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Chat log from R16 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Western Sydney, R16 of 2015

frenzy: do sum flowering thing today Devon
ballbag: you too griffen. your fortnightly scoring means 120+ today
bigpens: People who held Glenn rewarded!
bigpens: well that escalated quickly
Ben_Gogos: Hahah lol Gaz
bigpens: please dont score 221+ GAJ
circle52: Coniglio on Ablett
ballbag: decided against GAJ and Rocky- they aint gonna play the rest of the seasons i forecast. viney could destroy rocky
Wends: Agreed frenzy. Hopefully devon makes up for run of dud scores.
fshow: having steele as bench cover instead of on the field is gonna hurt me against lesser teams with him on field. fmdt
SaintsMan: steele is a gun
ReaperRage: steele attempting to go for a cape o_0
Ben_Gogos: Steele is a fantasy beast, loves a tackle
OnTheRocks: wtf, i walk away to make lunch with Steele on 0, come back and this?
ballbag: fanatsy is all about luck though. just so happens when jelwood is out steele has a good one. plus he score better anyway
Solat: first round pick in keeper league benny?
Wends: Do you have E on Steele fshow?
frenzy: feeling hungry @ ontherocks
fshow: @ballbag combination of good decision making and luck
ReaperRage: yesss ward keep going up!!
AngryRyno: how good is jack!
bigpens: steele for f6
AngryRyno: might as well steele m8, he’s doing better than half my mids
poolboybob: Got Steele on the ground this week due to Jelwood suspension…. yessss
drapes15: should i trade bont out and switch steele from my mid bench ? and bank the extra $$$ for gaz upgrade from selwood
OnTheRocks: @frenzy: very, time to walk away again, see what happens
Wends: What format drapes? Limited trades: how many trades left?
dipstick: you lazy puff o’ smoke griffen. what is with you? you retire at the start of year or something?
elk101: drapes one hot day doesn’t make a summer. keep both bonts will come back
drapes15: got 7 trades left
frenzy: let me guess Heath Shaw 35 sc?
drapes15: bont has been so hit and miss though, just a thought would upgrade him in finals though to a premo
Hadouken: be a shame if rischitelli did anything….
OnTheRocks: 3 trades left 🙂
ReaperRage: steele m8 for me. might upgrade before finals rest of my teams full though
goes: What is abletts sc
ryanbob: Ablett robbed
SaintsMan: ablett 27 sc, steele 29 sc
AngryRyno: somewhat glad to see an injury, let’s go glenn 20
Wends: It’s a tough one – I have the same with Motlop in RDT – holding as he’ll be good bench cover.
goes: Steel robbed
Wends: …in mids, with Steele on fwd bench.
iZander: who is gold coasts next ruck in line??
drapes15: hopefully brooksby zander
goes: Got 4 trades left
iZander: ah yes,of course haha
drapes15: well i hope it is, got him on my bench and could use some $$$
drapes15: reckon griffen will be a DPP next year
Derekcraig: I’m not watching. How is Abletts shoulder?
Ben_Gogos: @drapes15 if this role continues he will be
dipstick: gonna lose my eliminator maybe thanks to E motlop over bonts on the field
Wends: Glenn Glenn on for Nichols
fshow: @derekcraig – muscular and full of jesus juice
bigpens: why cant i see Saads score?
cartz411: miller SC?
Wends: Don’t beat yourself up dipstick – anyone would have done the same after his score last week.
AngryRyno: @bigpens, injured lmao
AngryRyno: someone’s pulled the plug on the heater
Ben_Gogos: Gazza too good
poolboybob: Saad is currently on 0
Uncle_Si: Cant believe I went Goldy captain instead of GAJ FMDT
Woodie: Miller 59sc
Dangermaus: so glad I managed to trade Cripps in for GAJ this week, got no cash left through now
carlton_99: unclesi@ i think goldy will have a much better score, he got 171
fshow: who cares danger. cash is redundant compared to GAJ
colin wood: Someone check and see if shaw has a pulse
fshow: carlton_99 i think u missed uncle_si’s point. facetious though it was
Uncle_Si: +1 fshow
Dangermaus: Malceski plays much better with GAJ in the team too
AngryRyno: eh Glenn? oh dear
cartz411: thanks woodie
Hawks_15: is glenn on the ground?
AngryRyno: he got a touch! carn glenny, big things from here
AngryRyno: heater starting to warm up too, CD generally keep his score looking decent anyways
Yelse: is griffen on??
fshow: its gonna be hard not to start steele next week. rest assured if i do, he will get subbed
AngryRyno: shaw 50sc, steele 36sc, GAJ 75sc, touk 80sc, kolo 45sc
SaintsMan: steele 46 sc not 36
Woodie: Steele 46sc
bigpens: lift c cameron
fshow: people considering fyfe as the best player in the comp – enter GAJ to extinguish those claims emphatically. so good
drapes15: Fyfe still has a lot of years to play, doubt he will ever be GAJ though
fshow: imo GAJ best ever. professional era, more competitive talent pool, and complete dominance
Ben_Gogos: @fshow agreed mate
bangerz: agreed fshow
Hadouken: sideways this week i think. Rischi + cripps to steele and GAJ.
