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Chat log from R15 of 2015: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R15 of 2015

carlton_99: Please Heath Shaw and Ryan Griffen spud it up and Steele tackle your way to a healthy ton
ryanbob: pushing a healthy 2600+ score but sunday dud day will probably play its hand
frenzy: gunna ride Devon Smith like a horse today, bring back the whip
Tw1tch1n: Hopefully my choice to pick up rocky over Griff doesn’t backfire
The39Steps: Hird: “The truth has never been sought during the ASADA ordeal. The people who tried to speak the truth were closed down
The39Steps: Hearing Hird on AW say that – Is this guy in the greatest denial of all time?
frenzy: Tanya still loves him
happytimes: Hird = flog
ReaperRage: last minute dicision, montagna ward or fyfe as captain?!?!?!
frenzy: fyfe
ReaperRage: *decision
ryanbob: ward as pod, but fyfe should go 120ish
ReaperRage: ill stay on fyfe then
ReaperRage: montagna, ward, shaw and steele to have a good game and im on around 2250 with captain fyfe and tmitchell to play
carlton_99: imo the hawks will tag him as they need to win this game in tasi
ryanbob: hawks dont really tag, if anything there’ll be head to head with lewis or something
frenzy: Hawks don’t tag anybody @ carlton99
drapes15: Shiels might run with, but thats it! we never put a hard tag on
AngryRyno: who’d everyone tip? saints for mine
drapes15: I went the giants
spiggs: Carn wardy
ReaperRage: i dont do tips this year but ill go saints only just
drapes15: Dont think i’ve been happier with a trade than Cripps < Armo
dj9343: I’m 2nd overall in the schools league and I went saints
poolboybob: Do something Shaw
frenzy: lift Devon, I want flames
Dommy02: is tomlinson on the field???
The_Kid_05: No need to worry this early with Shaw, can score big points and real quick
Breezey: My man Shiel is going big today
cusch1: Steven you would be an elite player if only you could hit the target
Breezey: No way Gilbert can go with Cameron.
frenzy: cape
happytimes: I might go the Giants too
Pecker: Jezza’s in for a massive day
ReaperRage: Gilbert what a joke 3 goals kicked on him this early
roo boys!: longer in trouble?
m0nty: Gilbert might go better if he actually plays on Cameron instead of zoning off
Hadouken: hi monty
Breezey: Exactly Monty. Stay somewhere near him would be a tip
Raspel31: Agreed Monty
The_Kid_05: Armitage stealing all of Joey’s points the last month
Hadouken: aww yeah go newnes
auxDT: Newnesy
Derekcraig: Everyone has Shaw, so don’t matter how he goes
Hadouken: i bet newnes will end up with 60 for the game lol
drapes15: lol all the people who traded newnes early
RooBoyStu: $ Downie?
Chelskiman: Need 150 from Armitgae today as captain.
Apachecats: I bet Newnes will be 100plus HDK
Hadouken: btw i dont have shaw
deanie: Yea i got rid of newnes, Bad decision lol.
Derekcraig: Most people I know still have Newnes
drapes15: I was so close to trading him but luckily didnt
DanBlack: Not someone who normally makes good decisions, but I brought Newnes in this week
frenzy: slackened off Devon
Breezey: I don’t have Shaw or Newnes
ryanbob: i got rid of him the week before he started scoring good lol
Pecker: Zac Williams in for another big week. Was a smokey at < $300K this week, won't be another 80+ score this week
Derekcraig: I kept KK, happy with that
auxDT: treloar pls
colin wood: Wtf Treleor???
drapes15: Sam Gilbert AA?
frenzy: Devon 7 possies for 15 sc won’t cut it
RooBoyStu: if Franklin got off, Longer will.
Breezey: @colin wood. Only one qtr. Treloar likely to be 70 by half time
RooBoyStu: *one week
myteamsuks: Steven tackling machine
Breezey: Stand up Shiel
colin wood: Shiel injured
Raspel31: Regretting trading Shiel-or maybe not.
stakerz: shiel going to be subbed i think… fffffffk
casey22: This is making the Bombers look even more pathetic
cusch1: Lit was either trade Devon or Bont…I made the wrong decision
deanie: Hope they dont sub shiel
happytimes: Well how does that make melbourne look
Raspel31: Came in late-is longer looking at missing a game ?.
Woodie: Late change for Freo
ReaperRage: keep going steele!!
LuvIt74: Afternoon all, guys for those who have the Captain on Fyfe – consider putting it on someone else. It’s peeing down here.
carlton_99: they just issed steeles two handballs
happytimes: Fyfe loves the wet
Apachecats: Maybe be lots of stoppages Luvit ?
carlton_99: is it raining in tasi
Jukes82: I’ll loopholed steven as captain, Fyfe is my safety option. we’ll see.
