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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Fremantle, R15 of 2015

carlton_99: Pls Fyfe have a shocker and lewis pls need a big score
Woodie: Need Fyfe to go sub 100
ballbag: a shocker for fyfe is 107sc
Woodie: That’ll do @ballbag:)
frenzy: 211 on target for hundred hitouts
ballbag: goodluck with that. fyfe should just start with the hulk icon. hes an animal
Woodie: Fyfe in trouble there
carlton_99: wheres lewis?
carlton_99: fyfe on -4 supercoach
IHateChat: Report him.
Torz: Nothing in that. 50m penalty is a fair result.
OnTheRocks: changed captain to Hanebery at the last minute
nbartos: 50? what a joke, not a girls game is it?
Woodie: Elbow to the head, no eyes on the ball, in trouble I think
Ben_Gogos: Puopolo with 4 tackles already!
drapes15: dont think hes in any trouble, arm didnt move from his side no intention at all
The_Kid_05: Was a fifty and nothing else to Fyfe, don’t stress
ballbag: gees fyfe just aint gonna win a brownlow no matter how much they change the rules to suit
Ben_Gogos: Now he has 6
Torz: Beautiful work LOCKie Neale.
nbartos: Lachie!
carlton_99: cmon lewis pls
Torz: Poppy on record pace
OnTheRocks: need big ones from Neale, Fyfe, Hodge and SMitch
spiggs: Onya Fyfe, Save me
Yelse: if fyfe gets suspended the betting comps will be spewing for paying out early
Torz: How was that high?
stakerz: freo… pfft
drapes15: srs yelse? how much money would they have made on him if he doesnt win!!!
Yelse: @drapes15 some betting agencies already paid out. and the running was for everyone else hence second spot
stakerz: fyfe 2 free against the last 5 mins…
drapes15: Paid out everyone or just people that bet a max of X ? didnt know they did!
WizMan: Fyfe on track for 12 frees against for the game
nbartos: Umps have been told to not be mezmerized by Fyfe
OnTheRocks: Fyfe 5 clangers already
IHateChat: Fyfe has peaked. Downhill from here.
nbartos: taking it to the extreme
Grazz: on track to be reported to. Settle Fyfey want to see you win a Brownlow
RooBoyStu: tab never paid out early
YoungGun: cmon fyfe, gotta beat grays score for me!
DirtyDawn: didnt see thye fyfe incident. Anything in it?
RooBoyStu: fyfe sc must be low with 3 fa
heppelitis: 8 posies…5 clangers..and 75 % effiecency..go figure that out
Grazz: @nbartos think you may be right Neville all on Gaj again
YoungGun: at least alot of fyfes possies still been contested and mint, they should score well
The_Kid_05: The clangers are also free kicks against. So 2 of those 5 are disposals, 3 are frees against
drapes15: nothing in fyfe incident at all wont even be looked at
nbartos: perfect timing too Grazz
frenzy: free kicks are clangers@ Hepp
ryanbob: wow gibson actually given a fair run by CD? Been a while
heppelitis: thx..guys
RooBoyStu: why is there no tv icon on Fyfe?
drapes15: because it wont even be looked at rooboy
drapes15: well shouldnt be looked at
LuvIt74: Fyfe flat as a biscuit.
RooBoyStu: still got the commentators talking, well that means Adams should be ok
LuvIt74: @Roo are u serious, why should there be that was nothing. If that gets looked at then m0nty will run out of TV’s…
RooBoyStu: I have seen tv icons here and a comment saying nothing in it though
pekka: life a.pearce!!
ryanbob: adams will get suspended surely, big difference between clumsy spoil and kneeing the head
OnTheRocks: Hodge working his way towards double ton
IHateChat: Uh-oh.
stakerz: fyfe subbed
RooBoyStu: fyfe also put a knee into Hodge that qtr
frenzy: socialable hawks again Lol
Heater: Fyfe is fine
carlton_99: has fyfe been subbed
Torz: Do the umpires hate Neale or something? Getting some stiff decisions.
