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Chat log from R16 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Essendon

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Essendon, R16 of 2015

frenzy: gibson sub m0nty, after his BIG suspension you gave him last week.
wadaramus: Go Edwards!
wadaramus: And Goddard.
wadaramus: But most importantly VC Goldy 🙂
J.Worrall: Go Bombers – no failing now Jobe is ouit boys!
cusch1: come on hepps
frenzy: go big goldy
Yelse: you think goldy for VC?? last time they played session 98
cusch1: last time bellchambers “contested” in the ruck
frenzy: yep Yelse, and Fyfe scored 80 last week
Chelskiman: Who is going Goldy captain?
J.Worrall: who is this “bell” boy you speak of …
wadaramus: Why would you C Goldy on a Friday night?
Yelse: yeah good point mckernan got destroyed by gawn
Mad Doctor: Agreed yelse- got gaj & fyfe but going goldy vc
J.Worrall: TheBiggestCrab, aka TBC?
cusch1: or TradeBaitCrab J.Worrall
J.Worrall: who can we trade him for, cusch?
J.Worrall: McKernan’s Mum?
cusch1: i think we might have to give the other club picks as well for nothing in return
J.Worrall: Well that sucks!
Bothy: so who traded Ablett back in this week???
Apachecats: What about Mckernans mum and pick 25
sticky12: I am chelski because I forgot to make him vice for the loop dammit
J.Worrall: I’ll take thapachet offer, A
J.Worrall: that offer, Apache
zadolinnyj: Come on goldi. Opponent does not have u. Give me a vc I can’t refuse
Apachecats: No worries Worrall ,I”ll send her round in the morning.
Chelskiman: @sticky, he’s started well, so no damage done so far.
LuvIt74: What happened to the chat window, its on the bottom
poolboybob: Goldy already destroying McKernan
Apachecats: Goldstein ,go you good thing !!
J.Worrall: ctrl wheel, Luvvy
LuvIt74: Goldy 32sc
sticky12: True chelski. He started slow last week and still made 150
J.Worrall: It’s cold, Apache – might need her tonight …
frenzy: Joe muppet
Pantsman: Dust off the muppet icon!
cusch1: that was fucking disgusting
J.Worrall: Danny Hurn, you Dimwit
Apachecats: See what I can do.No promises.
LuvIt74: Warrall CTRL wheel? can u elaborate mate?
runt: If Joe loses the mo he will be fine.
J.Worrall: hold ctrl key, turn the mouse wheel
Tony9668: Can’t blame Joe, Hooker no confidence to go back and kick it
Tony9668: Jo’s mo is a disgrace, don’t they have mirrors at bomber land
knickers: i can smell goldys cape
Jukes82: Damn I should’ve loopholed goldy completely forgot
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Chelskiman: Wish I went Goldy for C in RDT now. I get nervous putting the C on a player on a Friday night.
goes: Goldy sc please
Apachecats: Hi dirty
Hadouken: i was so reluctant to put C on goldy. did in the end, hope he keeps this up 🙂
J.Worrall: That’s a pornstar mo – John the wad Holmes style
Steelers7: When was the last time firrito hit a target?
casey22: My man Goldy, go you good thing!!!
goes: So glad I put goldy as my vic instead of abblet
J.Worrall: When was the first time Firrito hit a target?
SaintsMan: anyone know gold sc
meka100: Last time he got his wife pregnant
Apachecats: Goldy will be 50 plus at 1/4 time
Fletch91: Feels so good having Goldy as VC!
Tony9668: Showing your age Worrall, kids wouldn’t know who J Holmes is
J.Worrall: U sure he dun it?
colin wood: Goldy Vc looking delicious at the minute!
zadolinnyj: Mckernan has an excuse in ruck but no excuse for the amount of ball godly getting around ground
Derekcraig: Goody is a half a chance for Brownlow this year
Tony9668: Or Ron Jeremy either
Jukes82: whats wrong with ziebell this year?
itsduftime: goldy racking it up 😀
gdshifty: Goldy getting the superman cape maybe
Slashers: 200 SC game coming up?
kangawalla: If only Joe & his Sanchez mo missed a couple last week! The Dee’s would have got up for me!
colin wood: Is this the biggest cape ever?? Goldy!!!
