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Chat log from R16 of 2015: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R16 of 2015

Hadouken: hi
Dangermaus: go Macrae!
iZander: haha is that a half half jumper on hunter, i like it
m0nty: yep, new icon to clean things up
vartic: Dogs by 4 today. Need a big 0 from my captain Goodes 😛
pekka: who should i field? j.steele or wallis?
Yelse: would you trade cripps (carlton) or ryan griffen for Ablett??
OnTheRocks: Steele or Caleb Daniel?
RooBoyStu: How the hell are Geelong favourites to beat Bulldogs on current form and no Selwood?
pekka: cripps.. trade crippps for sure.
m0nty: Just for a change, ten stoppages in the first five minutes
Hadouken: 10, wowweeeee
AngryRyno: carn mitch, kept the faith, afternoon all
iZander: and 5 hit outs, battle of the shit rucks today haha
RooBoyStu: was at the game last night didn’t see stats, how many stoppages were there?
Hadouken: as long as picken stays down today and doesnt get 151 i should be ok this week lol
iZander: didn’t feel like that many last night but I’m not sure, goldy just got so much possession
RooBoyStu: lol true izander, everyone had vc on Goldy if you have him
iZander: haha i only play AF and i had him captain, he’s more unique there because you don’t get two chances
RooBoyStu: yeah true, same with sc draft i have him as c as you dont get 2 chances
rosty63: whatis AF?
iZander: haha yeah, goldys my only good pick this year, had him since round 1
poolboybob: Guthrie go tag someone else you hack
Yelse: cmonnnn bontttt lifttttt
ballbag: AF is a new crap version of DT. then there is the real dream team and SC
auxDT: m.boyd needs to lift
nic-n-nat: Cmon Boyd!!!
rosty63: cheers ballbag, I play ultimate footy and love it
RooBoyStu: AF = Afl Fantasy, shower site, was better 3 years ago.
RooBoyStu: you log in and you can eat a 5 course meal while waiting for it to load
ballbag: @rooboy AF never existed 3 years ago. that was DT which still exists
RooBoyStu: if you saved url to your bookmarks it directs you to AF
OnTheRocks: picken or newnes as my last D?
auxDT: the AF website is not even slow to load..
RooBoyStu: AFL pre season record used to be with DT then it changed to AF
Fletch91: Cmon Dahlhaus, get that DE up!
ballbag: point is @rooboy is the same old DT still exists, its just called the REAL DT. AF is a totally new game
RooBoyStu: might still exist prizes are different though ballbag
Yelse: need bont to lift like last week. need to beat dal and goddard
colin wood: Welcome back to normal bonti
frenzy: cape
ballbag: @rooboy yeh 1st place prize is bigger in RDT AND they have weekly cash prizes. AF doesnt. lets go doggies
Solat: super cad!
OnTheRocks: step away from the Dollhouse bartel
fshow: RDT quality – only one ruck bench and no silly mid-season positional changes
ballbag: gees bonts youre starting slower than last week
ReaperRage: Dahlhaus 38sc at half time.. good score with an average DE
Wends: Want to say my RDT is headed for a massive score, but wont; don’t wanna jinx it.
fshow: heppell, bonts, blicavs thanks god for goddard and picken
RooBoyStu: why are Geelong wearing indigenous jumpers?
Warnie: RDT doesn’t have The Traders!
ballbag: @wends motlop the usual dud is my DT F7/M9 swing and he does this to me
Wends: Motlop already past last week’s full time RDT score.
OnTheRocks: Taylor doing his best to cancel out Goldy’s Captain score last night
fshow: deep down in your soul warnie u know RDT is pure
Wends: Hard to be zen with motlop on your team ballbag 🙂
fshow: but u gotta pay the bills right warnie?
dipstick: @warnie LOL you have a DT icon! plus who needs traders with 44 trades? Been full premo for months
colin wood: Come on Wallis your going to rocky next week please score a ton
Warnie: They’re completely different games, fshow. I’m much more engaged with Fantasy (for obvious reasons).
fshow: lol 44 trades. absurd
Warnie: @dipstick – what do you reckon the DT icon is for?
Warnie: I’ve got 5 PODs in RDT this week in main league, AF I have 13.
nic-n-nat: Moyd must know I need to win this round!
dipstick: Full premo with 800K in the bank and still what? 16 trades left?
Wends: Traders need a Zen and the Art of Fantasy in 2016 column Warnie. Motlop, KK, Newnes all cases in point.
Warnie: …because 30 trades isn’t a lot?! 😉 it used to be 20….
fshow: indeed they are warnie. i prefer RDT, but would happily endorse Fantasy if appropriately incentivised
dipstick: @warnie well obviously the DT isnt for AF… and guess not for RDT. so no idea
fshow: i like 30 trades.
Warnie: @dipstick – just a little website we started 10 years ago called DT Talk.