J_Pinkman: mitchell likes raising that knee doesn’t he
nbartos: mitchell kneed fyfe
colin wood: Disgusting umpiring this
Breezey: Dont be silly Stakerz
drapes15: Is he supposed to open himself up and get owned ? pinkman
RooBoyStu: @stakerz come on mate
Grazz: Mitchell uses the knee all to often
carlton_99: fyfe back on!
carlton_99: cmon lewis plsss ton up
Heater: Most turn their bodies in colisions. Mitchell simply raises his knee…
nbartos: The hells Cyril doin?? spose to be a gun
colin wood: Come on Ibbo and Fyfe need big ones from you to crack 2550 this week
frenzy: sandi the one trick pony, being owned by mcevoy
ballbag: smith and lewis ya stink so far
spiggs: Lol fyfe
Breezey: On 3AW Richo says that Mitchell knee was more deliberate than the taylor walker one
nbartos: Umps loving FA Fyfe conspiracy
morepies: Fyfe getting killed by the umps
drapes15: they’re trying to make it out to be more than what it was!
J_Pinkman: not overly knocking him, just pops that knee out a lot when expecting contact.
Heater: Best trade for the season = Hodge. Having a great year.
Grazz: Cyril
ballbag: hodge mundy boyd best backline in AF
Torz: Duryea is a great POD
Yelse: whyis mundy SC so high and lewis so low. Mundy 25% DE
Grazz: Hodge Mundy Boyd Picken 🙂
LuvIt74: Mundy, Hodge & Fyfe my last 3 players
LuvIt74: @Yelse coz i have him…lol
SaintsMan: mundy sc?
auxDT: LOL great diving mark from that guy
Jukes82: So glad I upgrade to hodge when I cashed in saad.
RooBoyStu: Mundy 9 contested and Lewis 2
Woodie: Teams learning how to play Freo, shut Fyfe down
Raspel31: 550 lead shrinking rapidly against a Hawk man. Step up Fyfe and Lewis-
Torz: By trying to cork him with dirty tactics @woodie?
Yelse: mundy 44 SC lewis 22. Contested posts straight to opponents @ rooboy
pies13: mitchell tv thats crazy nothing in it
carlton_99: how is fyfe on 30
Breezey: Lethal seems to think there’s something in it
frenzy: why are Sundays so unkind to me
Jukes82: this is pathetic by freo, should be better than this
Woodie: TV for Michell + TV for Fyfe m0nty
ballbag: @frenzy LOL why are people so unkind- kamahl
RooBoyStu: lol what was i saying before re tv icons
LuvIt74: This is the Harvey Norman shop TV’s for all.
zadolinnyj: No TV for either. It’s football.
nbartos: Fyfe beating Mitchell YES
ballbag: need neale to get massive SC pts with few DT pts for eliminator
poolboybob: someone needs to reduce Gibson’s influence.
howeydamus: Fyfes had 125 touches 16 of the ball. 109 adjusting his female hair
OnTheRocks: Fyfe wants to beat Franklin at most FA in one game
Ben_Gogos: Fyfe with an unexpected muppet, giving away a silly free kick when Pavlich had a simple uncontested mark 40 out from goa
stakerz: thats a disgraceful rule that one
Raspel31: Someone needs to tell Lewis many pundits picked he would have most touches
spiggs: Fyfes having his version of a mare
OnTheRocks: should i watch this game or Syd v Bris?
Ben_Gogos: That was a good result for Shoey
happytimes: I’m thinking syd bris
snake_p: fyfe SC?
Raspel31: Esoteric and impossibly unanswerable questions are banned here Ontherocks
OnTheRocks: good call happytimes, this is looking over already
spiggs: Birchall absolutely loves this ground
mollyfud: @ben_gogos you mistakenly put the TV on Mitch not Fyfe!!!!!!!!!
heppelitis: fyfe 39
poolboybob: Not sure why a fre against counts as a clanger?
Ben_Gogos: @mollyfud if only, if only!
howeydamus: Its the ultimate clanger a free against your giving up easy possession to the opposition
mollyfud: @Ben_Gogos take your pick! Whacked Doc in that marking contest or dropping knees on Shield!Both 100x worse then Miitch!!
desmondo: Dirty bloody Mitchell..up to his ‘kneeing’ tricks again 🙁
cripdogs: smitchell such a dirty player
LuvIt74: Fyfe 39sc thankfully i chose Dangerfield and all coz I thought they were playing in Melbourne and it was gonna be wet. l
desmondo: wondering how many is the most frees given away in one game??
desmondo: Fyfe might smack tha record LOL
desmondo: smash it too lol
nbartos: Bluemoon Bigboy
Jukes82: hawks dont get blue moons or anything negative.
mijg: Was waiting till next week on hodge god damn it.
nbartos: why Jukes?