J.Worrall: He’s a shining star, that Goldy!
Apachecats: Make that 60 plus at 1/4 time
sticky12: Forget vice, might as well change him to captain already…I have by mistake haha
casey22: Cape for goldy
goes: If Fyfe keeps his Mogo he has a chance
J.Worrall: Aaaah, Ron Jeremy – the funniest man in porn, ever!
Bothy: Goldy is 25% chance for Brownlow…Fyfe is 75%
Apachecats: Good mistake sticky
Derekcraig: Brownlow: Fyfe, goldy, SMitchell in that order
carlton_99: lol goldy looking at 40 disposals and 40 hitoits
sticky12: Oops watch for the jinx on godly = broken leg
kangawalla: Underpants on the outside of your shorts for Q2 Goldmember. You’re a Superhero!!!
Slashers: McKernan Pumpkin?
itsduftime: sideshow bob is a pretty good mark
poolboybob: Goldy running at 100 percent efficiency with loads of hitouts to advantage and an intercept mark. Massive SC score.
J.Worrall: Loving Benny Brown this year!
LuvIt74: Goldy looking the goods 54sc, I put Goddard in my fwd this week
Tony9668: In golfing terms, Goldy is 3 under in the first 4 holes, lotta holes left
poolboybob: Heppell do something
SaintsMan: he’s only on 54 luv it?
LuvIt74: So far golds as VC looking delisious
colin wood: Where is Heppell?
carlton_99: is this the first tke a ruckman has had 10 disposals in aqtr
Slashers: You can’t go backwards as in golf though.
LuvIt74: Flogard doing well also on 33sc
Derekcraig: Goldy is opening my batting for this week with Goddard at other end
Tony9668: Still I’ve Got the VC on him, pretty chuffed
LuvIt74: @SaintsMan goldy 58sc m8
carlton_99: goldy on a lazy 62
gdshifty: <3 Goldy captain
wadaramus: Goldy is a freak, Goddard going well, Edwards spud, glad he is only bench cover.
HowI Rioli: Opposition ruckmen always dominate against essendon
OnTheRocks: Goldy VC
wadaramus: Goldy 100% DE, he may usurp Fyfe as top SC scorer!!
LuvIt74: wtf goldy on 68sc now its going higher without play
Yelse: edwards needs to lift want some cashhhhh
Tony9668: True Slasher, he’d have to shoot double bogies from here to not score
Hadouken: goldy to get 200+ just cause its my first time with C on him 🙂
casey22: ^2 for Goldy? Amazing, & I follow the Bombers
OnTheRocks: @luvit: they know Goldy is going to keep scoring so that’s in anticipation
Derekcraig: Aussies are 1/352
Tony9668: Can we take 20 wickets on the Lords track to win?
carlton_99: Todd Goldstein is on 68 supercoach points at quarter time! 🙂
LuvIt74: @OnTheRocks lmao ummm it doesn’t quite work that way. Although as much as i luv SC the scoring system seems corrupt.
casey22: When was the last time a ruck had most disposals & marks in a quarter?
Torz: Glad I made Goldy C.
itsduftime: probablt cox
knickers: @casey – last week when goldy played
kangawalla: Tony, that’s my concern too.
LuvIt74: @carlton99 hope u were smart ad made him your VC mate
OnTheRocks: SC scorers probably have their favourites just like BT wants to massage Rioli on a beach in the nude
carlton_99: @LuvIt- yes I did mate
OnTheRocks: Rogers out 🙁
Yelse: it makes no diff all my opponents have goldy as VC
desafinado: OMG i forgot to VC Goldy ! I feel sick !
Bothy: can Goldy declare at 200?
poolboybob: Ziebell icicle
LuvIt74: @OnTheRocks BT loves the Package Stringer, it’s Bruce that is in love with Rioli and finds him delicious.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mullett’s kick across halfback is straight to Kooker who snaps truly from 40m.
