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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R15 of 2015

RooBoyStu: Welcome Back Rocky!!!
drapes15: Who scores more parker or JPK?
zadolinnyj: How long is Martin out for
zadolinnyj: Hannebery drakes
poolboybob: go rocky go
RooBoyStu: Flower Mitchell bloody Penguin
frenzy: thanks longmire, tmitch tag tops off my sunday from hell
caddyhawk: Why does Horse hate Mitchell?
RooBoyStu: not sure if TMitch is tagging Beams, seems to be running with Rocky
N.Fyfe: Horse trying to teach Titch to work hard! Needs to learn to run both ways
carlton_99: cmon beams need a massive scord
Apachecats: At least he’ll be where the ball is frenmzy
frenzy: Lol that worked a treat thanks Longmire
kangawalla: rocky hurt
RooBoyStu: lift Parker
fshow: maybe touch the pill parker
ryanbob: get in the game parker
RooBoyStu: bullshower @kangawalla
RooBoyStu: what a goal Zorko, just like Wells’ goal against Freo a few years back
LuvIt74: Come on Parker pull ya finger out son
fshow: i have parker plus 20 v kennedy. i will cry
colin wood: Ahh the old last game of the round trick.., Parker and buddy get Fucked!
carlton_99: cmon beams need a really boig score close to 140
drapes15: lets hope the lions get up!
poolboybob: Almost a cape for Pepperoni
frenzy: Tmitch wtf? are you doing again
RooBoyStu: Cape for the Pizza Paparone
ryanbob: rocky only 25 sc? bit rough
N.Fyfe: Nice to see Rocky tackling. Must have confidence in his body!
carlton_99: lewis on 53 and fyfe on 59, how is that possible that fyfe is higher
circle52: umpiring crap still this round
carlton_99: cmon beams try and get to 80 at half time in c
circle52: andrews doing a good job on buddy
mijg: Cmon buddy do something.
fshow: parker u are losing me my game. please kick some goals
scud98: Beams please come back to collingwood
circle52: bit hard for li
carlton_99: cmon beams keep going
circle52: hard for lions when we can not get decisions from umps
circle52: 4 in the backs in last 4 mims not paid
carlton_99: is beams on or off
fshow: parker better do something in the second half or else
poolboybob: 26 touches in a half for Kennedy! Give him the magnet.
LuvIt74: Parker let me down.
Hadouken: parker will still get the tonne
Hadouken: happy i brought in JOK and rocky this week 🙂 will be the difference #winning lol
circle52: hanners as c over fyfe working
SaintsMan: sam here circle
carlton_99: my situation is Captain Beams V 225+ Parker, do i ahve a chnace (i am beams cpt)
auxDT: carlton why cant you just wait..
carlton_99: wait for what im asking for ur opinion
J.Worrall: he doesn’t have an opinion unless you wait
Sloaneyyyy: wheres our team icons m0nty ?
AngryRyno: no chance @carlton, might as well log off now
Jukes82: no zero chance.
circle52: hanley just about gets his head taken off no free
N.Fyfe: What the hell is buddy doing?
frenzy: ump said he ducked
Sloaneyyyy: fire up JPK and titch, big 2nd halves needed
MIJG: Say beams gets 300 cpt then parkerbneedsvtobgo under 75. No
Sloaneyyyy: traded scott selwood to JPK this week, very happy so far
circle52: no way right in front of me at ground
circle52: andrews doing a good job on buddy nfyfe
LuvIt74: Need Parker to pull his finger out something chronic
poolboybob: Great to see tackling machine Rocky back.
Raspel31: Wow,thought JKennedy waspast it years ago but past few games
grossn: Guess who took the risk and put buddy captain -_-
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Consecutive 50m penalties against Laidler and Jones lead to a Beams charity goal!
N.Fyfe: Also have buddy captain. Chose him over hodge…
Raspel31: Tell me you didn’tgross
zadolinnyj: Ouch grossn
frenzy: haha, atleast ur man enough @ grossn
dibbydobby: lol fyfe… i had you as capt. not so bad after all
Raspel31: Never ever put a forward captain.
happytimes: Go the lions
Hadouken: parker to be on 72 by qtr’s end
grossn: Same, was between hodge and buddy
N.Fyfe: It does appear I let a few people down today.
nick2397: Hey Buddy, the thing you’re looking for is yellow and oblong shaped!
zadolinnyj: Still on track for 2500 plus so ur ok @N.Fyfe
frenzy: two in a row N.Fyfe
zadolinnyj: Who would have thought so many 150sbyet pendles, Fyfe and Martin rubbish
Craggles: Every Dog has a bad day fyfe
Jukes82: geez glad I traded buddy for gray a few weeks ago
zadolinnyj: 2700 could be a winning score this week
N.Fyfe: Heaps of SC up for grabs in the last quarter.