Ben_Gogos: That’s six frees against for Fyfe now
Raspel31: Oh to have gone Danger-got stuck with Arm. Still a win but evem Mitchell-aargh. Well done luvit
Eaglesuk: If Gibson and Hodge don’t get rubbed out for their Head High Bumps, or Mitchell for his knee, AFL is officially fixed
LuvIt74: Hodge on 90sc he is gonna go huge
poolboybob: If AFL were fixed they probably wouldn’t have suspended Hodge and Lewis earlier this year.
Raspel31: Eagle-Hawks play tough. Don’t like it-but they win games-and in the rules
frenzy: mundy sc should be low yeah
Apachecats: Funny if your weather report put people off captaining Fyfe Luvit.Youv’ve done them a favour
poolboybob: Hawks getting some Launceston home cooking from the refs.
runt: -3 brownlow votes for fyfe
Apachecats: In case any one was worried my screen has stopped going blue
LuvIt74: Just seen Fyfe’s knock on Duryea on the AFL site, Fyfe may very well be in some strife..
Raspel31: Freo making Breust almost look like a good player-bum, just lost C Pearce.
Apachecats: It’s going green now.
Eaglesuk: Walters no free, Breust gets the call though.
fshow: please mundy…please
LuvIt74: If he gets rubbed out my $24 to $1 on Hannaberry looks good
Apachecats: Just kidding !
poolboybob: Fyfe mare
Sunday2810: fuck off Luvit u fucking monkey
ryanbob: dont fall off now gibson, get 110 atleast
Jukes82: fyfe pumpkin
Woodie: Fyfe +7sc this qtr, wtf
mijg: Longest trip in footy freo to tassy. 2 plane trip
LuvIt74: @Sunday no need to get angry m8, I’m just saying. I have Fyfe in my SC also but id prefer he gets a week coz i got hann
LuvIt74: Fyfe is struggling
Raspel31: Well, we all have Fyfe. Just depends whether you cationed him.
HowI Rioli: Fyfe as captain gonna cost me my first 2500+ this season
LuvIt74: I said the average would be around 2400 to 2500 this round but that could now be 2300 coz of fyfe which would be nice.
Raspel31: Captioned
colin wood: Gone from potentially scoring 2550 to 2300 thanks Fyfe and Ibbo
IHateChat: Fyfe hands back the crown to Ablett.
frenzy: captioned Lol?
HowI Rioli: Looks like training drills out there. Witches hats entire freo team
LuvIt74: Welcome Colin Wood… 🙂
poolboybob: Hawks looking like another premiership, yawn.
LuvIt74: yeah cationed?
carlton_99: how is fyfe equal to lewis in suprcoach
RooBoyStu: 2 goes Raspel and still flowered it
LuvIt74: Freo have looked seriously crap today but they have looked a little flat the past 3 weeks could they have peaked early?
CamT: For years it was … who’s better, Judd or Ablett. Now we will get Fyfe v Ablett.
ryanbob: touch the ball gibson
Torz: Noooo, don’t sub Duryea. He looked fine.
poolboybob: Basil Zepilas is such a knob
Raspel31: No I didn’t captain Fyfe Rooboy-just correcting my spelling.
LuvIt74: Mundy was killing it early now he may as well be invisible
frenzy: Lol raspel
colin wood: Fat Nyfe having a shocker
carlton_99: fyfe 7 points more then lewis in sc is an absolute joke
spiggs: Onya mitch and birch
poolboybob: How do the Hawks have so many good players in a league with a salary cap?
LuvIt74: Good coz i got Danger as my cationed… So the lower he scores the higher my rank
Raspel31: I had a puopolo removed from my foot last week-painful.
RooBoyStu: down arrow icon Fyfe
LuvIt74: Hodge on 120
CamT: Pavlich, McPharlin & Sandilands on the bench = cue in the rack.
LuvIt74: By Duryea being Subbed wont help Fyfe.
LuvIt74: Mundy, Fyfe & hodge for me in this game but wish mundy would do more
Perry95: separate incident @LuvIt74
dwite: are you even watching LuvIt?
