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Chat log from R15 of 2015: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R15 of 2015

wadaramus: Carn the Crows.
Bazza2014: im going for the Camry Cows
J.Worrall: Carn Mr Priddy boy!
wadaramus: Priddis C.
travo: well done… classy act from all concerned
AngryRyno: good start lever & laird my boys
wtf???: WC playing far too good so far
wtf???: c’mon crows
wtf???: this could get ugly for adelaide
Grazz: C’mon boys settle
zadolinnyj: WC look great. Not good for my crows
SaintsMan: Yeslever
AngryRyno: heat up the crows, who else has lever?
Chelskiman: Need a big game from Jacobs. 130 would be nice.
tamoz: Do something X.Ellis!
wtf???: @Angry, I have Lever and Danger
Grazz: Onya Charlie
SaintsMan: Yes lever!
Grazz: Have Lever in SC still
thommoae: That’s ‘sealing’, Ben … unless the kick for goal went through the sticks at altitude.
Carnster: Need 80+ for yeo in sc
wtf???: Crows working into it now
wtf???: yes, goal Cameron
Grazz: Charlie again
dipstick: have lever in AF
Raspel31: Zadolinnyj-never say die. You guys well in this.
zadolinnyj: Not saying die mate. Through thick and thin. WC look great though
zadolinnyj: Will be lots of mistakes in second half as this is break neck speed
SaintsMan: Lift Yeo
wtf???: Betts coming in pff the wing at centre bounces
wtf???: * off
ryanbob: Smith can’t get an effective disposal to save his life these days
dipstick: phew. glad i avoided smith.
zadolinnyj: Laird courage
Raspel31: Well Walker, 5 injuries so hadto keep you.Good work lad and go Crows.
IHateChat: How does Ellis have x-factor already?
zadolinnyj: Lol ihatechat
Ben_Gogos: Ellis doesn’t have X factor?
colin wood: Brodie smith the one year fantasy wonder..,
IHateChat: Danger superman
Chelskiman: Come on, Jacobs! I need you to go big!
Raspel31: Danger-why you not my captain. Please forgive lack of faith. Go Crows.
colin wood: This will be the game where my good start to the round goes to waste…
zadolinnyj: did you go goldy raspel
IHateChat: I hope sauce received a pasting at quarter time.
AngryRyno: jake has stopped, come on son
lozdaleg: brodie smith absoulte flog 🙁
ryanbob: Wtf is smith doing
wtf???: I don’t know
Raspel31: No zado-took a big punt and went Armitage against Gws. Can still change to Fyfe. Hmm ?
zadolinnyj: Armpit age prob good call
wtf???: get Danger back on…QUICK!
Dommy02: rosa off half back?
spiggs: Onya yeoy!
Raspel31: Just think the Saints will pull off a big surprise tomorrow. Whoops-back to this game. Cheers Zado.
Pavalinco: LeCras is a gun
Pavalinco: Killing the Crows
SaintsMan: Wont be a surprise Raspel 😉
Raspel31: Danger-only one tooth-get back on.
Carnster: need yeo to beat tex and for danger to score bad in sc
casey22: Lever a flash in the pan?
ryanbob: What’s happened to danger ?
Redraptor: Lever bad head clash maybe fracture cheekbone
LuvIt74: tooth
Raspel31: Had a tooth knocked out ryanbob-he’ll be back.
SaintsMan: he did his eye redraptor
LuvIt74: is lever off?
LuvIt74: @Saints what lever do to his eye m8?
wtf???: too high for cheek bone
LuvIt74: Thats the 2nd tooth in 2 days
dipstick: ouch- poor danger. some chicks prerequisites are you MUST have all your own teeth
SaintsMan: he cut it, might need something, but he is alright
3rdstriker: Lever about to come back on
LuvIt74: if its just a eye lid or brow thats nothing
zadolinnyj: Jacobs getting smashed
Tony9668: Danger will now get his Collingwood cheer squad membership
wtf???: I gues Collingwood will look at Danger now…for their cheersquad.
LuvIt74: Lever loked like he had his eye brow/lid greased up so it must only b a split eye lid/row
the worm: @diptik I think chicks let it slide when ur on a million a year
casey22: Nic nat monstering big sauce
dipstick: pies fans will scour the ground afterwards and fight for that tooth
carlton_99: is yolmen going to come on early
Raspel31: Shame dipstick-I own all my own teeth-albeit made in Thailand. Step up Crows.
zadolinnyj: lol dipstick
LuvIt74: cmon Danger ton up b4 half time.
dipstick: its true. to pies fans a tooth in the hand is worth a tooth in the mouth
SaintsMan: danger sc luvit?