LuvIt74: @desafinado its ok m8 I done it for u…lol
OnTheRocks: I’m finding Goldy delicious at the moment
ballbag: @yels dont stressm fyfe will destroy carlton
Tony9668: Great value Rogers, gritty cricket version of hawks poppy
LuvIt74: I’m finding Goldy as sweet as a Golden Delicious
ballbag: *@desafind
LuvIt74: Roo’s look crap house
kangawalla: C’mon boys. We’re entering man crush territory!
Tony9668: Let’s hope Goldy is like a Thai massage, happy ending
ballbag: double cape C oldy. ouch
Derekcraig: Rodgers out for 173
LuvIt74: Goldy sc going backwards now
Apachecats: Leading possessions ,guess who ? Goldy on 13
desafinado: Must remind myself to check team before first game !
colin wood: Could smell an upset here if Heppell actually shows up…
kangawalla: Always riding on the edge Tony. 🙂
OnTheRocks: get purple cape ready for Goldy as Pav sure as shit isn’t using it
Apachecats: Not to mention 2 tackles 18 h/o and 100% effective
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Brent Stanton, the ump sees it and pays HTB to Ziebell
Yelse: goldy slowed down
LuvIt74: goal of the millennia
Karlpov: Bombers are running much harder than norf atm
LuvIt74: Goldy was 78 at qt time now hes 73sc
carlton_99: no 68 at qtr time
wadaramus: I thought he was 68 at QT?
LuvIt74: Would luv to know what Essendon are on…lol
LuvIt74: sorry 68 yes
carlton_99: wasnt goldy on 13 possies not 12
Slashers: Goody to goal and ton up b4 half!
LuvIt74: Essendon came to play, wow hird most certainly must be getting the A$$
Tony9668: Terrible free, soft as butter
Karlpov: another 3 votes Goldy!
casey22: Boomer proving his worth
LuvIt74: Goldy 93sc so he should ton up b4 half time…
Derekcraig: Happy with Goldy and Goddard as my openers for the weekend
LuvIt74: That was in the back to Ziebell
wadaramus: Whoa…Goldy 98sc!
Slashers: McKernan Pumpkin yet?
LuvIt74: Goldy on 102sc carn Golden Delicious
LuvIt74: 106sc now
3rdstriker: tv for waite
wadaramus: Goldy Ton Up you legend!
frenzy: Some of the showerest footy ever witnessed
wadaramus: Heppell got the lock and struggling.
Tony9668: Got Laverde in for Adams, u beauty
colin wood: I’m going to predict goldy will score 203 tonight
OnTheRocks: where was this love when i had you last year Turner?
wadaramus: Where can Goldy get to from here 175?
LuvIt74: I predict Goldy to score 189sc
TasDevil: brb captaining in injured player for goldy vc.
Derekcraig: Hit outs 26 to 9
zadolinnyj: 200 please wadaramus
meka100: Great Heppell, done fuck all then give away a free with 1 sec to go
Derekcraig: If Norf win Goldy might push 180
Chelskiman: Was watching the cricket and came back to see Goldy’s HT score. WOW.
casey22: Classic melee
Tony9668: Got Goldy VC loophole SC and Capt DT, fantasy heaven
Slashers: Goody, 150 minimum, 175 probable, 200 possible.
Ball_Hog15: Just takes the pressure of choosing a captain if you have the big G! Just keeps getting it done!
casey22: Storm ahead, cricket under control & Captain kicking butt, lifes good
Ball_Hog15: Everything he touches turns to gold
wadaramus: Will gladly take 200 zado. Total bonus!
kangawalla: Boomer has responded well to getting the vest.
colin wood: Ill save my Gary trade for another week of goldy goes really big here I’ll bring in rocky for Cripps now
LuvIt74: Goldy is the Apple of my eye
LuvIt74: m0nty is it possible to make a Apple icon for Goldy.
wadaramus: Golden delicious icon.
Slashers: Why Apple? Why not a gold bar?
rickyb80: is that McGregor in the game of war ad? lol
Slashers: Bring back the old ad
LuvIt74: @Slashers The Golden Delicious Apples, Goldy is the apple to my eye.