Raspel31: Shiel about to come back on
Derekcraig: Newnes 37sc
Breezey: @Luvit74. Excellent. My opponent has him skipper
Chelskiman: Come on, Armitage, get the ball.
LuvIt74: Fyfe played very ordinary last week in the rain, just thought id let u know coz its our wettest day is ages.
mark621: can someone tell me what coniglio is on SC?
The_Kid_05: Coniglio 29
howeydamus: Just logged in cause I seen that fyfe comment. I live next to aurora stadium and its not raining at all.
LuvIt74: @Breezy yeah i had him coz my VC was on pendles but glad I took the risk & put the C on Dangerfield yesterday
carlton_99: his efficiency might be poor in the rain which ocnstitutes to a low score
Woodie: coniglio 27sc
carlton_99: coniglio 29
LuvIt74: Coniglio on 30sc
howeydamus: Its not raining in launceston why are you saying that
Raspel31: Good call luvit
mark621: damn.. fyfe is staying captain. he was my roughy
carlton_99: is it raining in launceston or not
RooBoyStu: false info luvit74
LuvIt74: As soon as i seen the weather forcast I had to change my mind after last week. Although u never know he might go huge.
carlton_99: luvit its not in melbourne
ReaperRage: knew i should have put montagna or ward as captain, now i have to keep fyfe captain or tmitchell
carlton_99: luvit its not raining according to thos ein tasi
frenzy: get some pill Smith
carlton_99: Franklin, Tom Mitchell, Beams, Lewis or Sandilans Captain
howeydamus: No its not. Its dark and windy. But hasnt even drizzled all day
Sunday2810: Not raining 12 degrees 0% precipitation
Breezey: Shiel is buggered
circle52: 2Jukes- Stevens D/e cruelling his SC score only 28 _ I know I have him as well but not as VC
LuvIt74: WTF sorry all, I honestly presumed they were playing at the G
RooBoyStu: just google tasmania radar and it’s clear
stakerz: shiel about to be subbed
ReaperRage: @carlton go beams
N.Fyfe: Shiel back off. Sub probably about to be made!
circle52: I am punting on Hanners as C
Breezey: And i believed you lived in Tassie Luvit
howeydamus: Hannebery c
LuvIt74: why the hell would they play in tassie, they would have got 70,000 at the G
Woodie: Shiel subbed out
drapes15: buddy will slaughter lions
casey22: Dermie: 6 one & a half but looks more like 6 foot 2!!!
deanie: shiel fucking subbed!!
Sunday2810: lol not raining but 32 km/h winds
cusch1: Luvit Hawks are contracted to play I think 3 games in tassie
drapes15: exactly LuvIt i wanted to head over from adelaide to see it but cbf going to tassie to see it
carlton_99: i was thinking beams as hes the only on eplaying well for th elions in the mid and wioll rack up the ossies or
Sunday2810: @Luvit…because the AFL are a corrupt bunch of MORONS!
carlton_99: sandi against mcevoy
Breezey: I had Shiel and Steele in this. Down to 1.
ReaperRage: steele is a beast, simple as that.
cusch1: Should I go buddy captain?
m0nty: Jack “The Animal” Steele
poolboybob: Steele dollar sign
drapes15: good roughy i reckon cusch
Raspel31: That’s always a very dangerous call cusch
Jukes82: glad a kept newnes, really coming on strong lately.
LuvIt74: Sorry guys, i honestly presumed the game was here in Melbourne. That’s a pitty coz they would of made a lovely profit
snake_p: didn’t see him chewing any turnbuckles Monty
myteamsuks: Steele was meant to be my low scoring sunday player
spiggs: Go away Steele you’re killing me
RooBoyStu: they picked a good Sunday to have no footy here in Melb, shower weather today.
LuvIt74: Steele all of a suddon has reached 55sc nice he is my D6 this week
ReaperRage: @m0nty, make steele an icon of a nail. ‘hard as nail’ and made of steel
cartz411: armo SC please?
frenzy: doing nothing again Devon
Breezey: I really can’t stand Dwayne Russell
Woodie: Armo 52sc
cusch1: Wouldn’t go beams captain as Rockliff is back
colmullet: tough telling ward and steele apart
carlton_99: if not beams then sandi or not
carlton_99: Franklin, Tom Mitchell, Beams, Lewis or Sandilans Captain
cartz411: cheers
LuvIt74: Had 2 choices, Boston to Steel & have him as E in Mid – Or Clark to Steel & Hamling to Murphy in Def & steel as F6
3rdstriker: Any word on severity of shiel’s injury, likely to miss weeks?