LuvIt74: no missed that must of happened while i was out having a smoke
cusch1: I traded out Bont for Gunston this week….
Hawks_15: not even i like watching this syle of footy. boring match. looks like keepings off.
CamT: I traded out Bont to Lewis.
Raspel31: Perhaps the highlight of my week cusch
pies13: ouch @cusch
LuvIt74: @cusch1 I was going to do the same, but then went with Bob Murphy thankfully
Raspel31: And begs the question you would have had money to buy a gun. Gunston?
pies13: you will never make it as a weather man luvit haha
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t ave traded out the Bont though no way. I traded out Clark for Steele & Hamling for Murphy
LuvIt74: I think Bont is worth keeping, he might score u a few ordinary games but overall for a forward he’s a decent pick
poolboybob: Feel free to get a touch in this quarter, Fyfe and Neale
Raspel31: My best was Saad for Rance-yess !!!
poolboybob: Lol more than half of Hawthorn’s side are outscoring Freo’s best score.
Raspel31: Still raining in Launceston Luvit ?
cusch1: I wnt Saad>Rance, and Bont>Gunston who had consistently scored 90s, I had no money whatsoever spare
HowI Rioli: I went saad Torrance through sheer dumb luck cos I was $10k short for Houli
LuvIt74: @Raspel well done, thats awesome he had a break even of only 13 so u killed it m8
pies13: that mite last a week @raspel enjoy it haha
HowI Rioli: Lol *saad to rance*
LuvIt74: I looked at rance but when i went through his scores he can be inconsistent but for $410k u done bloody well
pies13: hang on your all supacoach on this site wow wee boy oh boy why bother??
Raspel31: We live week to week pies-how your past few weeks gone ?
LuvIt74: @pies Play a man’s game in SC. Hang on your forgiven, after all your a pie supporter. lol
frenzy: nice hodgey
LuvIt74: I wonder if any Pie supporters went tooth prospecting with all the lost teeth this week.
J.Worrall: This game is nearly as good as Essedndon v Saints
DirtyDawn: Nat Kyrgios. He’s tanking!!!
poolboybob: Freo look like they’d struggle to beat Gold Coast. Oh wait, they did.
LuvIt74: bloody hell hodge 144sc
frenzy: power off gibson
RooBoyStu: Pav has turned into a lemon meringue
ballbag: cant believe every team doesnt have the only true premo def in hodge
spiggs: Seagull birch
Raspel31: Hmm-perhapsMitchell might have been a good cap option.
mijg: If anything a good wake up call to freo. Been cruising last 5 weeks.
LuvIt74: I brought Hodge in 2 weeks ago
SaintsMan: mundy sc?
spiggs: Shaws a premo def bb
CamT: Ballantyne’s been given every chance. Has to get dropped.
Hawks_15: @ ballbag, how about h. shaw. hes a gun
colin wood: Is that the best you got luvit.. Poor simple minded thing
ballbag: true but hodge scores like a mid and the only one in def that smashes those scores
RooBoyStu: bad call re Blue Moon Mcevoy before puopolo
Hawks_15: hes good but id rather shaw. i think hes more consistant
LuvIt74: Think everyone has Shaw though
runt: Hawks making a mockery of the Dockers
LuvIt74: I’d rather both
frenzy: nobody would have Hodge if he was only MID
Ben_Gogos: Ben McEvoy has scored plenty in this range before, not so much Poppy
SaintsMan: fyfe and mundy sc?
Ben_Gogos: @SaintsMan SC will be on the site post-game
Raspel31: Don’t have Hodge or Shaw-okay-proclaiming to the world I am Hodgeshawless
Ben_Gogos: That’s 2 minutes away 😉
ballbag: even 526 hodge still a bargain
spiggs: Fuck me birch will have 30 touches at 86% and barely crack the ton
runt: Might be time for Lyon to sneak off to Richmond
RooBoyStu: Barlow brilliant game
LuvIt74: 155sc Hodge
ballbag: fyfe still most CP and CL
snake_p: wow 11 Hawks tonned up
carlton_99: fyfe 76 mundy 98
happylab: rip those who jumped on the ibbotson bandwagon
LuvIt74: 158sc hodge & Mundy 98sc he might ton up after scalingg
Raspel31: Lewis and Mitchell doing it for me
runt: The grinning bump riders win again
Woodie: Freo = Pretenders

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