LuvIt74: although im sure many have danger as there VC or C this week
LuvIt74: 77sc daner
Tony9668: 8 Unanswered goals, lack of leadership on ground
wtf???: Crows lost it as soon as I stopped drinking. Think I better get a refill.
_wato: Smith you’re actually a disgrace to own. Embarrassment that I have to field you actually. Udo not belong, 1 hit wonder.
LuvIt74: I had my VC on pendles and thought stuff it ill go Danger C as im not doing to well
auxDT: wtf Jacobs and Smith..
Fletch91: Cmon Thompson, lets get going!
colin wood: Smith and Jacobs… FFS
wtf???: Thommo having a stinker
zadolinnyj: Why yolmen sub when he gets clearances?
Jukes82: brodie smith has lost the plot since the concussion
Chelskiman: Thought with my Jacobs vs McKernan I would be safe. Jacobs will struggle to match him at this rate.
LuvIt74: I have Danger, Priddis, Lever, Goldy, Blicvas so far there doing ok. Altough danger isn’t doin much now.
Torz: Brodie Smith hasn’t score well since like round 2. Surprised so many people were bringing him in.
colin wood: More sure why yolmans sub either. I’d use smith as a sub he doesn’t tackle or anything or provide pressure at AFL level
dipstick: @wtf the same for stevie. motlop lost it when he stopped midweek drinking it seems
wtf???: Adelaide are on the ropes looking for the bell.
LuvIt74: Smith’s two concussions were quite serious, he wont average u 80+ dont know y many jumped on.
LuvIt74: Danger still on 77 sc at HT
Raspel31: Cruelled by 5 injuries this week-but half time chat. Couldn’t make trades I wanted. What dead wood are you left with la
dipstick: is lever done?
cartz411: smith SC?
SaintsMan: 19 sc smith
Bazza2014: why ask SC scores for a guy that 7 touches for 19 DT points…. it wont be too much of a diff
wtf???: OK, so I’ve resumed drinking (heavily) so expect a big-time comeback from Adelaide
Raspel31: wtf???-are we related ?.
wtf???: @Rasp, we possibly have the same blood type..0.08
wtf???: and rising…fast!
Jukes82: shocked if brodie smith isn’t subbed
colin wood: At a boot Brodie climb that crows ladder!
zadolinnyj: Knight will be subbed
dipstick: @wtf over .05 youre a bloody idiot. most of the world .08 and youre fine
wtf???: too many mistakes….too much pressure
wtf???: @dip…the only thing I’m driving tonight is my couch
carlton_99: cmom yolmen get on
LuvIt74: danger hasn’t done jack in a while…
DirtyDawn: Evening ladies and gents
dipstick: @wtf just saying only bloody idiots depending on where we live. i reckon a few have the same blood type
_wato: Brodie you’re te biggest flog going round hahaha, 29dt? Lol
ryanbob: Is danger getting tagged now?
carlton_99: why dont they put yolmen on
wtf???: @dip…all good.
cartz411: brodie SC update?
dipstick: @wato get stuck into him!! hes lifting. give him more lip now
wtf???: Jenkins is a flog. Why do the CRows keep playing him?
colin wood: Brodie smith 42sc
Chelskiman: The four uniques I hhave in one of my leagues are averaging 64.25 each, and these are all premiums.
cartz411: thanks colin wood! Need a 70 from him if possible
_wato: Hahaha @dipstick, Brodie’s about as handy as a fart ina spacesuit, won’t get anywhere with him
tamoz: Cmon X.Ellis!
ReaperRage: scotty thompson you flog
auxDT: a 65-70 from smithers would be respectable
colin wood: I’ll take 70 from him but need a big one from danger as Jacobs copping a lesson in the ruck tonight
dipstick: some people like dutch ovens. funny as a fart in an elevator prob more appropriate
sticky12: Surely allowed 1 bad game reaper, thompsons been great value
Carnster: smith slots
wtf???: CEY very nice user of the ball
runt: Gaff is the quintessential P.O.D
Jukes82: nice smith, be happy with an 80 plus
Fletch91: Lol Reaper, calling Thiompson a flog when he is averaging 110
carlton_99: is yolem on
ReaperRage: @fletch i have thompson but with the performance his putting on tonight what can you say for him??
SaintsMan: chons in the fox footy box
wtf???: yes
Chelskiman: Umm, slow down Smith, wtf.
colin wood: First gamer for the crows has a go
The39Steps: @runt – big word use there!
wtf???: 1 more goal crows
cusch1: Nice recovery Brodie
colin wood: Lift Jacobs and keep going brodes
The39Steps: Can anyone remember the biggest ever DT score in the last qtr please?
fuck: 941 points
Fletch91: @ Reaper, I have him too. Has been good for weeks and weeks. Still has 15 possies so not a bad night, just bad for SC
Slashers: Fuck, how did you get that name? I can’t even say fuck!
wtf???: They were the 2 quick goals the Crows needed.