Ball_Hog15: No G Cape icon and make it gold.
LeFtBehinD: Goldy full blown boner icon please.
LuvIt74: Of not “to”
pies13: anychance of a spud icon next 2 luvit mOnty? who you going 4 this year syd or dogs? dont you go 4 2teams? unheard of!
zadolinnyj: Give him a wonka bar icon because he’s got the golden ticket
LuvIt74: Made Goldy my VC and traded in Goddard this week, happy days so far.
Slashers: Hardest boner of all time
Derekcraig: Godly 110sc
DirtyDawn: To me he is simply known as “The Todd”
LuvIt74: @pies don’t get jealous m8, its not a good look. Be Humble.
LuvIt74: Yeah I support 2 teams, grew up as doggies supporter, went to live in Sydney for almost 2 years and supported the swan
Slashers: Time to win a game too now Goldy.
wtf???: @Leftbehind…LOL…that was ‘Gold’.
ballbag: @pies how are ya? @luvit telling you to bite ya lip is hard with no teeth. you gonna beat eagles?
pies13: thats not footy thats all im saying luvit not jealous at all
Raspel31: McKernan outscored Goldy this quarter
DirtyDawn: Clarke gone
LuvIt74: A typical pies supporter, it’s such a curse, be humble. life is to short.
pies13: all good ballbag you? yeah was lip on lip gear haha dont no hey bud we need the win should be a good game
ballbag: @luvit neck up abit about your team. you were saying last wk you were on track for 3000
meka100: wtf Heppell, fucken muppett
ben31215: Lift Higgins
ballbag: all good. pies game too close to call. should be a banger of a game
LuvIt74: I’m over these 3rd umpires, we must look like the laughing stock.
Bazza2014: go jacobs
pies13: you dont get it luvit any die hard footy follower goes 4 1team n 1team only! humble flower off is that humble enuf 4ya?
nicw98: did hibberd get reported?
LuvIt74: @pies well there is one team i do despise, that’s for sure.
HowI Rioli: Shaun mckernan must have Goldy in his SC side
LuvIt74: @nicw98 not sure but think waite will be looked at
casey22: Goldy goal!!!!!!
ballbag: remember roos vs crows when i saw A mullet on te walker
LuvIt74: The Golden child 144sc
ballbag: mckernan is smoked. goldy 200 for sure… destroy!
fshow: goldy gee whiz
knickers: smelling goldys used cape again
Slashers: Loophole setup time
wadaramus: Golden Delicious 144sc WTF!
LuvIt74: 200sc is looking quite possible
Preston007: Goldy Captain…. luvin it
Derekcraig: Golds goal puts them in front. Nice SC pts
zadolinnyj: What is the sc one player record?
wadaramus: Does Biuddy have the record?
fshow: carn dyson tackle time
Tony9668: Mckernan a 2nd ruck only, I’d blame Belly for this
ballbag: noone gonna outscore goldy in DT this week. mckernan is knackered
carlton_99: highest supercoach ever was nathan buckley with 267 in 2001 rd 13
knickers: buckley has highest sc score ver 267. go pies
Derekcraig: Cox has record SC
ballbag: @tony theres only 7 decent rucks in the league
pies13: speak 2 you all during the pies game carn pies luvit nufn personal bud speak 2 u 2mra
zadolinnyj: Wow. Buckley
auxDT: i copy pasted that from some was posted by the legend himself – m0nty
ballbag: heppel the next C? lol
colmullet: horrible heppell
wtf???: McKernan…don’t know what took Adelaide so long to getbrid of him
colin wood: Minty is a legend Aux
LuvIt74: SC started in 2005 so Ablett holds the highest official SC score of 254, but Buckley scored 267 in 2001, so go figure.
wtf???: They should have included Jenkins in the deal
auxDT: 262 Jonathan Brown copy paste is not working so im just gonna type it out
pies13: but last comment how can you support 2teams??? thats it im done
ballbag: stom 10 tries in smiths 300th
cobrakai00: Stanton’s gettin some kicks, no wonder Roos are in front
SaintsMan: goldy sc?
fshow: lol @ cobrakai00
LuvIt74: @pies I never take things personal from a chat line m8, I just give it as good as I take…
Derekcraig: Godly 152sc
meka100: Heppell just stay on the bench
pekka: goldy on 154sc
zadolinnyj: Goody another shot
ballbag: @luvit stop gettin stuck into pies. youve done it for an hr already
LuvIt74: Carn the Golde child.
