJ Ill changes his team at th end of the round for 100% possible score anyways
heppelitis: dam the beaver just has his score shaved
zadolinnyj: Chaplin 66, lambert 59, Maria 57, kmac 55, Riewoldt 53, Cotchin 50
zadolinnyj: Mundy 63, Barlow 61, sandi 45, Neale 36, don’t have fyfe
LuvIt74: if u have a VC score 110+ keep that score, fyfe is no longer life. its not going to be easy getting those huge scores.
LuvIt74: Goldy maybe the only option
heppelitis: Maria lol
Raspel31: I’m just worried by that elusive burger. Three last year-cannot pick 9 this year.
Jukes82: k-mac might get the zombie at this rate
zadolinnyj: yah liked how maric became Maria. that might stick like Dave and gog
zadolinnyj: taking danger vc. 140 fine
heppelitis: oki off to the footy have a great night all
Wends: Maria, what is it you can’t face?
J.Worrall: Kipper Dancin’ Maria …
heppelitis: my wifes name is maria and there is a resemblance with big ivan
J.Worrall: Is Fyfey a bit Iffy?
Raspel31: How can you do that zado when he was in same game as Gablett ?
zadolinnyj: Martin 44
LuvIt74: lol hepp
zadolinnyj: I don’t have Ablett. I had Goldstein C but will take danger.
zadolinnyj: Lol hepp
zadolinnyj: I was one of those idiots who thought Alberts price would drop Raspel. Genius in retrospect.
J.Worrall: I van Mehta Curl neigh Maria
kangawalla: Champagne comedy Hepp 🙂
mijg: Lift ya game houli need a big one. At least better than projected.
Raspel31: Gotcha zado.Fine for DT-just lose a game and endless trades-but SC-aargh.
Jukes82: beams out! hanley out!
Wends: S Edwards sub for Dons.
mijg: Well trading beams for gaj looks better. … not. Man I screwed that could of got danger instead.
zadolinnyj: Hearing you Raspel. Especially in a year when there has been so many premium forced trades
carlton_99: what source?
zadolinnyj: Where did you here that Jukes82
the worm: young sub for port
zadolinnyj: True supporter @carlto_99. After last night back on the horse. Respect
Redraptor: SEN just confirmed Jukes82
zadolinnyj: Should not have doubted you Jukes
Raspel31: Have to head off-good night ladies and carn Freo.
Ben_Gogos: Sam Lloyd receives the muppet for that horrendous effort on goal when the Tigers could’ve ran in unopposed
Raspel31: Taylor Hunt was 38 at qtr time and 39 at 3rd qtr-hmm.
Tony9668: @Raspel, had Hunt early in year, traded him out because he has no tank
zadolinnyj: Ciao Raspel
zadolinnyj: Beams to Zorko?
Tony9668: Does nothing in second halves
frenzy: geepers late outs still painfull
Rebuild: Houli and Neale get a riggle on guys
nkoutsou: come on freo
shaker: hope asada is going to test chaplin after this game
nkoutsou: come on maric
Woosha 73: Didn’t flowerhead Eddie McGuire complain about bias commentary? Seems to love Richmond today
Tony9668: Tigers will win this if they start kicking straight
nkoutsou: lol flowerhead
J.Worrall: C’mon Big Maria
dipstick: this is a GF for tiges. only an away game for freo. tiges not a finals team
myteamsuks: Are you serious dipstick tigers not a finals team? I think they are
Torz: Hardly seen Neale today.
dipstick: @myteam yeah dead serious
wadaramus: Go Fyfey, bust it up man.
Jmachete: tigers a protected species tonight. Umps all but kicking goals for them. disgusting.
J.Worrall: Let’s go Iffy
zadolinnyj: Martin looks like he’s got rabies. Going after people like a spastic
Jmachete: another umpire gift for the tigers
zadolinnyj: Eddie big fight??? Looks like to girls pulling hair
thommoae: Easy, Zado. Spasticity is a thing that people can’t help.
zadolinnyj: Martin may kick this, hit someone then get a reverse
zadolinnyj: No in the back???