LuvIt74: Glad i chose the later
LuvIt74: Saints are crap
sticky12: How come a few of the giants players are wearing highlighter yellow tops?
casey22: Magic dermieism: “The old rock, paper, scissors analogy”: pure idiocy
carlton_99: rockliff has played and beams has gone 140 plus so not really relevant and rocky will prob play in forward
LuvIt74: @3rd it looked like a hammy but dont think its real bad, but im sure he will miss at least 1 to 2 weeks.
carlton_99: but out of the layers i mentioned ho is the best for capt
Raspel31: Is Longer facing a ban ?.
sticky12: Good one luvit, just generalise a teams ability on 1 half. You’d be the only person to think that considering they were
sticky12: Spoon favourites
cusch1: I’d say franklin or Lewis, Lewis loves wet weather
RooBoyStu: the hairdresser in Western Sydney would be going broke, so many need a haircut
The_Kid_05: Longer will be fine, nothing in it
deanie: Fyfe vs hawks, or Hannebury Vs lions. Tough decisions.
carlton_99: cusch its not raining in tasi
LuvIt74: I think franklin will score huge today
3rdstriker: Thanks luvit, a hammy is probably good news as they wouldn’t try to get him back out there unless it was just tightness
happytimes: Gee Steele looks like a player
LuvIt74: I will be puttin a few hundred on him to kick first goal
Raspel31: Cheers The kid
sticky12: Waste of money
frenzy: jarred knee on the Tobin Brothers for Shiel
RooBoyStu: $ Steele surely and also Downie
3rdstriker: Thanks frenzy, just saw the vision, looked very innocuous
Jukes82: steven 47sc fuck
LuvIt74: Cant believe Buddy is $7 each way first goal, mwaning if he kicks the 2nd or 3rd goal u get $1.75 & $7 if he kicks 1st
frenzy: Devon flowering Smith, 12 possies 27 sc
LuvIt74: Shiel, limping quite bad doesn’t look great
cusch1: How is Devon smiths so so bad?
Breezey: Shiel getting scans on lateral ligament of his knee. No hammie
RooBoyStu: glad I got the Dollhouse for Smith 2 weeks ago.
jquid89: whats everybodys sc score on atm? im 14-1672 captain hasnt played yet. with lewis hannerbery gibo mitchell army & shaw
Apachecats: Stevens 5 clangers out of 13 touches.Excellent clanger rate.
Apachecats: 14 -1547 no capt.You are going REAL well squid
Raspel31: Agree Luvit-that shot of Shiel inthe rooms didn’t look good.
jquid89: sorry forgot to add fyfe and jpk aswell. thanks Apachecats
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
Arch: weather updates in taz and bris
Raspel31: Arvo Dirty
Arch: i think par scoring will be just under 2500
RooBoyStu: google tassie radar and bris radar, don’t be lazy
Arch: hey cock r u 10? please nobody ask any questions on here. idiot!!
ballbag: im filthy @dirty. need griffen to outscore steele
mijg: 13/1580 c played all premos to come bar 1
Raspel31: Sainters aint done yet.
RooBoyStu: here come the saints, they were $10 at half time
ballbag: 2700+ will be the rounds best this week. whats the years highest so far?
deanie: I have money on the saints, Knew this was going to happen
ballbag: @rooboy what was the line?
Arch: dont be lazy google it
RooBoyStu: 40.5 on tab at half time
casey22: Hi DD, welcome to the madhouse
Apachecats: Hi DD ,tip: don’t ask Arch any questions.
DirtyDawn: I promise not to antagonize
casey22: With Lynch providing expert commentary why do we ahve to listen to Dermie?
jaxx: Cogs has 14 tackles early in the 3rd
Jukes82: i’m not watching this game but is it wet?
mijg: Yes the car could be someones this week
Chelskiman: And now Armitage is being tagged. I give up.
ryanbob: need armo to get more involved
ryanbob: dont know why they would tag armo over steven, steven is much more damaging
Apachecats: Is any one elses screen going blue all the time ? Maybe just my computer playing up .
Ben_Gogos: Mine is fine
DirtyDawn: Follow the white rabbit Apachecats
Hadouken: wowsers, newnes mustve had a good 3 minutes
Chelskiman: At least need Armo to beat Pendles. Not looking likely at this stage though.
frenzy: note to self,play steele instead of smith
RooBoyStu: Saints should outrun the Giants with sub still up sleeve
jaxx: They missed that tackle and holding the ball for Steven.
Apachecats: I’ll go to the room for the next game and see what colour that is
Breezey: Coniglio 14 tackles
Raspel31: Controlling the game saints but a score would be nice
spiggs: Do something ward, barely touched it this qtr
YoungGun: cmon saints!!