Tony9668: Goldy, Sandi, Nic Nat, Jacobs, Stefan, Maric, and Mummy is that 7?
Bothy: @pies I was a member of 3 clubs last year…just trying to be my bit by supporting clubs I thought needed help…so what
LuvIt74: Goldy 161sc
fshow: heppell your current score is very disapointing. i’m finding it hard not to be angry
Slashers: If only Goldy had 3 goals!
colin wood: Luvit is full of dog poo
Bothy: agrees with fshow
J_Pinkman: wow, unblievables, if only goldy was a POD vice captain, I’d be killing it
pies13: well said luvit chat 2mra no doubt
elk101: I thought Darling held the unofficial sc record? 308
auxDT: was the rooboystu swearing on tv just then?
LuvIt74: @J_Pink Would luv to know how many went Goldy.
LuvIt74: @ballbag scroll down m8, I am only replying to his childish questions.
wadaramus: Surely Goldy gets to 200sc from here!
howeydamus: Hibbered reported. Great reason to get rid of.him anyway. Hes trash
zadolinnyj: Keep going Luvit. Banta makes life interesting
ballbag: mckernan is smoked. goldy will smash Q4
LuvIt74: its a tough one wadaramus, currently on 166sc
LuvIt74: If he doesn’t tire out, then Goldy will hit the double century with out a doubt.
sticky12: Godly is only in38% sc teams so that’s good for most…my opp has him though dammit
LuvIt74: i got ppl texting me every few minutes whats golds sc score. Wish i didn’t tell em…lol
ballbag: @wada wheres asadaramus tonight?
fshow: i don’t have goldy. i do ahve heppell and higgins however
Hadouken: only 141, come on goldy, jeez
zadolinnyj: 38% really fshow. Amazing thought it would be way hire. I wonder if people dropped him when he got low score
pies13: bothy so you follow 3teams? commit 2 1 bra thats all im saying you cant have your finger i n 3 pies you commit 2 1
LuvIt74: Goldy 170sc
ballbag: @m0nts did ya VC Goldy??
wadaramus: Who is this asadaramus you speak of ballbag?!!
ballbag: @pies bra? dont ya mean bro? bra is womens attir bud
LuvIt74: You would think 200+ shouldn’t be a problem to the best ruckman against a kid
J_Pinkman: someone mentioned the highest SC score ever earlier, what was it?
fshow: i think bothy would be wise to avoid advice from people who say ‘bra’ (let alone type it) and cwood supporters generally
Bothy: @pies…no I was a fully paid member of 3 teams
wadaramus: Goldy you absolute farken beast!!
Bothy: this year back to one…but I have no problem with anyone supporting more than 1 team..its a choice thing
h a mm e r: Anyone notice the extra players north have on the field? They are dressed in yellow disguising themselves as umps
Bothy: @ pies you a paid up member of your team?
3rdstriker: anyone know what hibberd was reported for?
LuvIt74: @Bothy don’t let him get to you m8.
The39Steps: Can anyone see North winning a flag in five years?
Mad Doctor: justn case i fall off the planet for 24hrs-finalising my goldy vc now
Bothy: @ lovit hes not…Im just saying what I have done..doesnt bother me
Torz: Gees.. sometimes I don’t understand ruck frees.
ballbag: teams like Norf and freo wont win flags
The39Steps: Think I would rather have Essendon’s list and that is saying something!
pies13: your a gr8 bigbrother luvit haha
LuvIt74: @Bothy i am still a paid member of two teams since 2004, although i didn’t have a swans membership bout 3 times in past
fshow: dyson might have to change his first name to hoover as he is no longer a high quality product. zing.