Woosha 73: No-one cares now McKintosh
Redraptor: Fyfe not 100 per cent. His corked thigh is still a problem
23rookie23: i care as played Kmac over smith
Woosha 73: No-one cares how to spell his name either
Grazz: Lambert finding his feet now
Woosha 73: If I had smith, I probably would too. If I still had him
zadolinnyj: Somehow still got Kmac on bench. No need to trade but will now to take cash after this one
zadolinnyj: His break even was 26 I think
J.Worrall: Lambert having a ball tearer
zadolinnyj: Lambert sc 99, Martin 57, cotch 82
mijg: Lambert be is like minus 14. Have him ad an E but no lopp option.
zadolinnyj: May bench n roo and take lambert I think
poolboybob: Dustin Martin looks like some sort of super-Bogan sent from the future to rule over the common bogans.
zadolinnyj: Worst decision ever
mijg: Moved lambert to fwds and used steel as a loophole in mids god damn it
Chelskiman: Umps been a disgrace today.
poolboybob: Eddie McGuire is such a knob
zadolinnyj: Nothing worst the a commentator trying to make the ordinary sound spetacular
dipstick: @poolbob yeh prob has a pair of Nike mocussins to wear around the house
zadolinnyj: Maria great lead. Richmond stopped running
shaker: is carey commentating zad
cartz411: Lambert SC please?
myteamsuks: #thingstheducksays
myteamsuks: I’m liking Richmond this year, it’s the North of a couple years ago, never say die
ReaperRage: lambert sc please
tamoz: Get involved D.Pearce!
zadolinnyj: Lambert gone down to 93 some how
Chelskiman: Umps doing all they can to get Freo over the line.
myteamsuks: Oh this could be hell of over umpiring
dipstick: @chelks hahaha and someone else said umps favouring tiges. go figure
Ben_Gogos: Footy gods played a part then
DanBlack: Cuss of Chelski you rat
zadolinnyj: Sorry lambert 101. I ready to turn footy off with the umpiring this weekend
ReaperRage: for lamberts score who should i take off, t mitchell, daulhouse, bont, swan or goddard? who will score lowest,opinions?
poolboybob: Considering that umps have paid 4 more frees to Richmond, theyre doing a pretty bad job trying to get Freo over the line
cartz411: Thanks. Mundy and houli SC too please?
myteamsuks: Tigers are kicking themselves out of it.
zadolinnyj: I have same decision reaper. Thinking Bont will be tagged
carlton_99: priddis or gawn bring in foir beams
carlton_99: or jack steven
danmaio: as an avid wce supporter and hater of freo, watch the fucken game @chelskiman
Hawks_15: @ Reaper Rage. id go bont because i have him as well, not consistant enough
ReaperRage: tough one @zado im thinking bont then too
zadolinnyj: Pridis @ Carlton_99
Bazza2014: muppett spurr
ReaperRage: Bont it is
zadolinnyj: Knowing my luck mate, Bont will get 200
myteamsuks: Houli big qtr
carlton_99: if i could get anyone with 610k who shoudl i get
Hawks_15: The big question is who should you bring in for Ablett?
zadolinnyj: Did they leave the Auskick umpires on. I’m a crows fan but this is disgraceful
colmullet: thanks for doing nothing all 2nd half maric!! jeez
Roksta: Get Ablett Carlton will drop in price
rosty63: maybe give it to the umps @carlton99.
Roksta: Dangerfield hawks15
poolboybob: Some shocking kicks by Alex Pearce this quarter
AngryRyno: 4 behinds dustbin, could cost your team the game
Hawks_15: I dont have him in my team but a very good choice at this stage
OnTheRocks: now is the time to stand up and kick the winning goal Neale
myteamsuks: This is exciting
J.Worrall: Maria mothballed
myteamsuks: Houli douli
carlton_99: i need somrone in this round who can play still
zadolinnyj: Mundy kicks this and it’s 1000 points
dipstick: @myteam tiges are awesome buddy
myteamsuks: Bugger my Opp has Mundy that’s 40 points there
cartz411: Houli lost points then?
zadolinnyj: Pridis
poolboybob: Houli muppet!
myteamsuks: Carlton99 go priddis
LuvIt74: Mundy’s score to go higher than Joe Crocker. his score was 104sc before the goal.
OnTheRocks: cotch for winning goal?
carlton_99: nah not priddis as my opponent ahs hima nd i nee an uncmmon player
LuvIt74: I’m taking Fyfe’s score as my VC
Bazza2014: how many SC points was that last goal worth?
grossn: Tigers you’re a joke hahaha
howeydamus: How did they lose that…bad kicking…and poor decision making. Deary me.
DanBlack: Muppet for Chelks
Roksta: My man Mundy!!! EAD Richmond
OnTheRocks: 0.4 dustbin, pathetic
Roksta: Clutch!!!
frenzy: Ninthmond here we come
shaker: why are they a joke ? maybe you are a joke
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers
facebook23: grossn has no friends, spends all day on here
myteamsuks: Tigers against top team 4 point loss, dissappointing but not toothless, people love to make stupid statements
Bazza2014: was a dirty kick in that cost me the cash. if they had that scenario again, you kick long to the boundary, YOUR IN BLOOD
Rilian: Muppet for Houli surely?
Bazza2014: FRONT! Why kick into the corridor..
grossn: woah
Bazza2014: FRONT! Why kick into the corridor.

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