SaintsMan: lol shaw
fshow: heater hot streaker
Chelskiman: Last I looked Heater was on 19, so I’m happy to see things have turned around somewhat.
ballbag: follow shaw griffen ya lazy petal
Ben_Gogos: Treloar has been quiet in the last two quarters
Wends: Decision to hold off 1 more week on Gaz not looking like a wise one.
colin wood: come on treleor shithouse DE…
Ben_Gogos: Doesn’t seem to be around the ball very much
morgs640: fshow couldn’t agree more re fyfe
circle52: poor goal kicking keeping Suns in this – all the stats favour GWS
fshow: fyfe real good though too
colin wood: has treleor already signed with us? and on his way to Melbs?
Hadouken: do something rischi, jeeeeez
Wends: Treloar on bench googling Smith St state of the art car alarm shops :))
h a mm e r: Sorry, Treloar has too many teeth to join Collingwood.
colin wood: hammer and you have too many jokes to be a comedian
h a mm e r: Oh gez, that was no joke 😉
colin wood: cool story
h a mm e r: On more important matter, can anyone confirm GAJ’s SC at above 120?
simsovic: Malceski SC?
Woodie: Mal 73sc atm
Chelskiman: In one league my opponent had Goldy as captain and in another league my opponent has GAJ as C. FMDT.
Derekcraig: Abblets not bad
Ben_Gogos: Gaz!
Slashers: Steele SC?
Woodie: Yes GAJ on 137 sc atm, don’t know how when you look at miller 106sc on
Chelskiman: I went with Rocky as C, so I need him to beat his PB of 190.
DanBlack: Garry hates a ton
DanBlack: Hates it
Wends: Ouch @ chelski. Who’s your Capt.?
colin wood: miller has around 10 score invlovments woodie
bernieV: buntine knocked out cold
Woodie: Should be closer to GAJ IMO
Woodie: Steele 66sc
Dangermaus: doesnt any of the suns players apart from GAJ know how to tackle
Chelskiman: @Wends, I went with Rocky.
Yelse: is live foxfooty SC working for you guys
Derekcraig: Gaz 16 tackles
h a mm e r: Nah, they are all too busy skating on thin ice after the illicit drugs saga at GC.
RooBoyStu: I have Gaz but Goldy capt, just get less than 221 sc gaz
Wends: Yes saw that Chelski… just as I posted. Uncomfortable wait for Bris game.
frenzy: Devon delivers
Costanza: with sauce
Derekcraig: How does Gaz shoulder look
colin wood: Yeah it’s confusing as fuck woodie I just leave it to chance lol
Yelse: where’s griffennn FML need 100
colin wood: Great kick by miller he’s gonna be a good player
ballbag: reckon viney will try a crack a few rocky ribs today
Ben_Gogos: @DerekCraig he looks 100%
lozdaleg: Devon smith sc???
Woodie: Smith 128sc
Wends: Mine won’t be the only ‘didn’t get Gaz’ sob story this week.
Costanza: GAJ has as many tackles as half the Giants team combined
frenzy: devon delivered
SaintsMan: shaw,steele sc?
Woodie: Smith 141sc now
banta: Lift treloar this is bloody useless!
banta: Ffs the first time I put the C on treloar, bloody hack
h a mm e r: Usually one player doesnt make a difference to a team but Gaz isn’t your usual player. GCS a completely different team
drapes15: anyone else surprised Heater has 4 handballs
Ben_Gogos: Malceski with a zombie, after it appears, he has returned from the dead
colin wood: Treleor has 2 goal assists this q
pies13: got gaj 4shiel this week n well done smith bout time
Wends: so close to bringing in Sidey this week but wld I cant get gaz next week.
h a mm e r: Why the hell wld you put C on Treloar? ‘You’ bloody hack Banta lol
frenzy: wonder what Fyfe thinks of Gaz’s game today
RooBoyStu: top sc score this week could be 3000
Pavalinco: Jesus GAZ you are a gun
frenzy: devon again… cape him up
andy59: ward sc?
h a mm e r: Yep, Jesus and Gaz are guns
ballbag: @hammer thats the prob without GAJ GC is useless. even with him theyre a pretty shitty outfit
Costanza: GF preview 2030? nah
J.Worrall: Oh Gazza, how we have missed you!
Wends: Ward is on one hundred and fifteen @andy
Pavalinco: Imagine if you don’t have him. Ouch.
colin wood: Come on Treleor at least a couple more touches…
drapes15: reckon malceski worth a punt for hibberd?
RooBoyStu: Ablett sc?
Pavalinco: Think Rocky might go HUGE as well. Won’t want to be shown up by Goldy and GAJ
h a mm e r: @ballbag True mate true.
ballbag: @pavalinco you got bench cover for when he has a week off?
Carnster: How many points has smith got this quarter
Pavalinco: Who?
h a mm e r: Gez i hope Gaz doesnt surpass Goldie! I had Gaz as C then switched under the assumption Gaz wld quite make 221.
drapes15: whats GAJ sc?
Hadouken: funny how the take their time to kick given the time. idiot.
Jukes82: shouldn’t s.smith get the x-factor? and shaw get the magnet?
frenzy: devon 50 one week 150 the next
Jukes82: *d.smith
h a mm e r: Made the right choice on Captain 🙂 (Just!) Can’t complain… un less you choose someone other than Gaz or Goldie haha
RooBoyStu: blue moon smith

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