LuvIt74: 11 years
Bothy: agrees with Ballbag…North aint top 4 based on this
Bothy: @ pies so you a paid up member or not?
ballbag: @maddoc your fucken crazy!!! i did that at HT
pies13: yes but only 1 team mate
pies13: its freo this year haha
LuvIt74: @pies One thing is for certain, they will be serving sandwiches at the grand final coz the wont be any pies.
Bothy: @Luvit good on ya is what helps clubs…support is just a bonus
Bothy: @ pies thats cool..just asking is I said..its all choice
Slashers: Yea Mad Doc, stupid, could have died during the 3rd quarter.
LuvIt74: When I heard someone say that a few years ago i cried from laughter.
colin wood: Grow up luvit stop acting like a child n
pies13: mite change my mind during finals
auxDT: star on Goldy please
fshow: i can’t be a member as our waiting list is too long – eagles
3rdstriker: is there anything goldy cant do
zadolinnyj: Brilliant goldy
Coutzy: Has a ruck ever topped 200 Supercoach?
zadolinnyj: Where is hibberd?
LuvIt74: Golden son is 183sc
ballbag: hey guys- shut it about being paid up! sam newman SUPPORTS thru m/ship 7 teams but he is a CAT
Bothy: so is Herd going to sacked or nott at the end of the year?
fshow: @ luvvitt your sense of humour is not a good gauge
LuvIt74: @Coutzy only Goldy on the 17th of July 2015
SaintsMan: goldy on track for more than 200
valkorum: let’s keep the chat about the game please
ryanbob: Goldy needs all the icons: star, gun, team carrying
LuvIt74: @Bothy im a betting man, and id put both my plums on thechopping block. hes gone
Bothy: @ Ballbag that was my point..I was paid up at 3 clubs but doesnt mean I followed them all
ballbag: 24 possies for goldy def atlas icon and star
kangawalla: Valk….I reckon at end of year they’ll say “on ya bike James”!
zadolinnyj: What was hibberd reported for?
fshow: instead of telling us to talk about the game valkorum u should just say something about the game. freakin chat gestapo
ballbag: @bothy respect to you and sammy for helping support others with $$
3rdstriker: mcmillan hammy
boges11: @zadolinnyj it was from the melee at half time
ballbag: it is such an Aussie Q- what team do u follow?
auxDT: what’s Goldy’s SC up to now?
Bothy: so one thing I learned tonight is that heppell hates a hard tag
zadolinnyj: Ta boges. Surely a fine for half time rubbish
fshow: why is that an aussie question?
carlton_99: goldy on 187
wadaramus: Goldy 187sc, should smash 200!
Tony9668: Good comeback by Ziebs
Bazza2014: go jacobs
Bothy: cause normally any Aussie has a team he follows..if not in footy them some sport!!
zadolinnyj: Hookers hands good. Leg shower though
Bothy: its unAustralian not to like sport!!
LuvIt74: @ballbag give it up, how old are you. The whole time you have been here that’s all your talking about. Grow up
fshow: i’m very confident the same can be said about the populations of the entire western world regarding some sport
carlton_99: Goldy on a lazy 190.
ballbag: exactly. 99% of aussies have colours they follow. try that in any other place 🙂
fshow: we do love our sport though, but i reckon other countries also favour a one club approach mostly
ballbag: @fshow 60% of the US population doesnt have a pro league in their state
zadolinnyj: Here comes the rubbish bins
Bothy: @fshow some soccer mad countires are probably worse than us!
Slashers: Was this ever unlikely to happen against pumpkin McKernan?
fshow: they will most likely still have one team that they support. if not pro then college/ high school
LuvIt74: European soccer with out a doubt, there huge on it
ballbag: @bothy soccer is in aleague of its own but. its the only world game or team sport
ballbag: goldy the new perma ?? hes a beast!!
fshow: is easier to feel passion about one team than many. passion makes spectating sport way better. its human nature.
Bothy: still classed as a sport…so we have to bow to it
runt: Harvey in his 399th fantastic.