Raspel31: Okay jukes-and Stevens score not super but we advised you well.
Craggles: How bout the 11 tons at Hawks. Jeezus
N.Fyfe: C’mon bud. Lift us over the line, and give me >80SC.
Jukes82: Yeah thanks, glad I did. I’m usually not a risk taker with my captains so I’m glad.
myteamsuks: Had Swan as cpt but have had 7 players over that score. Big scores this week
Craggles: Nice call with the yellow oblong thing
goes: What’s wrong with Fyfe last week 80 this week 70
AngryRyno: great lift tmitch
RooBoyStu: Great quarter Mitchell
zadolinnyj: Last week was weather for Fyfe. This week they played better players. Will be back next week.
circle52: interesting scoring end against the wind
zadolinnyj: If it stays close up the top, less chance of teams resting players
Hadouken: wow rocky hasnt missed a beat.
RooBoyStu: Welcome Back Rocky!!!
N.Fyfe: Whole fremantle team seems down at the moment. But agree with @zadolinnyj also.
kangawalla: 26 behind my opponent. He has Beams, I have Rockpig & Buddy. Who wins?
ballbag: next week fyfe will get 0 when he gets suspended for that elbow
N.Fyfe: Nice to see McVeigh back in form.
J.Worrall: Barry wins
casey22: Tester: 521 up with Dan Han Vs Rock, beams, Buddy & JPK. Who wins?
myteamsuks: Buddy! Will ton up
kangawalla: Nice JWorrall. Where’s your team icon, or are you a UN observer?
willywalks: good work buddy, ensure my win now!
kangawalla: Think you’re just boasting now Casey! 🙂
the worm: just checking to see if i have an icon 😀
fshow: same
luked98: beams is just a gun, he is everywhere
poolboybob: The bad teams (Carlton, Brisbane, Gold Coast) have been a lot more competitive lately.
colmullet: nice to have ya back Rocky
frenzy: like it when buddy’s shut down
LuvIt74: 2436 to 2470 Both have Beams & JPK but I got parker & Opposition has Rocky, not likely I win unless Parker has a blinder
carlton_99: cmon beams keep going pls go go go
Hadouken: gl, rocky will end up with 130 i bet lol
LuvIt74: My league was ranked 164th last week i just hope we improve rather then decline.
AngryRyno: parker 60sc
LuvIt74: Beams 119sc
J.Worrall: Those SCC guys have a few leagues in the top 20, don’t they!
ballbag: dont stop now titch
LuvIt74: Yeah i know watching the live SC scores
cusch1: hows Spuddy’s sc looking?
RooBoyStu: Seagull Goodes no tackles
carlton_99: beams i need 30 pts cmon go
AngryRyno: franklin 76sc
LuvIt74: If i don’t finish in top 1000 id be real upset
goes: Does any one no the sc for Hannebery
Woodie: Hanners 129sc
LuvIt74: habery 129sc top scorer for sydney
frenzy: power off buddy
carlton_99: cmon beams 30 pts
heppelitis: 129 goes
AngryRyno: hbery 129sc
_wato: Rocky, Hanners, Mitchell’s SC??
goes: Thanxs guys
N.Fyfe: Glad I kept D.Robinson. No vest is good signs and good $$
Hadouken: so you guys jumping on GAJ this week ?
Woodie: Rocky 108sc
roo boys!: Beams would be looking at a big SC?
RooBoyStu: Kennedy 38 disposals and 9 tackles wow
LuvIt74: Rocky 108, Hanners 130, Mitchell 93 sc
Woodie: Titch 93sc
RooBoyStu: Kennedy will have a huge sc
LuvIt74: @Hadouken Not me
ryanbob: rocky only 108? surely 115+ by now
SaintsMan: mcveigh sc?
auxDT: 26 contested possies wow
goes: Who is titch
Hadouken: im still not sure either, bringing in martin this week in ruck i think. McKernan has served his purpose for me
Woodie: Macca 111sc
circle52: gee umps luv buddy
luked98: kennedy 115 sc
willywalks: typical rich performance, complete disappearing act in the 2nd half
poolboybob: Kennedy has low DE and a lot of clangers though.
Disco DB: @circle52 – the umps love the colour of his jumper!
RooBoyStu: Franklin easily the x factor, they are 3 goals up, what he’s kicked
Woodie: Kennedy 116c
LuvIt74: I only need 44 points from Parker in 1 minute
Hadouken: who said rocky would finish on 130? oh yeah, that was me 🙂
LuvIt74: lol
zadolinnyj: No probs Luvit 😉
circle52: gee
Hadouken: wow parker just got 11 tackles then
LuvIt74: Great week all hope u all won
the worm: you obviously dont work for whoever does those desgracful player projections
Woodie: Cheer, Cheer the red & the white 🙂
willywalks: zombie for hanley, jpk star, h-bery cherries
LuvIt74: Cheers m0nty have a great week mate. Stay safe all.
RooBoyStu: have a good week all, keep warm
Slashers: Fuck you Freo, and fuck you Rich!
Disco DB: Effectively JPK had only 21 possessions.

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1 Comment

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    collingwood 🙂

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