Warnie: @fshow -44 trades cops plenty of criticism, but has helped with some of the issues with salary cap games of last few yrs
fshow: very stoked for you guys warnie. having been there from the start i sort of feel proud of u lot
AngryRyno: stay down wood, chose macmillan over you last week and he’s done his hammy last night
Warnie: @fshow – DT/SC feel so formulaic. Two trades per week, weekly price changes, etc. has been a win. salary cap games stale
OnTheRocks: go away Blicavs and Picken
RooBoyStu: I personally think AF would be a better game if they didn’t edit positions after the season start
SaintsMan: very average shaw
Warnie: as my girlfriend says… there are only so many times you can play monopoly!
Wends: Warnie it’s still the go to site, not hard to see how much hard work involved.
fshow: positional changes though? i dont see how that is fair
fshow: Warnie is earning his money today. so diplomatic in his salesmanship. very professional
Warnie: @Wends thanks… it’s still going pretty well considering the amount of time into AFL stuff.
m0nty: the advent of the daily fantasy sites is the interesting thing this year
dipstick: “oops looks like we dropped the ball” Most consistant thing about AF LOL
Warnie: @fshow – no salesmanship here… just get bored with the cock measuring!
RooBoyStu: you get a POD in midfield then all of a sudden every muppet gets him when avail in defence
Warnie: @fshow – positional changes are good thing. always my favourite part of UF. brings realness to it.
Warnie: @m0nty – next year will be interesting.. however, so many wanting a piece of the pie is making it messy.
fshow: @ warnie. sorry not sure what u mean there. are the fantasy game types the cocks or…?
goes: Harry Taylor sc
Warnie: @fshow – just the weekly tweets we get about how shit fantasy is… gets old.
m0nty: If the local scene develops like the US there will be big changes next year
fshow: its a total matter of opinion no doubt.
Warnie: @RooBoyStu – one less trade for you to use… heck, i don’t have Boyd or Mundy in defence yet. Not that easy.
Warnie: The US scene is different with their gambling laws though.
AngryRyno: while warnie might not be a “salesman”, he types like a bloody good one
DirtyDawn: Afternoon ladies and gents
m0nty: I am expecting a big advertising blitz for daily fantasy next year. Will change everything.
fshow: i cerainly see the pro’s and con’s of both game types. i think RDT requires a greater degree of skill, but i’ll give UF
Warnie: @AngryRyno – I better invoice Telstra for my time then!
RooBoyStu: lol true, wished the TAB paid my 4 horse boxed quinella as a tri when first 3 are in Quin
fshow: * a go
RooBoyStu: What do people think the par for sc will be with 99% having Goldy as vc or c
dipstick: cant see all these new sites working. US is totally diff. Moneyball will never take off here nor will daily games
AngryRyno: easier to understand than the blokes from telstra too
colin wood: Lol at Wallis Sc score compared to Pickens…
The39Steps: Take a look at ESPN Fantasy Baseball to see how the fantasy genre has developed. Absolutely absorbing.
fshow: i’m with dipstick. daily games is overkill, like gallon cups of coft drink – only in america
dipstick: @rooboy agree. have mundy, boyd, hodge, newnes, mcveigh in AF def
RooBoyStu: the only way daily fantasy would take off is if TAB had a pool for it on Footy TAB
Wends: Mind boggles @Rooboy, but surely last week’s top score will be beaten.
dipstick: @rooboy TAB is done buddy. look at how many they’ll close in the next 5 years. theyre empty
RooBoyStu: lol dipstick no idea mate, pub tabs always full, agencies maybe
nic-n-nat: Back to the current game lads
RooBoyStu: TAB not done just look at the pools today mate
fshow: online betting taking their business
dipstick: Im talking about the outlets will be closing. the rest of it is online.
RooBoyStu: online bookies ban people when they keep winning lol
fshow: i hate the chat gestapo. i love nic nat the footy player so your comment has be conflicted @ nic-n-nat
dipstick: @rooboy the outlets are empty 90% of the time
RooBoyStu: @nic-n-nat half time mate
fshow: thats why the outlets are closing – people bet online
RooBoyStu: @fshow pub tabs wont close, always busy at Sandbelt
dipstick: plus TAB relies on booze and they dont offer REFUND betting options in store @rooboy for your INFO
RooBoyStu: I know a guy who owns 3 agencies and he aint struggling
fshow: it may be possible that the handful of pubs u visit rooboy do not accurately reflect the patronage everywhere else!
RooBoyStu: you don’t gamble for refunds
dipstick: @rooboy most pokies venues in eastern sub getting EBTS cos of the closing outlets
RooBoyStu: Pokies is the worse form of gambling
fshow: are you guys even aware that places other than victoria right?
fshow: * exist
RooBoyStu: @fshow thought Australia only had 22 million in Victoria, my bad
fshow: typical vics
DanBlack: Shut up you 3 ffs
RooBoyStu: dollhouse going ok
auxDT: Goldy is currently carrying my def of Boyd, Higgo and Hibbo
Dangermaus: give Motlop the yingyang now, I guarantee he won’t top 110
dipstick: blicavs will be a SC lock next year i reckon if he is still ruck
Dangermaus: ok Macrae time to work on the Kick to handballl ratio and step up
Wends: I foresee a blue moon for motlop today.