HowI Rioli: Not a lot of elite level sports with 8 teams in the one city. Makes the “who do u follow?” question more topical
LuvIt74: Goldy 193sc
happytimes: Sheep dog Heppell doing fuck all
boges11: Agree Ballbag. Had Goldy as C last 4 weeks
ballbag: @runt +1
carlton_99: Goldy on 193 sc
Bothy: @runt or it shows the lack of depth of talent at North..but agree he is exceptional
The39Steps: 60% US. Interesting stat @ballbag. Seriously, would be interested in source.
fshow: good point howi rioli. Less relevant over here in WA
wadaramus: Boomer Legend.
ballbag: @rioli aussie rules the oldest game in the world but only aussies like ie. sad really
Jukes82: ziebell sc please?
Bothy: @happytimes Heppell doesnt appear to like a hard tag
ben31215: Well Goldy can’t get tagged
carlton_99: Goldy on 196, 4 more
Raspel31: Aussie rules oldest gamein the world-total crap ballbag
happytimes: Watch him against the saints a couple of weeks ago. No one went near him all day
ballbag: @39steps read it recently
LuvIt74: Goldy 200sc
fshow: how the hell is it the oldest sport in the world. if u try and say our indeginous brothers played it that is a long bow
happytimes: One of the least damaging players in the afl
LuvIt74: Back to 198sc
ballbag: @raspel demons in the top 10 oldest teams ya flog
Bazza2014: such crap ballbag
heppelitis: i thought hunting girls was the oldest game
The39Steps: @ballbag. Tks. Will dig further.
boges11: AFL developed to kepp cricketers fit in winter so how is it older?
wadaramus: 200babay
carlton_99: He’s got the double century well done Goldy
ballbag: tell me a league older than VFL then smartalps. 150 years plus
rickyb80: cricket. rugby soccer tiddlywinks….alllll older than afl
fshow: ballbag that is very different from footy being the oldest sport in the world
LuvIt74: @ballbag lmfao at your Aussie rulss being the oldest sport in the world.. Lmfao
fshow: that still doesn’t mean the same thing as oldest sport in the world
zadolinnyj: 200 great start to weekend when opponent does not have him
Slashers: Even if the game ended now, what will Goldy be scaled too?
Bazza2014: theyve been playing hockey since 1363
Slashers: Jz gun!
LuvIt74: 204 sc to my vc
Bothy: North arent that what does that say about Essendon??
Bazza2014: they played Polo 4th century
ballbag: im talking about sport leagues than have run continuosly
runt: Well done Ziebell!
DirtyDawn: They’ve been playing hide the sausage since the stoneage!!
HowI Rioli: Anyone else cracked double ton this season?
carlton_99: 208 sc for goldy
Raspel31: And soccer since 14th C-thanks for the education ballbag
Slashers: Yea, cherries good call too.
zadolinnyj: How do afl players not have a left boot
Bothy: @DirtyDawn lol
J.Worrall: Well, you’re talking …
sammyo7: Permanent cape on goldy?
Bazza2014: they played hide the sausage in the garden of eden
casey22: Liking my DT score: one player 342 points
Slashers: Goldy! Two handballs on the siren! LOL
runt: Goldsteins score is horrifying if you don’t have him like me
Torz: Goldy with a piggish finish in the last 4 seconds!
Bazza2014: what about my man jacobs for smashing the flog hep?
LuvIt74: 2 players 511 points
ballbag: cambridge in UK 1840’s is the oldest continuing sports club- demons not far behind flog
LuvIt74: Gr8 start watch it fall apart…
TasDevil: thank fuck for the vc sc loophole
ryanbob: Goddard ripped off again…
frenzy: Goody clap clap
ballbag: goldy you are a beast. 400 next week harvey clap clap
runt: used to have floggers behind the goals
LuvIt74: I got goddard this week, but happy with his 101
boges11: Melbourne Cricket Club founded 1833 so cricket league been going longer
Derekcraig: 220 after scaling
J.Worrall: Goldy Godly
Mad Doctor: gotta luv the loophole. wot a lazy start
ballbag: wikipedia oldest football clubs @luvit
carlton_99: only a few tons in this game might mean he gets 220 plus after scaling (440 would just bve greart)
Mad Doctor: only low tons too
Ball_Hog15: The goldy cape for monty –

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