Breezey: Thats a mark Dermie you clown.
mijg: Ton of Steele pls
colin wood: Lift Treleor ffs…
frenzy: devon going backwards Lol
ReaperRage: touch the ball ward :/
Chelskiman: Gotta mark those, Armo ffs.
Breezey: Who wins from here people. GWS to hang on for mine
Hadouken: st kilda to have a 30 point last qtr
Raspel31: Picking the Sainters Breezey-midfield on fire
Apachecats: 16 pts is a nice break at home.I’ll go Giants by10
mijg: Gws to kick 5 for the win in the last
drapes15: Armo SC? please
Chelskiman: I hate Joey. Had him basically all last year and he was hopeless and now he rips this out this year.
Raspel31: Gotta say GWS miss their talisman ruck
daniel87: Love having Robertson so underrated
Jukes82: Should I use steven as sc captain or stick with fyfe?
drapes15: so do i raspel
RooBoyStu: I prefer Roberton
cusch1: What;s Steven sc?
frenzy: Lol rooboy
Raspel31: I’d go Steven Jukes-better the devil you know. I got stuck with Arm
The39Steps: Steven @Jukes82. 216 in the bag. What if Fyfe breaks a leg in the first minute?
daniel87: Only owened by 3 percent
Jukes82: its 77sc
drapes15: Is that Russell, daniel?
Woodie: Stevens 90sc
kangawalla: That’s how underrated Roberton is. Even coaches that own him call him “Robertson”
Jukes82: alright cheers fellas go with steven then
daniel87: Dylan roberton
frenzy: fyfe jukes
ballbag: is shaw playing in mocussins with bootstuds? that bogan is outstanding
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Green chips in to intercept the Webster kick in to Geary 20m out and snaps truly!
Hadouken: ok i take back what i said about stk getting 30 points. GWS to win by 40 lol
Breezey: Is Steele still trotting around somewhere. Gone quiet
Hadouken: come on newnes, need 150 to match opp liam picken lol
Raspel31: Fat lady aint singing yet but warming up
casey22: Come on GWS, dont lose it from here
Chelskiman: Looks like Coniglio has gone to Montagna now. Hopefully Armo can get in on some junk now.
ryanbob: gws still tagging armo? arent they watching montagna or steven lol
Raspel31: We’d like that Chelsk
Chelskiman: Armo going backwards now. That’s my round done then. Should have just taken Pendles’ 112 and been done with it.
ryanbob: here comes sunday dud day
Raspel31: Exactly the same Chelsk-and ignored Fyfe and Lewis. Only diff is will still win
frenzy: am in awe of Devons game today
Jukes82: give steven the gun already!
Raspel31: Who knows what Fyfe will do but Steven looking good Jukes
lozdaleg: youre a discrage smith
colin wood: Keep going Treleor!
Breezey: Treloar racking them up now
Jukes82: yeah fyfe hasn’t started well
HowI Rioli: Fyfe will be fine. Hawks don’t tag
colin wood: Treleor goal would be nice
Jukes82: steven’s sc lads?
OnTheRocks: pumpkins for entire Saints team after last week’s effort, back to normal?
ballbag: the real question is if fyfe will get weeks for that
colin wood: Your kidding yourself on the rocks they’re doing well for a young team
poolboybob: Shaw decided to sit out Q4
RooBoyStu: wrong game ballbag
ballbag: saints cant afford to lose longer
ryanbob: pull your finger out armo
Raspel31: Indeed ryanbob-a bit sad today.
ballbag: ohh come on armitage. nothing for tor the last qtr
frenzy: get sum flowering junk Smith
auxDT: treloar with his ninja ton
Raspel31: Shiel seems to be in the clear.
jfitty: Magnet for Ward? 31 touches
IHateChat: Treloar bin
Jukes82: shame is nick rooey can’t play next week
IHateChat: Treloar 40+ last quarter
RooBoyStu: x factor Cameron
the worm: whoever went to Steele gets the magnet
Chelskiman: I had big plans of getting about 400 points out of Shaw and Armo (C) today, then remembered that I go to complete shit
Chelskiman: on Sundays
ballbag: so glad GWS kept a traditional style club song
OnTheRocks: thanks for getting sub 100 Newnes, keeps me in the game
carlton_99: how does shaw get that withh 20 touches at 70%
nbartos: steele beat scully SC
ballbag: gees pretty sad bout armos SC. just got him
MilkIt: When does Time on Ground % get updated?
The_Kid_05: Contest intercept marks, good use of the footy (no clangers) why Shaw gets good scores.

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