AngryRyno: @dipstick, if he’s getting 20+ hitouts a game, they can’t not list him as a ruck
RooBoyStu: Boyd doing nothing
fshow: the significance of your guarantee cannot be understated dangermaus
Escapist: @Wends Motlop has 5 tons this year and an average of 87…watch some footy
Dangermaus: motlop doing all he can to get that yingyang, hasn’t tuoched the ball in 15 minutes
poolboybob: Bont trying to ton up by tackling
fshow: i have no opinion, just want to know what about this guarantee of yours – what are the terms
Dangermaus: bout time Dahlhaus, only about 4 weeks overdue
ballbag: @wends hahaha bonts coming back and motlop doing nothing. not beating myself up yet
Wends: Was pretty much facetious comment @escapist, after last week’s drudge served up.
Jukes82: come on taylor lift! Might have to trade you.
Dangermaus: Caddy with a huge amount of contested possessions
Woodie: Lift that DE Bonts
Wends: Dahl tonned up in SC too.
RooBoyStu: Billy will be happy Johnson still behind in goals
Wends: Lol ballbag, the Bont alive.
auxDT: Bont is the reverse Dusty, the old Dusty anyway
Hadouken: gregson sub i heard
RooBoyStu: can see Dale getting subbed at this rate
Costanza: Mr G detention
fshow: 8 points separating you from being correct and a piece of crap liar who’s gurantee’s are worth sh!t dangermaus
Woodie: Big tom subbed
RooBoyStu: Campbell 32 hit outs and subbed lol
RooBoyStu: shocking decision on sub
Dangermaus: why would they sub Campbell… stupid decision
fshow: must be something else going on there roo
m0nty: oh I dunno, subbing off a tall for a small is not a bad idea
RooBoyStu: first time i have seen a ruckman winning the hit outs and subbed
RooBoyStu: and having Boyd against Blicavs is a great idea
colin wood: good boy wallis!
OnTheRocks: i know Stevie J is a lot of things but ruckman?
Wends: Dahl cherry, magnet or star??
iZander: subbing off a tall is a great idea…you guys make it sound like no1 ever does it…
RooBoyStu: should’ve subbed Roughead doing shower all for a tall
fshow: that was just monty. it can be good it can be bad. is not a universal great move
Uncle_Si: having no ruckman nearly won them the game against freo
OnTheRocks: way to go missing Taylor you burger munching fat prick
iZander: wow…roughhead is on hawkins, they were never going to sub him of if the icons on here are the same…
Escapist: No yin-yang for motlop, just a yin-yin
fshow: dangermaus u still here. ahem. do u have something u wanna say?
RooBoyStu: game will finish and Campbell will still have most hit outs
fshow: i really think that its a douche bag move to guarantee something u 100% cannot gurantee
Woodie: Lift Bonts
simsovic: stringer sc???
Wends: This sounds like an awesome game, unfortunately not on FTA.
Dangermaus: i’m not a football god, i have no control over what happens… my guarantee was my words alone
iZander: learn something new everyday @danger
fshow: the incorrect words is my point. i ‘reckon’ or ‘imo’ would have been fine
colin wood: big last quarter from wallis keep going son!
RooBoyStu: they’ll all be hailing Dangermaus at Church tomorrow
Terlob: got dahl, picken, macrae and bonts, loving it!
drapes15: is motlop fantasy relevant?
SaintsMan: I’m sure you do Terlob!
Dangermaus: I never said to bet your life on it
fshow: yeah but you guaranteed it. which means you give your words that it will not happen. not might not. will not. say sorry
simsovic: roughhead for mule?
RooBoyStu: no refund option lol
Dangermaus: i guarantee i’ll never say sorry
fshow: and in the same sentence guarantee to everyone that you are indeed a douche
RooBoyStu: Dangermaus must be John Howard lol
Dangermaus: lol rooboy
Wends: Caleb picked up in 2nd half.
fshow: solid @ rooboy
ReaperRage: how long left? hoping for bonts to reach 110
Dangermaus: chillax fshow it’s just fanfooty chat mate
bangerz: I can guarantee that Campbell was subbed
OnTheRocks: at least get to 89 SC taylor
Jukes82: what is harry taylor’s sc?
Wends: Cant fit Jimmy in my fwd line next week 🙁
Dangermaus: Surely Caddy gets the star today
ReaperRage: or not hahaha
colin wood: bartel and kelly bins
Wends: on 70 Jukes.
Jukes82: damn hope it rises a bit then
OnTheRocks: i love you Dolly
Wends: Will Motlop go back to normal when Jelwood returns next week?

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