Carnster: agreed @slashers
Tony9668: Great spread of goal kickers for eagles
poolboybob: LeCras x-factor…. was a beast in the first half.
LuvIt74: my opponent has Oldy as VC, I went danger its not likely that danger will score 125+
wtf???: 5 HO difference between NicNat and Jacobs…really? Is that all?
colin wood: Brodie 50sc…
LuvIt74: Goldy on 140 now
zadolinnyj: Cruel that crows have been without brad crouch and Sloane this season. Could have been a good year. Otten back soon
LuvIt74: SC im talking sorry.
auxDT: smithhhhh massive recovery
Jukes82: hawkins 3 good games?LOL. He’s an all-australian and B&F winner
Jukes82: sorry wrong game
LuvIt74: smith doing ok on 60sc
SaintsMan: anyone know lever sc?
Slashers: danger heart? He’s done stuff all in the second half when needed
AngryRyno: CD hitting crows hard, no one has the sc they deserve
carlton_99: cmom yolmen
ryanbob: really smith is only 60? wouldve thought hed be over 70 by now
LuvIt74: lever 56sc
auxDT: smith might even ton up in AF
wtf???: Can’t fault CVEY ball usage and DE. LOL.
cripdogs: danger sc anyone??
LuvIt74: 120sc danger
wtf???: Danger 123sc
cripdogs: thank you
Jukes82: whats nicnats sc?
ryanbob: i see what you mean AngryRyno, danger should be more SC than he is. 18 CP is huge
LuvIt74: 123sc danger, im surprised he’s on that coz he’s been fairly quite 2nd half
Slashers: Shouldn’t Nicnat SC be mammoth?
Dommy02: come on lynch!!
LuvIt74: n
ReaperRage: scott thompson, brodie smith and nicnats SC anyone??
LuvIt74: jacobs on 59sc
the worm: sc is rigged and the umpiring has been terrible
Pavalinco: Where those B.Smith haters?
wtf???: 121 nicnat
Slashers: Go huge Yeo!
LuvIt74: nic nat 122sc & Smith 66sc
wtf???: Thommo 40 sc
ryanbob: lol smith robbed if hes on 66 sc only
Jukes82: he deserved the hate, he was garbage. But his SC should be better WTF
Pavalinco: 20 disposals and a goal
mijg: 66 for smith 🙁
HawkTalker: go danger. go baby!!
frenzy: smith got a riggle on bugger me
ryanbob: the last three weeks he has had the stats but not %, now he has decent % and hes still stuffed around
Slashers: Not disabled enough? Jeezus!
casey22: Ton up please Yeo
bigsandi: where is the idiot that said Smith won’t get 80
Jukes82: you;re a genius, he was shithouse in the first half
Jukes82: smith bin
HawkTalker: spend your life looking forward, not backwards bigsandi
Slashers: Smith garbage truck
LuvIt74: Danger 135sc
bigsandi: there he is
casey22: Good game Lever
mijg: Priddis or Gaj next week?
LuvIt74: I got Priddis
auxDT: whats Priddis’ sc?
Pavalinco: gYpur an idiot mijg
HawkTalker: Danger is wasted at the crows. Would be amazing at Hawthorn
cusch1: i fkn benched smith over oxley
LuvIt74: carn danger go huge last 5 mins 140sc
wtf???: Danger = poetry in motion
LuvIt74: priddis 123sc
auxDT: thanks luvit
Raspel31: Well, everyone said West hadn’t proved themselves against a good side. That done and dusted.
LuvIt74: @cussh1 in DT or SC? I thought ox done ok?
dipstick: @hawk LOL danger is an honest player. not dirty like the hawks
Slashers: That’s right Jenkins, hurry it up so WCE can kick more goals!
wtf???: Dunstall talking about Jenkins…LOL
zadolinnyj: think everyone should be scared of WC. Especially playing finals in perth
casey22: I like Lever, he dosn’t handball
HawkTalker: dipstick, you’re a tigers supporter, right?
Pedrominat: playing Adelaide at home isnt a test Raspel
HawkTalker: Sorry, raspel. WC has to beat a top melb side at the MCG to be taken seriously, not a team who just lost a coach
zadolinnyj: Crows went in this year with a bad defence and we lost more so always going to struggle.
LuvIt74: 149 danger sc
LuvIt74: Danger should hit 150+ on sc after scalingg nice
J.Worrall: Has Smith come good?
mijg: GYpur what? Whos the idiot? Pav lol
LuvIt74: Danger 152sc now
ryanbob: smith robbed about 15 points lol
LuvIt74: Smith 69sc & Lever 65sc
frenzy: capt dangerfield
sticky12: Cmon anyone who doesn’t think we are a contender is having a laugh

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